Cincinnati Freedom Expo: A showcase of liberty minded patriots reporting from the front

If you are a member of Socialist International, a labor union supporter, a left leaning school teacher, a government bureaucrat, a worthless administrator, a greenie weenie activist, a vegan, a member of the mainstream press, a member of Communist Party U.S.A, a member of NAMBLA, a supporter of the Cincinnati Streetcar, a Obama supporter, a fan of The Daily Show, think Bill Maher is intelligent, are living off government assistance, want Obamacare, think Hillary Clinton is honest, sleep past 9 AM, vote for school levies, give to charities for fear of social ridicule, are a latte sipping prostitute, think Agenda 21 is good, support The United Nations, support gun restrictions, support the NDAA Act, think $17 trillion in national debt is not bad, are a diabolical liar, a scum bag, an apathetic loser, and believe that money falls from the sky like rain, you might want to skip the fantastic event that is coming to the Northern Kentucky Convention Center at 5:30 PM on Friday April 19th, The Cincinnati Freedom Expo.  For everyone else who is normal, Constitution supporting Americans you can sign up to get your tickets at the link below.   The tickets are free, but do need to be registered prior to arrival.  The floor space is large, but we can’t pack the room infinitely, so tickets will be issued.  The event is free because some fantastic sponsors covered the cost and can also be seen at the link.

I wouldn’t miss the event as Ann Becker who is President of the West Chester Tea Party and also President of the Cincinnati Tea Party is one of the key organizers.  If Ann is involved, it will be successful.  So the event should be a lot of fun.  Brian Thomas of 55 KRC is the Master of Ceremonies which will feature a long list of speakers reporting back directly from the trenches of the freedom movement.

K Carl Smith is also a featured speaker this year at the Freedom Expo 2013.  He is a leader in the inspirational Fredrick Douglass Republicans.  Learn more about this great group here –

A father and grandfather, K Carl is an unyielding defender of the constitution and liberty. Inspired by the guiding principles of the Founding Fathers and holding fast to the oath taken during his service to our country, he launched The Conservative MESSENGER™  in 2009.

Captivating Messenger- A “grassroots” initiative, The Conservative MESSENGER’s mission has been to: Enlighten, Educate, Empower and Equip its members based on the Frederick Douglass Republican™ Methodology—a unique and powerfully effective strategy to: (1) Re-Ignite America’s Passion for Liberty; (2) Help the Republican Party recapture its political distinction; (3) Save the souls of the politically lost; (4) Promote racial unity; (5) Create an atmosphere for political dialogue without the accusation of racism or Uncle Tomism; (6) Trump the race card.

A Frederick Douglass Republican™- K Carl has taken what began as a mantra or rallying call and has spearheaded a movement that has climbed into the thousands. In 2011, The Conservative MESSENGER evolved into what is now the Frederick Douglass Republican™ Movement.

Political Motivator-K Carl captivates and inspires audiences with infectious energy, compassion and satire. He brings his expertise and provides down-to-earth solutions on how the conservative movement can broaden its base. K Carl leaves audiences ready to take action-action which could change the political landscape of America. Tea Party Groups, GOP organizations, collegiate institutions, and faith-based groups alike secure the services of K Carl for his stimulating and enrapturing LIFE-EMPOWERING message. His presentations serve as a “beacon of hope” for those who hold Liberty in high-esteem. As a result, K Carl recently authored Frederick Douglass Republicans: The Movement to Reignite America’s Passion for Liberty.

Servant/ Leader- K Carl hold to his credit, successful completion of both the Airborne and Air-Assault programs while on active duty in the U. S. Army. He is the former district leader (AL-7) ofAmericans for Fair Taxation. In 2009, he was appointed to the Amistad Commission by former Alabama Governor, Bob Riley. He was reappointed to that commission, where he currently serves. Additionally, he was recently appointed to the Affordable Homeowner’s Insurance Commission (AHIC) by Alabama Governor Robert Bentley.

Political Agitator- K Carl appeared on The 700 Club and FOXNews’ Huckabee Show. He was recently interviewed by Ginni Thomas for The Daily Caller and participated in a soon-to-be released documentary produced by Rev. C.L. Bryant, The Runaway Slave. K Carl has been featured in a myriad of publications to which he has been “greatly humbled”.

The son of Colonel (retired)  Earnest C. and Bessie Smith, Sr., KCarl is a native of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, was reared in Huntsville, Alabama. He is graduate of Alabama A&M University and makes his home in Trussville, Alabama. K Carl is the proud father of three children and five grandchildren.

Congressman Thomas Massie from the Fourth District of Kentucky will also be a speaker at Freedom Expo!

 U.S. Representative Thomas Massie entered Congress in November 2012 after serving as Lewis County Judge Executive. He represents Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District which stretches across Northern Kentucky and 280 miles of the Ohio River.

U.S. Representative Massie attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. During school, he invented a technology that enabled people to interact with computers using their sense of touch, and leveraged that technology to found SensAble Technologies, Inc., which raised over $32 million of venture capital, created 70 jobs, and obtained 24 patents. The hardware and software he developed is now used to design automobiles, jewelry, shoes, dental prosthetics, and even reconstructive implants for wounded soldiers.

In Congress, Thomas serves on three committees: the House Committee of Transportation & Infrastructure, the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.

The House Committee of Transportation & Infrastructure  has jurisdiction over roads, bridges, mass transit, railroads, aviation, maritime and waterborne transit. Thomas’s selection to the Oversight and Government Reform Committee puts him in a position to hold the federal government accountable to taxpayers. Further, Rep. Massie’s background from MIT and the high-tech business world makes him uniquely qualified to serve his state and country on the Science, Space, and Technology Committee.

Thomas lives on a cattle farm in Kentucky with his wife and high school sweetheart, Rhonda, and their four children.

These are just a few of the speakers who are confirmed to speak; many more will also be taking the stage throughout the evening to celebrate freedom in all its glory.  There will also be booths with venders and authors available to sign their books.  Matt Mayer will have his own booth where he will be signing copies of his Taxpayers Don’t Stand A Chance.  This event will certainly be one of the biggest of the year.  And for those who read here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom regularly and have been trying to peg me down for time, I will be there with my cowboy hat on.  So if you’d like to meet me or talk with me in person, this will be your opportunity.  This Freedom Expo is just what it sounds like, an evening to be around like-minded people away from the parasites of big government and slow-witted progressives.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday evening, so I hope to see many of you there.  The price is right, the activity will be vigorous, and the company will be spectacular.  So make your plans for the April 19th today.

See you there!

Rich Hoffman

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