Agenda 21 Attacks Butler County, Ohio: Freedoms lost by ignorance, greed, and arrogance

Agenda 21 has been injected into the daily business of virtually every American for many years and can be seen most directly in conservative communities like Liberty Township and West Chester Township in Butler Country, Ohio. Within one week apart the Board of the Trustees from each township met to discuss applying for a new federal grant intended for bike paths and sidewalks.  Out of those two small government organizations only two of the trustees seemed to understand what Agenda 21 was even though many speakers showed up to voice their concerns and opinions.  George Lang from West Chester and David Kern from Liberty Township voted against the proposed federal grants.  Both men were witty enough to have done their homework on Agenda 21 which is a set of mandates created by The United Nations way back in the early 90s, at that start of the Clinton Presidency, to impose itself on United States sovereignty.  When any local government takes federal money of any kind whether it is for a school or even a sidewalk what is not understood by typical politicians is that they surrender management control to the federal government which in turn answers to The United Nations.  The federal grants are simply camouflaged power grabs by the U.N. to bring the entire world under their legislative influence which is the essence of Agenda 21.  It starts with a sidewalk and ends in totalitarianism.  For politicians hungry to do something meaningful with their political lives, the temptation of money dangled before their eyes is too lucrative.  In spite of the parade of public speakers which can be seen below from the West Chester Township meeting, the vote was 2 to 1 in favor of applying for federal grants in both townships leaving David Kern and George Lang to cast the sole votes against the measure.  Watch this meeting carefully.  This is how freedoms have died in America for nearly a hundred years, one small grant at a time, and federal aid for public schools.

Both Liberty and West Chester Township share the same school district of Lakota and have three trustees each, all of whom would consider themselves conservative.  West Chester is so conservative that it is the home district of House Speaker John Boehner so the residents unless they are radicalized school teachers or federal employees in some way or another tend to vote conservative.  The trustees who voted against Lang and Kern are not bleeding heart hippies and wrung out liberals as they wouldn’t do well in the political structure of Butler Country, Ohio.  Yet as could be heard in the video above, Agenda 21 is a plan from a far away land that does not directly affect the trustee’s hometown communities—or that’s what they believe.  They are unable to conceive how Agenda 21 is embedded to the federal money that they wish to take, and that’s how the disease of international control is let in the back door of their community and allowed to erode away the management of their financial resources.

The typical argument given in favor of politicians wishing for such federal grants were the same as those given by Cathy Stoker and Lee Wong shown in the video.  They understand that there is money on the table which the federal government took from tax payers and placed into a federal grant.  If they as a governing body would like the money all they must do is comply with a few federal regulations.  What Cathy and Lee do not understand is that those federal regulations were shaped by sympathizers to the United Nations, and that the members of the U.N. who created the parameters for establishing those regulations are sympathizers to a global group called Socialist International.  The intent of Socialist International, the United Nations, and all governments in general is to bend to submission of collective aims by default.  Since politics in any country tends to be a popularity contest, socialism is the means for politicians to retain their seats.  This is why governments always migrate toward socialism—and the more government there is, the more socialism shapes the policies of that government.  Local politicians like those seen in the video from West Chester are simply unable to see the big picture of how their actions help feed the monster of socialism.  Typically they are short-sighted personalities who simply want to rub elbows with business interests in their communities, and generally want to do good for the people who elected them.

Lee Wong said during the West Chester meeting that he has spoken to other people in the community and they do not agree with the speakers who showed up in protest of the federal funding.  Wong has a collective ideology that does not enable him to understand what the speakers were talking about, so he spoke to a few of his neighbors who thought the way he did and concluded that taking the federal money for a sidewalk was morally righteous and that the people who actually showed up to speak against the issue were wrong.  He arrived at the meeting with the predisposition of evading the facts in favor of easy money.  His bubble of reality is the few people on his street that he associates with, who lack a worldly understanding of what Agenda 21 is.  To them the mention of Agenda 21 is regulated to conspiracy since they are too lazy to think too deeply about the inconvenient reality.

There are elections coming up in both Liberty Twp and West Chester for the trustee positions in 2013.  David Kern and George Lang could use some help in protecting their communities from the United Nation power grabs and shortsightedness of their peers who serve as trustees.  The situation is difficult for many to understand, because the reality is inopportune.  But that was the plan from The United Nations when they put Agenda 21 in place.  They knew the weaknesses of world democracies and they sought to exploit those weaknesses indirectly by infiltrating the national governments of many countries, then using the natural greed of local politicians to break down the barriers of resistance to their world-wide power grab—destroying the sovereignty of entire countries in the pursuit of a one world government where the United States would simply be one state in a family of global influence.  Most can’t wrap their minds behind such a devious plan to understand that the root of evil driving this erosion of sovereignty is behind such fiscal devices as a simple side-walk in a rural community seemingly detached from Geneva, Switzerland or any other palace of United Nation conglomeration.  To learn more about Agenda 21, CLICK HERE to begin that journey and watch the video of a man who is very knowledgeable on the topic.  Prepare to be surprised by how much Agenda 21 is already in all our lives, and learn what can be done to stop it.  

Read more about David Kern’s statements in Liberty Twp along with Kathy Dirr’s crusade to protect the township from Agenda 21 by CLICKING HERE.  

Rich Hoffman

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