“Do They Not Realize That This Is War?”: Statements on OEA’s Becki Villamangna’s Facebook page

“Do they not realize that this is war?”  These are the kind of “pro-education” advocates that Ohio Education Association representative Becki Villamangna corresponds with on her Facebook account.  Becki is the Communications/Political Action representative for the OEA and she has targeted my friend Kelly Kohls who is the school board president of Springboro for attack many times.  Due to the success of that school district in driving down their labor costs without impacting the tax payers, Becki’s arm of the OEA has aggressively attacked Kohls with all the fury of any combat maneuver in war.  CLICK HERE to read about one of Villamanga’s radical attempts to harass Kelly which I have covered here at the Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom before.  The OEA is clearly frustrated that they have lost many of their battles in Southern Ohio, particularly at the Lakota, Mason, Springboro and West Clermont school districts.  Kelly Kohls has become the focus of the massive Ohio public sector union because she has had the most success in doing what radical progressive educators fear most—management of their financial resources.  However in Northern Ohio where there hasn’t been as much pushback against the unions as there has been in the south, schools around Cleveland are still using the extreme extortion tactics that the OEA are so famous for.  (I say OEA because most teacher unions in the state of Ohio fall under the umbrella of the OEA.)  To education professionals who are COMMITTED to progressive agenda items they are in education not for children, but because they are at WAR with the public who leans toward traditional values.  Such Ohio Education Association tactics that have been attempted on a smaller scale against Kelly Kohls in Springboro are being done on a larger scale in a Cleveland, Ohio suburb as shown in the video below where teachers are on strike and retaliating against the substitute teachers the school has hired to keep the schools open for kids.  Watch this!

The striking teachers feel so entitled to their jobs that they have been posting flyers to neighbors of those employees attempting to apply peer pressure by using the classic “SCAB” terminology against the replacement workers.  The idea behind such a derogatory term is to use collectivism to impose a union will on individuals who simply want to make a living, so that labor leverage can be maintained by the striking employees.  The OEA members who are striking are firmly committed to communism, and are caught in their belief of turning the capitalist society of America into a socialist state-run by the education elite.  They of course don’t call their ideology “communism” by name, but their practice reveals their intentions.

I don’t ask you dear reader to take my word for these accusations.  I simply ask you to look at the facts.  For such proof, as the OEA is locked in their labor dispute in Cleveland trying to push replacement workers out of their jobs before the uselessness of their real teaching value is exposed as a fraud, Becki Villamagna was posting the below comments on her Facebook page during February of 2013.  Becky had just returned from a training class with her members where she received some push back as she attempted to do on the microcosm what the OEA is attempting to do on the macrocosm of Cleveland.  She openly complained about the resistance she was getting from her own members who found her Saul Alinsky strategies too “radical.”  Becki knows what she is doing; she is attempting to apply peer pressure on her OEA members by letting them know about her disapproval seeking other like-minded opinions to build up a consensus against the dissidents.  It’s a variation of The Delphi Technique done on a much smaller scale using Facebook as the Change Agent.  Have a look at her exact dialogue and a couple of responses she obtained.

Recent Becki Villamagna Facebook posting

This morning I gave a training session on electing and working with school board members. Many of you will be shocked to hear that one participant didn’t like me because some of my suggestions were too subversive and were only “dirty tricks.” Share ·

February 4 at 12:55pm via mobile ·  2 people like this.

  • Patty Ray do they not realize this is war? February 4 at 12:58pm

  • George Bozovich Some folks just don’t get it! February 4 at 1:05pm

Patty Ray’s response to Becki Villamagna’s posting says wonderfully what the OEA is all about and how education professionals truly think in their hearts.  The OEA is at WAR with the rest of society which is why they are attacking replacement workers in Cleveland, and why they are attacking Kelly Kohls at virtually turn.  They are at war with anyone who stands in the way of their social advancement of progressive causes and the proof is in the dialogue they use with each other when they think nobody else is looking. Of course you’ll find no newspapers that will cover this issue, because they are in on the deal.

Many, including teachers trained by Becki Villamagna are beginning to see that education is not about teaching kids with the OEA, but is about WAR.  They are just now learning what I have known for many years now.  That realization is the primary reason I named this site what I have…..Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom as opposed to something more conventional………more press friendly.  We are at war with the OEA because they started that war against those of us who value traditional American principles, particularly in education. People like Becki Villamagna, Patty Ray and the nut cases harassing substitute employees in a Cleveland suburb are villains in that war to those of us who want to see goodness being taught to children, and social stability advocated by education institutions.  It is a war by their own declaration, and actions.  I have watched their behavior for many years and decided that if they wanted war, then they’d get war.  They would be beaten intellectually, they would be beaten with radicalism—if need be, and if they wanted to get violent, they would receive it back twice for what they issued.  I prefer the intellectual debate, but when they run out of emotional bullet points and they attempt to attack personal character and toy with violence as their method of coercion they have received it back in return.

They learned this most dramatically a year ago when they tried to smear me with the famous Kroger survey.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  My response was so epic that it made radio news and print media all over Cincinnati and like a football player getting a penalty for retaliating; it is usually the second player that gets the call from the referees.  But I’m willing to take the political penalty because the message to the radicals needed to be clear.  There will be pain inflicted in return for pain issued.  Those are the rules of war as instigated by the education unions.

