The ‘Cold Dead Hand’ Video From Lost Thoughtless Brains: Hypocritical ideas from those “comfortably numb”

The Jim Carrey satire against Charlton Heston, southern culture, and the Second Amendment titled Cold Dead Hands is a blessing in disguise for those of us on the more conservative side of politics.  It is good to see the mind of opponents for what they truly are without the public relations facades that often conceal the true activist nature of the subject in question.  The radical goof balls on the left expect conservatives to take it when they dish out character assassinations, but they don’t expect it in return.  In Carrey’s case he took a shot at a majority of America and their love of freedom guaranteed by The Second Amendment.  The public knows Carrey has made a living off violence in his films, namely his use of guns in the film The Mask and a film career that really got off the ground when he appeared as a drug addict in the fifth Dirty Harry film with Clint Eastwood titled The Dead Pool.  Guns have been good to Carrey, and watching him turn against them speaks openly about the hypocrisy of the left and the current culture of progressive Hollywood and the types of things they believe.  The left will never attack Carrey’s radicalism shown in his video or the disgraceful rendition of asserting that Charlton Heston is trapped in some eternal purgatory because he is still holding onto his guns.  Even when progressive leftists attack members of the conservative right, the right is attacked even further when they express outrage.

Over the last couple of days I received two emails from people who frequently read my work here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom and took note of some of my recent articles where I expressed outrage of my own.  In both cases, they feel that indignation on my part is misplaced—and uncivilized, and that I should just suppress my thoughts for the ridiculous common good.  Here are those emails along with my response.

C’mon Rich,

Looked at a recent blog of yours and found this
As a reader here, and casual participant, you can trust that I will not disappear into a void of oblivion because I set out in this war to win it, not to come to a drawl, or shake hands and make a deal.  I set out to destroy my enemy—those who openly exploit children for their own selfish progressive desires.
Why so violent?

And quit crying over the “Kroger survey” and stick with arguments that have some logic.

Maybe Kelly Kohls gets so much flack from friends of educators because she aligns herself with you.  She loses me in her presentations as soon as she looks to you, manning the video camera, for backup facts.

I do think you need  to change the tenor of your rhetoric.  You seem to begging for physical confrontation and the search for educational solutions needs to avoid that.

William Schmidt


I told you I am done with public education.  I see them as a threat to our next generations because of the left leaning tendency of what they teach.  If there were more balanced world views, I’d feel differently.  But that’s not the case.  Profit based strategies need to be the future of education as it tends to root out the good from the bad.

Since people have the memory span of paper clips, I have to remind them of the Kroger Survey for context.  You are likely to see and read it at least 100 to 200 more times in the months to come.  That was my bench mark of the type of people who support public education where I realized who supported the education system as it is and why.

You seem to ignore the comments of Becki in the Kelly Kohls incident.  You pick what you want and paint things up the way you wish them to be.  I don’t like to see people pushed around, and I see that happening a lot in public education from employees who forget that the tax payers are their boss.

Kelly or anybody else has their choice whether to align themselves with me.  Obviously you are used to dealing with other types of people, because I don’t have a shortage who wish to do so.

You can speculate on my aims, but you can bet that there is a reason for everything.

Thanks for writing and showing me your mind.  There is a lot there; I can understand your frustration.

Have a nice Easter,



Dear Rich Hoffman, (as written spelling errors and all)

I do empathize strongly with Gen X.

1.But you people claim to have manners whilst minimalising racism?

2.You claim to have class while bashing on LITERALLY ENTIRE GENERATIONS?

3. You claim that Gen Z is the end of humanity, based on what? Your interpretations of the potential of a bunch of >10 years-olds?

4. You mock science for modern warnings about global disaster, but you long for the days of the cold war when nuclear annihilation was imminent?

You’re a bunch of jackasses.  For a guy who mocks younger generations for being weak, you seem to have some pretty strong “mommy” issues. Newsflash, your generation was neither the first, nor the last generation to have broken families in it. Pussy.

  • Jason Ibanez


Who me? I am what I eat.  And you are a snot nosed punk.


There are a lot more of those types of emails, but they happen to have come through within a short time of each other the other day while I was thinking about the Jim Carrey video.  They are derived from the same kind of culture where the progressive left steps up and punches the conservative right in the face then runs off not expecting to be hit back.  In the case of those emails when I am called derogatory names, or a union representative uses the word “war” to describe their plight against the tax payer it makes me angry, and I direct the anger where appropriate.

