Government Will Always be Bad so Long as Bad People Join: The mystery of the social do-gooder

It is not enough to just point at the government and say that it’s bad.  Government is bad because it attracts the wrong kind of people to serve it.  Yet in order to fix government the understanding of what “good” people are, what they look like, and how they should behave must be understood.  Without that understanding, there is no hope for government to ever be reformed for the better no matter what the political affiliation is or under what flag it resides under.  The roots of people come out when they are pressed, as seen in the article link below from the West Chester Buzz regarding John Boehner and the comments about John’s current political predicament, from some of the same people who have intersected my life at times.  This posting is directed at some of those people, and the ornaments that hang from their lives to this day who are equally as baffled to the changes in political climate as Boehner is currently.

(Well written article by Deidre Shesgreen of The Cincinnati Enquirer by the way.)

I have known entirely too many people who do not understand what I mean when I speak of the word “honesty.”  Government is filled with many individuals who believe that the collectivism of government can shield them from scrutiny while their true intentions are to gain much wealth for themselves through collectivism.  I ran into this constantly from family and friends who wondered why I was so adamantly against the Lakota School Levy.  They believed that in some distorted way that Mark Sennet had hired me to be a spokesman for No Lakota Levy, and that my activity in local politics was somehow inspired by a climb for power into the Republican Party.  To answer one of the people mentioned in the West Chester Buzz article, it is OK to make a “buck,” I fully support free enterprise.  But it is not OK to enter politics so that the process of regulation can be controlled by the presence of a politician who is in the zipper of a builder or developer.  I say that even though I know many that I call friends, yet I know they do not understand what motivates me, which has always bothered me, and prevents friendship beyond polite formalities.  When many learned the truth—that I am as against people like Sennet for his blind and naive avocation of Agenda 21 style “community development” as I am the labor unions—and that the true rift with No Lakota Levy has its roots in these philosophical reasons than anything else—they are as unable to understand what I tell them as a dog can read a book.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  The language and cognition are just not available to them.

I know many Republicans who only have conservative beliefs so that they can advance their careers.  And I know many, many Democrats who do the same.  Statistics prove that many of the teachers, fire fighters and cops who voted the “union” ticket in the last elections do not care what the politicians on their tickets believed politically, but simply voted in the fashion that they did to secure their livelihoods.  In my own family there are superintendents, teachers, school bus drivers, professional students—kids who are school age children whose parents need their schools to watch their kids while they pursue careers.  They all wonder what I am after in my political arguments even though many of them have known me my entire life.  They assume that I will announce to the family that I have a big lobby job with Washington or a public relations position for a local school system because I must have some personal agenda for my political campaigns, otherwise, why else would I do them?

Lately I have went further down the rabbit hole of personal life management because the solutions to America’s problems reside in individual lives—and it does no good to point out the deficiencies and failures of government without addressing the reasons.  And those reasons are some of the most obvious yet obscure traits available to the minds of the masses on a daily bases.  Too many people arrive too late in their lives with a yearning to be “good.”  They fall in love for all the wrong reasons; buy the wrong kind of cars, clothing, and even dishwashers for motivations that defy practicality.  They pursue occupations that allow these movements not for their inward calls to adventure but out of a desire to find meaning in their meaningless lives.  They have pushed God from their lives, they have accepted collectivism as a social blanket to hide their inner demons from themselves, and they arrive into their adulthoods fractions of their true potential—wastes of human beings that are navigating T.S. Eliot’s Wasteland in their grim realities.

For the worst of the human being they seek to hide their personal wastelands from public view by joining government in a quest to save society because they cannot save themselves.  They do not have the courage to face life daily, they buy into collectivism and hope to have success in mass.  This is how it all starts, this is how government goes bad, because bad people join it with the good intention of saving themselves with redemptive escapades—but they only end up bringing the same kind of destruction to government and the people government serves as a result and they seek to use stolen money through taxation to cover their multiple personal evils.  If only one or two people did such a thing, society might be able to absorb the impact, but tragically, there is only one or two per thousand who are good.  The vast majority in government are broken souls trying desperately to fill their personal voids with public office under the guise of doing public good.  The reality is that they are trying to conceal from public view their many inner evils of which they spend most of their lives fleeing from only to arrive at retirement age broken relics of their once hopeful lives.

There is a real fear when it is realized that a few here and there involve themselves in politics not to redeem their past sins, or to curry favor to build alliances with others to advance their careers, but out of a desire to do “good.”  When objectives of personal gain cannot be found, the panic begins to set in and a new layer of anger emerges.  For those who are truly dedicated to being good and understanding the higher meanings of things, political theater is a trivial pursuit and I personally don’t have much tolerance for it.  When I make my comments about politics and the participants it is out of a personal disdain that I have for the quality of the people attracted to politics.  If their desire is to hide their personal faults from society by joining public office then spending my money to redeem their activity through collectivism, then I have a right to expose them for what they are attempting to conceal from public view.  It would be less of my business what their personal faults were if they did not consume my tax money, but because they do, they deserve the wrath of critical analysis.

My objective is to sort the good from the bad.  In my personal life, I only have room for those who want to do good.  I don’t enjoy the company of social climbers and political manipulators so it’s no skin off my back if I piss them off.  If they don’t wake up in the morning committed to being good people then I don’t have value for them.  In that regard, when I have been invited to meet Governor John Kasich, I have dodged those meetings not out of disrespect, but because my personal time is valuable and there is nothing in such a meeting for me.  Kasich is a public servant and to me that is equal to the kind of person I might hire to clean my house.  When I was invited to have breakfast with John Boehner fairly recently, I ducted the invitation not out of disrespect to Boehner, but out of a preference for having a private breakfast with my wife doing what we enjoy doing on Saturday mornings.  And there is no circumstance that Barack Obama could invite me to the White House for any kind of meeting that I would go to without having something better to do.  Many people would say that my comments in this regard are crazy–yet that is why our government is so screwed up, and what I fight against.  For those who don’t understand, I work to make them understand by forcing them to look at their actions in the context of goodness, and measure for themselves if they wish to continue down that path.

Such action may not be popular but that’s alright with me.  My view is on the long view, not the short.  There is nothing in the short view that interests me, and no amount of money in the world that could lure me into such a short-sighted view.  Along those guidelines, there is no tolerance that I have for those who are so short-sighted, and my respect for people who are, is non-existent.  So for those who wonder, I hope this explanation frames the situation correctly.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”