Wars are not won with kind words and placation.  The OEA members are some of the worst people I have ever had to deal with as to radical social behavior.  They have the destruction of America in their minds and they are terrible people because their ideology makes them corrosive.  They openly use children to execute their maniacal plans for social progressive changes at the expense of society, and this defines their essence.  Wars are won by taking away from the other side the will to continue fighting.  This is what the OEA does to people like Kelly Kohls and the poor substitute teachers in Cleveland.  The OEA attacks them directly hoping to rob them of their will to stand opposed to the union’s progressive agenda.  This is why Patty Ray said on Becki’s Facebook, “Don’t they realize this is war?”  She says it because to the OEA radicals they are at war with the taxpayers.  The answer to Patty is that some do know it, I know it, Kelly knows it and thousand upon thousands of other tax payers know it now, and we are willing to engage.  The effects are already evident within Becki’s own organization.  The teachers in her union are beginning to question her methods and are fighting back against her kind with polite resistance, as Villamagna complained about on her Facebook page.  This dissension in their ranks will only widen over the coming years, and the strength of their movement will be shattered eventually.

I knew this would be the ultimate ending for the OEA union when they first came after me in the fall of 2010.  My critics might call my anger and behavior the results of “thin skin” because they expected me to take their personal attacks with the maturity of a “civilized” “white man,” as defined by progressive strategists and their view of the typical conservative American.  The hero of the OEA–Saul Alinsky described his plans in 1972 to begin to organize the white middle class across America.  The necessity of that project became his book Rules for Radicals which Vicki and the OEA unions certainly gobbled up nearly word for word in their activist practices.  Alinsky believed that what President Richard Nixon and Vice-President Spiro Agnew called “The Silent Majority” was living in frustration and despair, worried about their future, and were ripe for a turn to radical social change.  Alinsky desired to create social mechanisms to entice The Silent Majority into becoming politically active citizens. Even if Vicki Villamagna does not have Rules for Radicals on her book shelf, she has been taught the concepts instructed in that book under different names by her labor union—who widely adopted Alisnky as their prophet for radical change in America.  This is what progressive labor unions have done in our public schools, and what their part in the “WAR” is all about.  Saul Alinsky feared that the middle class could be driven to a right-wing viewpoint if progressives failed in their task, “making them ripe for the plucking by some guy on horseback promising a return to the vanished verities of yesterday.”  So thus, my strategy is now clear and its effects are beginning to be seen as the secret is no longer strategically necessary.  I have read Rules for Radicals and studied Alinsky, so I know what Villamagna is up to when she protests my friend Kelly Kohls.  I know how to beat those enemies of traditional America.  They will be beaten because they were the ones who declared war against traditional America and deserve what is coming.

As time proceeds, more and more logical people will flee from the ranks of the OEA.  They will leave because the OEA will lose this WAR and their power will erode away as their exploitive methods are continually exposed.  One of the great victories in this war is the one where Becki Villamagna has the most at stake with Kelly Kohls because Springboro is a glowing success, and will expose much of what the OEA declared for years to be complete lies.  Once that truth is revealed, there will be major dissention among the labor union ranks and the troops on the battlefield of the OEA will dissolve once their self interest is shown to be outside the union organizations.  The OEA deserves to be defeated, and smeared in the mud because of the way they treat others—namely the innocent workers trying to keep schools in Cleveland open so children can continue learning.  The intent of the radicals in the OEA is clear, and defines why they must lose the war not just quietly, but spectacularly.  As a reader here, and casual participant, you can trust that I will not disappear into a void of oblivion because I set out in this war to win it, not to come to a drawl, or shake hands and make a deal.  I set out to destroy my enemy—those who openly exploit children for their own selfish progressive desires. Kelly Kohls will also continue.  Nothing has stopped her yet, and she is proving correct in her strategies to the great success of the Springboro taxpayers.  But you dear reader can help defeat the OEA by signing the Workplace Freedom Amendment when you see it.  CLICK HERE TO CONTACT.

There is nothing that beats a progressive villain better than giving people the freedom of choice.  Progressives HATE choice just like the socialist/communist hates capitalism.  Choice destroys their order of tyranny.  By supporting Workplace Freedom you allow the teachers who told Becki Villamagna her tactics were too subversive and were only “dirty tricks, the chance to leave Becki’s organization completely which will cut off the money that supports the WAR on the progressive side.  This is how we can beat the evils of progressive advancement—simply by taking away the money they use to attack us.  In the meantime, I will continue to be that guy on horseback promising a return to the vanished verities of yesterday.  I will do it because I believe it.  But I will also do it because it is the surest way to destroy the attack of the progressives into the roots of America from which they seek complete destruction.  And I will enjoy every, single minute of it.  Justice one way or another will be obtained—it will prevail as sure as these words are written.  Yes we are at war and to answer the question of Patty Ray we do know it, and we are coming to claim the victory and enjoy the spoils of war—that was launched against us under a banner of peace.

I participate in this war because I want to be that guy on horseback promising a return to the vanished verities of yesterday and I don’t take a dime from anybody to do it.  I do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”


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