The Carrey video and the video above where progressive analysis is given praising the anti gun message, the commentator is happy and dancing on the grave of Charlton Heston because Carrey represents the progressive beliefs of that particular pundit.  So it is only fair that those of us with conservative beliefs do the same when necessary and beat on the war drums ourselves when provoked.  In that regard it is healthy to give progressives back what they dish out and then some, to teach them that it is not appropriate to use force, or coercion of any kind to advance a political agenda, which is what progressives are adamantly committed to.  However it is not my fault that the generations before me who happened to be conservative were as Jason Ibanez declared above, allowing progressive to punch them without getting it back.  Those days are over.

Jim Carrey probably does believe what he says about The Second Amendment.  He does not connect the dots of his career with the rights of the First Amendment to play characters that speak out of his butt (literally) and to use guns like he did in The Mask to boost his career.    The Hollywood culture which has been consumed by progressive Democrats, just as Ayn Rand warned about with Walt Disney and many others (CLICK HERE TO SEE FOR YOURSELF) is awash in hypocrisy in much the same way that public education believes they are on the moral side of goodness by teaching forced collectivism and anti-private property instruction against community tax payers.  Most of the time the activists like the two email writers above, or Jim Carrey in his attack against the image of Charlton Heston fail to see how their actions in the microcosm are shaped by events in the macrocosm.  They only look at their small piece of the pie and expect all of society to adhere to their viewpoint even if the cost is a loss of personal freedom, Constitutional revision, or the destruction of a movie legend’s memory.

When Hollywood attacks itself, as Carrey is doing against the recollection of Heston, the battle lines are clear.  The difference is that now conservatives have learned that taking the abuse and mockery from the progressive left will not be tolerated.  Carrey may not see the immediate impact of his actions against his next couple of films, but he has changed the way people see him.  Before this incident I was a fan of his.  I doubt I’ll ever watch another one of his films just as I haven’t seen a George Clooney film in about 10 years.  I cannot watch those types of actors anymore knowing that they stand against the personal beliefs that I have, and when they remind me of it in such a glorious fashion, they dig their own grave—because I’m not alone.  Many people think the way I do; they just don’t speak their thoughts.  And if I didn’t know that, I wouldn’t even bother with this site.

The flyover states that Jim Carrey insulted in his video made him the star that he is today and those people will reject Carrey in the future.  It will have an impact on his box office totals.  Jim Carrey has successfully taken himself as an A List actor and put himself in the mind of America as an activist equivalent to Sean Penn, an actor that is impossible to watch without thinking of his communist oriented politics.  For the same reason, Jane Fonda will always and forever be known as Hanoi Jane because of her support of communists in North Vietnam—no matter what she may have done in the rest of her life from playing in On Golden Pond with her father, to her workout tapes.   In the history of her legacy, she will always be known as a communist, which most Americans reject when the word is not hidden behind the mask of progressivism.  70 percent of Americans have a genuine mistrust of government.  About 20% of those people are willing to overlook that mistrust because government pays their paycheck—and pays them quite well to remain “comfortably numb.”  Because the government cannot be trusted, The Second Amendment will always be needed in case the tragic worst case scenario should ever reoccur, which is another American Revolution.  The Second Amendment is not for hunting, or target shooting, it is for warding off the government if government imposes itself too arrogantly upon the personal liberty and freedoms of the American people.  It’s a unique concept in the world, and progressives in love with Europe find it appalling.  In Hollywood where European culture is so revered and noticeably out of step with the rest of the country, Jim Carrey is just another activist showing off for his liberal friends so he can stay relevant.  But in so doing he created his own legacy that he will come to regret.  He won’t be known as the actor for the Truman Show, or even Ace Ventura.  Rather, he’ll be known as the progressive stooge who danced on the grave of a Hollywood legend and took aim at the heart of America with a blind attempt to appease the extreme minority in Hollywood who holds the purse strings of the Hollywood money machine.   In the end, Carrey will wish that he had said something as bold as Charlton Heston did, and that some future loser would attempt mock him in death with a song titled Cold Dead Hand, because when Carrey is no longer on earth, it will go as un-noticed as a fart lost in the wind of a career built of childish jokes and frail beliefs.

That is the legacy of Jim Carrey, throw him a fish–he’ll perform.
Rich Hoffman

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