The U.N. International Arms Treaty: Meet the Smith & Wesson .500 Magnum

UNITED NATIONS — The U.N. General Assembly voted overwhelmingly on April 2nd 2013  to create the first treaty regulating the international arms trade, a landmark decision that imposes new constraints on the sale of conventional arms to governments and armed groups that commit war crimes, genocide and other mass atrocities which sounds delightful from a distance.

The vote was hailed by arms-control advocates and scores of governments, including the United States, as a major step in the global effort to put in place basic controls on the $70 billion international arms trade. But the treaty was denounced by Iran, North Korea and Syria, which maintain that it imposes restrictions that prevent smaller states from buying and selling weapons to ensure their self-defense.

In short, the new United Nations treaty is step one in an international gun ban intended to spread across the world to disarm private citizens under the guise of the generally agreed upon measures of preventing the sale of conventional arms to governments or terrorist groups.  The treaty is simply lip service as even The United States will violate the treaty within moments of having signed it.  After all, these types of events are precisely what led to the arms debacle occurring under the Obama White House with Fast and Furious and apparently the Benghazi tragedy – so even the largest supporters of this new United Nations Treaty will openly break the terms then lie about it later leaving the only conclusion about the treaty intentions to be revealed, the actual intent of the United Nations is not to regulate the sale of firearms to hostile groups, but to establish in the mind of the world that 1. The United Nations is a powerful group with global influence, and 2. That citizens all over the world will find they can be brought together on common ground to take steps of disarmament surrendering their personal sovereignty to the “wisdom” of global government.  Such an audacious declaration from The United Nations justifies a response, and for me it comes in the video below.  I would like to introduce The United Nations to my good friend the Smith & Wesson .500 Magnum, the most powerful production revolver in the entire world.  It delivers an astonishing 2600 ft/lb of muzzle energy and has enough kick upon firing to dislocate a shoulder by the sheer power.  The gun is designed to stop elephants while on safari and can be effectively used to hunt the largest of big game animals, but more than that it is a wonderful self-defense weapon for protecting private property, should the tragic circumstances ever arrive.  The .500 Magnum can split the body of an attacker in two if wad cutters are used, and disable a get-a-way car by penetrating the engine block with a well placed shot into the valve assembly.  The bullets are so big they can sheer away the lug nuts that hold a tire to an axel making a rolling car’s wheels pop off upon impact leaving the escapees sitting ducks awaiting justice.  I would bet that not a single one of the pin heads who make up the United Nations General Assembly could fire the .500 Magnum with only one hand and hit a target square in the heart like I do in the video below, and it is due to their lack of skill, strength and logic that is the real motive behind their desire to ban firearms in the world is revealed.

None of the U.N. Assembly members would disclose in the light of day without the benefit of drunkenness their desire to ban firearms in the world is because they wish to be the governing force the world bows to, yet their actions deceive their intentions.  They know that so long as people like me have access to .500 Magnums that no military force, no policing force, or authority on Earth could force me into compliance to their socialist leaning tendencies.  So they must remove such tools from human civilization so that they can implement their further plans of global conquest.

For anyone who has read Agenda 21 which is a United Nations program, global control is clearly the intention even if Ambassadors reading this are saying to themselves that they have no such global desires.  The trouble with The United Nations is that they are a collective group driven by a force that is difficult to put the mind around.  CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT “THE NOTHING.”  Generally such motives where collective organizations attempt to dominate the minds of individuals would be called evil, but it’s much deeper than that.   For instance, even as The United States signs such a treaty and the U.N. General Assembly pats themselves on the back for gaining the support of America even with the staunch support of the country’s Second Constitutional Amendment, arms trade is being conducted presently with shady governments hoping to topple rebellions, appease terrorist organizations, or set off gun violence so that the world will join together in solidarity against gun violence with cleverly disguised “false flags.”   So the United Nations treaty means nothing to the governments involved as they will continue to break such treaties as it suits them.

In The United States this is why we have a Second Amendment, because it keeps governments from packing up in a Humvee and showing up on our doorsteps to arrest rebels who plot against United Nation mandates, fight Common Core implementation of socialism into schools driving a “Global Marketplace,” or desire to protect their private property which a vast majority of the United Nations General Assembly desires to banish from human practice so that Mother Earth can live fruitfully till the sun eventually blots out destroying the planet in roughly 500 billion years.   When guns are taken from private citizens, they have no defense when organized governments decide they wish to grab power for themselves, and global governments like what the United Nations is attempting to become will not be tolerated by me in the United States due to this hidden intention.  The United Nations will never declare that they wish such things as a strong central government in charge of everything.  They simply wish to believe that they are making the world safer, just like the school teacher wishes to believe they are making children “better,” in American schools.  But the reality is that they are all servants to the evils of collectivism and nothing more.  The byproduct of collectivism is personal tyranny.

That is why in America every home should have their own .500 Magnum.  Ideally every household would have at least one human being under its roof that could fire the weapon one-handed, because such strength is needed to protect families from the perils of evil which do reside in the minds of man.  Such a threat is the only governing force that works in a civilized society, something the global academics have been terribly naive in understanding.  They believe falsely that words on a paper will change the course of evil, but it has only fed it throughout history.  Academics believe falsely that if they construct one more paragraph of legislation that evil will be banished from the Earth forever, but what they miss is that such evils grow with every legislative word constructed in the minds of a bureaucrat.

The truth is easy to see when visiting a gun range like Target World in Cincinnati, Ohio which is where I was in the video above holding the most powerful handgun in the world.  With the gun it is realized that even aircraft could be brought down with such a weapon and drones would have no chance if spotted.  The .500 caliber bullet could shatter such aerial surveillance with one shot because of the extreme size of the ammunition.  Upon that understanding, the mind is brought to peace as it is realized that those who hold a .500 Magnum in their hands and have learned to use it have nothing to fear from any assailant in the world, and that is freedom from tyranny—even the tyranny brought on by good intentions from pin heads and bureaucrats.  It is also realized that the true intentions behind the gun bans advocated particularly among socialist leaning politicians is that they are physically and mentally weak human beings to start with, and hope that they can be made to rule over the strong with the stroke of a pen, or new law built behind collective ambition.  The .500 Magnum would shatter the arm of the frail boned weaklings who make up the United Nations General Assembly, so they are naturally terrified of such weapons—and they should be, because they have the power to call armies to their disposal and put down rebels who stand against their Common Core education proposals and Agenda 21 schemes.  So for people like me, the .500 Magnum is the great equalizer.  I know as long as I have it that no government in the world even through collective force can organize against my property and my rights to protect my family.  I would never surrender such a task to the bureaucrats of The United Nations, The United States or even my local police department.  Instead, I entrust that task to my own two hands and the awesome power of the .500 Magnum which can decapitate an attacker upon demand.  It is within the 2600 ft/lb of muzzle energy produced by the Smith & Wesson .500 Magnum that freedom thrives, and the sovereignty of The United States can continue on into the next centuries well beyond the twenty-first.  The .500 Magnum is the tool with which freedom is obtained from the academic intentions of the dainty minded United Nations politician and their naive world view reflected in appalling constructs such as their first treaty regulating the international arms trade which is step one in a global gun ban they hope to enact within the next three decades.  With that in mind, please get to know my friend, the .500 Magnum.  And if I were you, I’d become intimately familiar and make friends with your own so that together the aims of The United Nations can be beaten back into submission from their intentions to rule over the affairs of life in America and every household within its borders.

Rich Hoffman

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