Donna Campbell’s Fight in Lebanon: “The Power of Pull” attacks capitalism with a “Sign Czar”

Why is the Tea Party always fighting for smaller government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets?  Why is the Tea Party categorized by thugs, goons, government looters, despots, scum bags, rent-a-cops, union leaders, progressives, Fabian socialists, communists, school teachers, scandalous judges, kangaroo courts, money grabbing attorneys, left-leaning reporters, Obama supporters, and greenie weenies as being a terrorist organization?   Because the Tea Party wants to do the right thing in government, they want to stop the corruption and otherwise scandalous behavior that normally is associated with government and return America to a time of mythical honesty conceived by The United States Constitution.  Thus begins the story of Donna Campbell, one of the founding members of the Lebanon Tea Party, entrepreneur of the Liberty Tax Service for 7 straight years and area developer who has been so successful that her aggressive marketing strategies have allowed her business to out produce her local rival H&R Block which has been in business for more than 50 years and is a much larger company.  Donna has found herself in court on and off for over the last year not because she robbed a bank, or urinated on a police car—but because she has been successful, and there are powers in the City of Lebanon who wish to see her put out of business and crushed because she’s a threat to them.

Not that a rival company in Lebanon would put money into the pockets of the political machine to set in motion the story of Donna Campbell, but it wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened under similar circumstances.  Such happenings are difficult to prove and most of the parties lie under oath in a court of law anyway, so there is no way to bring such information to the light of day.  But the evidence speaks for itself, and is incriminating enough to paint a picture of how government colludes to pick winners and losers using their power and influence to put people like Donna out of business if they discover that she is not part of the power structure they wish to support.  The unspoken rule among many business owners is that they feel they must contribute to politicians in some fashion or another through charity events or direct campaign funding so to keep the parasites off their backs in some future time.  In the case of Liberty Tax Service the success of her business has caught the eyes of power in a negative way, and they have come after her in a very aggressive manner.  The story you are about to read happens all the time.  It has happened with Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who invented a cure for cancer and has had to fight for 15 years against the FDA, it has happened to car companies who go up against the Big Three auto manufacturers, it has happened to Microsoft.  What has happened to Donna Campbell has happened to just about anyone who comes up with a better way of doing something where more established organizations who contribute more money into the political machines of local, state, and national politics use their power and influence to crush their rivals because they can’t compete directly.SAM_0423

I have written about Liberty Tax Services before as the West Chester location was recently pulled across the coals for violating the sign ordinance in that community, a case that ended up being the topic of much debate on the Scott Sloan show with trustee George Lang defending Liberty Tax Service.  The issue was that Donna’s businesses have been using human billboards to dress up and engage motorists at the roads urging them to file their tax returns at her establishments.  The method worked as Liberty Tax Service has enjoyed thriving results.  In West Chester the zoning commission determined that Liberty Tax Service was violating their signing regulations by using human billboards.  Click the link below to review that case and listen to the WLW broadcast.

Well the same thing has occurred in Lebanon, which is roughly 15 miles to the east of West Chester, Ohio, only to a much more aggressive extent.  Lebanon as a small city still enjoys the political pull of small town America as most everyone in political office knows each other, so collaborations are common in such places.  It didn’t take long after Donna’s Liberty Tax Service Lebanon location caught the ridicule of the city’s “Sign Czar” after posting more tax returns than H&R Block according to IRS data, to begin to feel the heat of city government.  Lebanon actually employs a retired police officer with the full-time position to regulate signage within the city complete with a car, computer and lots of time to take pictures and send out certified letters regarding violations of sign ordinances.SAM_0420

The Sign Czar began engaging in harassment of Liberty Tax Service by exchanging dialogue with Donna’s marketing employee who did not show the retired officer much respect, according to court documents.  The Sign Czar took it upon himself to deliberately target Liberty Tax Services marketing strategies for reasons only the Czar can understand leading to the exchanges with the Liberty Tax Service employee who boasted at times how successful their efforts were.  This made the Czar even more vigilant.  The Sign Czar under the authority of the City of Lebanon began to confiscate Donna’s signs all over town and dispose of them.

The final straw occurred when Donna had a sign maker print up 100 signs which went out over night before the Sign Czar began his shift at 7 AM.  This angered the Czar and he used the offices of politics to execute his desires convincing the City to proceeded attacking Donna with a summons to municipal court for sign violations and a fine of $500 per day.  This left Donna to hire the legal services of Eric Deters to defend herself along with the support of city council member Matt Rodriquez who informed her that Lebanon City Hall was awaiting the outcome of the West Chester/Liberty Tax case concerning the sign wavers.  If West Chester Township was successful in removing the sign wavers from Liberty Tax Services, then Lebanon intended to follow.  But the harassment of Donna did not stop as the Sign Czar intensified his efforts without a care for the 10-15 employees who directly worked for Donna.  The intention by the Sign Czar was to put her out of business, his actions made that clear.  The Sign Czar over the last year determined to confiscate any sign put out by Liberty Tax Services any time anywhere.  Even when Donna had permission from other business owners to put a single sign in front of their buildings, the Sign Czar determined that it went against the city code.  This same Sign Czar allowed H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt and other non-competing businesses in Lebanon to have signs out that were not directly in front of their businesses as can be seen by the photos.  The city has kept the case alive to monitor what Donna did for the 2013 tax season.  Donna attempted to legally comply with the unusual restrictions by saying “Aaron’s Rent recommends Liberty Tax” and place the signs in front of Aaron’s place of business.  The City called Donna’s attorney and stated they wanted those removed also.  The city also notified Donna’s landlord in a direct attempt to manipulate the landlord’s relationship against Liberty Tax Service.  The City of Lebanon appeared to stop at nothing to put Donna out of business in their city, and West Chester has shown nearly the same animosity………but why.SAM_0429

