Doc Thompson at The Cincinnati Freedom Expo: Third time’s a charm!

883218_10151579628380520_1951080891_oDoc Thompson from The Blaze Radio Network is confirmed to be one of the speakers at the Cincinnati Freedom Expo at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center on April 19th 2013.  Ann Becker president of the Cincinnati Tea Party and Doc Thompson sealed the deal after Doc was able to clear his schedule for the event.  It took some effort as Doc Thompson was filling in for Glenn Beck’s show in Dallas, Texas during the first week of April, and was extremely hard to get a hold of.  Doc is the usual fill in for the Glenn Beck Program when Beck is off on vacation, which keeps Doc busy not only doing his own morning show on The Blaze from 6 to 9 AM each morning Monday through Friday, but Beck’s normal 9 AM to noon slot as well.  Beck’s radio show has a footprint of well over 7.5 million weekly listeners so even though it’s difficult to do 6 hours of radio per day on those occasions, the effort is well worth the expense.

For those who are coming to the Cincinnati Freedom Expo and want to get pictures taken with Doc, be prepared to wear your tallest shoes.  Doc stands over 6’ 4” and dwarfs most normal sized people, so keep that in mind.  Doc is usually very gracious about doing those kinds of publicity things, so come prepared.  The Cincinnati Freedom Expo will have a casual atmosphere where radio celebrities like Doc and 55 KRC’s Brian Thomas will be accessible which makes it unique for such a large event.  Not often is such high-caliber talent able to interact with the spectators in a causal way, but that is the intention of Ann Becker’s approach to the Expo, which she describes as being essentially a giant Tea Party meeting.  The early rumblings from the organizers believe that this event will become the CPAC of the Midwest, as it appears to be shaping into.  Next year the talk has already evolved into making the event an all day spectacle to satisfy the intense interest.  This year the event begins at 7 PM and should wrap up around 10 PM, and the content providers are filling up with the addition of Doc Thompson.  FreedomWorks is hosting a booth, and The Tenth Amendment Center will also be prominently present just to name a few.

Doc Thompson is one of the most entertaining radio talk hosts anywhere on the radio today which accounts for his consistent success.  His brand is difficult for modern radio producers as he tends to have an old-fashioned sense of responsible world view but mixes it with sincere yet over-the-top comedy bits laced with satire.  Doc has had a colorful history bragging often about the many radio jobs he’s been fired from.  He has worked in Richmond, Virginia, Lincoln, Nebraska, Las Vegas, Nevada and Cincinnati, Ohio to name a few. It was when he was at 700 WLW that he and I developed a friendship while exposing the horrors and hypocrisy of public education with dozens of broadcasts reaching 38 states and parts of Canada living to this very day on YouTube.  His most recent job was with CBS radio in Detroit before moving to The Blaze Radio Network at the start of 2013 working directly for Glenn Beck. He was instrumental in some of those stations winning 5 Marconi Awards, the equivalent of the Academy Award for radio excellence.

Making people laugh is important to Doc. His medium of choice is of course radio. He dabbles in many styles with sarcasm and satire usually present. Although he is candid and forthright he loves good spirited practical jokes.  And he is not afraid of controversy as can be seen the following video regarding North Korea’s recent attempts to beat the drums of war.

When I first announced the Cincinnati Freedom Expo here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom I provided a list of all the types of people who shouldn’t come to the Expo, and given the length of the list, one would wonder if there was anybody left in the entire world who should come.  CLICK TO REVIEW.  The freedom movement does not fit nicely into the modern view of things from either the Republican side or the Democrat side.  I wouldn’t even call it Libertarian.  It is more of a philosophy shift away from the political emphasis which the media has steered social concern towards Plato–back to the epistemology of Aristotle.  The current trend has philosophically migrated toward Plato for many centuries most accurately summed up in the great work The Republic.  The philosophic idea of America rejected Plato’s form of republic and instead formed a republic based on Aristotle’s ideas of reason.  These thoughts elude 99% of society currently, so the point is not one of political sway, but of re-teaching society what social progressives have sought to destroy in foundation philosophy.  The best way to describe the current freedom movement is to point inquiring minds to The American Adventure at The Epcot Center in Disney World.  For me personally, I consider that exhibit sacred as it allows visitors to understand what the kinds of people who are attending the Cincinnati Freedom Expo are fighting for.  It is that type of America that Glenn Beck is fighting for, and why he has hired the unique talents of Doc Thompson.  It is that America that I defend when I write here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom and it is the heart and soul of the Tea Party movement of which Ann Becker currently represents in the Cincinnati area.

The Freedom Movement is not for everyone.  Recently I explained to some of my extended family members who are staunch Republicans that future presidential candidates like John Kasich, Chris Christy, and other machine politicians that fall under the tent of the John Boehner types, are not desirable for my support just because they can win elections by manipulating the masses to vote for them.  My picks would be people like Dr. Benjamin Carson, Rand Paul, or the skeletal remains of Ayn Rand.  I explained to them that I am to the political right of the current political right.  I don’t consider myself at all a radical, but compared to the current Platonic political landscape, I am a radical in favor of capitalism.  Of those three candidates, one is a man of color who is being condemned by the political left—(so much for civil rights), another is a white guy from Kentucky with a tendency to filibuster in the Senate, and the other is a deceased woman who is wiser as a skeleton than the flesh and blood of all Washington D.C. put together.  All those candidates would be better than what current politics has to offer.  The people coming to the Cincinnati Freedom Expo know it too, which is why they are coming to be around like-minded people and hear from people like Doc Thompson who are on the front of the freedom fighting movement. It is toward that commitment The Blaze under Glenn Beck’s direction is dedicated and why Doc Thompson is now a direct employee of Glenn Beck—to advance the cause of freedom in a way that is unique to Thompson’s radio style.

That style will now be on exhibit at the Cincinnati Freedom Expo as the feature speaker.  If you have not registered for your tickets yet, then you better do so now.  Starting Monday, the radio ads heard above will be broadcast on 55 KRC where Brian Thomas hosts his own radio show during Doc Thompson’s usual time slot.  It is expected that the tickets will go fast once they are made public over the radio to the target audience.  And now that Doc Thompson is scheduled, he will be talking about the Expo on his own show which is national.  So it is advisable that you register before Monday to ensure that you will be able to get into the Expo.  For more information on the Expo and the other speakers attending, CLICK HERE.

Ann has told me that I will be in the press box, so I expect to spend most of my time there.  Feel free to come up and say hello.  I don’t get to visit with all my readers here in person very much, so this Expo will be a great opportunity to touch base.  And remember, especially ladies, if you want a picture next to Doc Thompson, be sure to wear heels otherwise it will be hard to frame your head in a picture with Doc due to his extreme height.  Again, secure your tickets, mark your calendar, and be ready to arrive early.  Be prepared for a riveting speech by Doc Thompson who has a lot of stories to tell about the fight for freedom and the cost of that fight.  It will be an evening that will resonate for many years, and start a new trend in Cincinnati dedicated to the very, very few who reject the current philosophy of political order in favor of a new philosophy that embraces real freedom for only the third time in world history.

  1. The Golden age of piracy.
  2. The American Revolution.
  3. The rise of the modern Tea Party.

Third time’s a charm!

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Rich Hoffman

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