This is why there is a Tea Party and why they stand for the kind of things that they do.  Donna should not have to butter the bread of city officials in either Lebanon or West Chester to do business in those communities.  If her signage is a turn-off to her customers, then she will go out of business, it’s as easy as that.  Yet her sign wavers standing in costume out in front of her businesses have worked, making Liberty Tax Service exceed the filings of her rivals which is what productive businesses should always endeavor to do.  But Donna didn’t grease the gears of the political machines, and for that she has paid dearly.  To her credit, rather than cave under the pressure and offer the Sign Czar some extra money on the side, free tax services, or any other type of activity that might be considered bribery, she instead helped start the Lebanon Tea Party to help combat these kinds of evils which stand in the way of free markets where better ideas like hers can thrive under a capitalist system serving as the cornerstone of the American economy.  This activity has made her an enemy of government instead of an asset.  The government using the Sign Czar as the public mask of civility targeted Donna for elimination for the simple fact that she did not share in the beliefs of their brand of kangaroo court justice, where winners and losers are picked by the gods of government and the puny brains of retired police officers who do the job not for money, but the thrill to impose their will of enforcement upon the lives of innocence to fill the personal void of character for which they seem to lack.SAM_0433

In America, people like Donna should be celebrated, not drug through court with fearful arm twisting and threats of $500 a day fines because she didn’t try to go out of her way to make the Sign Czar happy.  The public servants in the case of Lebanon and West Chester against Liberty Tax Services forget that it is they who serve Donna, not the other way around.  Donna creates real jobs with real worth by offering a service that her customers truly desire.  The young people who dress up in costume to advertise with dances and other vigorous ambition to direct business into Donna’s establishments are paid by their performance.  On the other hand the City of Lebanon can only offer a job paid for by the tax payers to create jobs that are not needed, such as in the Sign Czar who has nothing to do but collect a pension from his years as a cop, and make more money from the government by harassing independent business people whom he decides he does not like for whatever reason.  It is because of stories like this one that the Tea Party exists, still—and stands strong against the kind of anti-capitalist behavior exhibited above.  People do not exist for government to live, thrive and enjoy lives of liberty under the toils of entrepreneurs like Donna Campbell.    Rather, it’s supposed to be the other way around.  The Sign Czar if he wanted to make himself useful should help Donna put out her signs and if the marketplace decided that she did not use discretion and restrain herself, then her business would fail as a result.  It’s not up to some pin head bureaucrat to decide if Donna fails at business or not, which is the case in the City of Lebanon.  It is for this reason that the Tea Party is still strong, and actually growing because people like Donna are sick of being pushed around, and they just aren’t going to take it anymore.  And they shouldn’t have to.  Government does not dictate to the people who elect them, they are not divine leaders with infinite wisdom.  They are public servants and nothing more.   If they do not help people like Donna they are an immoral impediment to the health and well-being of any economy, therefore marking themselves as threats to human civilization.    For that reason, the Tea Party strives to crush such opposition to capitalism and return America back to an era where freedom is enjoyed, and the best and brightest can succeed in a marketplace not controlled by government sloths, but by the will and limitations of the individual and their private ambitions to drive the engines of society ever more toward horizons only imagined in the entrepreneurial activity of Americans always looking for a competitive edge.  Building a better mousetrap that can succeed where before there was nothing but an empty building and a landlord who needs to lease the space to a brilliant mind willing to forge a path through the labyrinth of red tape known as the modern age of doing business, is what makes unemployment figures decrease.  It is in this that America is successful or individuals like Donna are flourishing.  The City of Lebanon instead evoked The Power of Pull to determine success or failure, and that is a violation to logic that cannot be tolerated.  (CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON “THE POWER OF PULL”) Thank goodness Donna Campbell has decided to fight back, because it is due to people like her that the America Flag still is red, white and blue with fifty stars and stripes instead of a red hammer and sickle evoked from a long vanished enemy that never went away after the Berlin Wall fell in Eastern Europe during 1989.  Rather, they moved to Lebanon, Ohio in an attempt at a new regime against capitalism—but instead ran into an immovable force in the spirit of Donna Campbell and her Liberty Tax Service.

Rich Hoffman

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