Obama Found Unconstitutional: Do I have to say “I told you so?”

In case you may have missed it due to the fact that 90% of the media both national and local are in the zipper of Barack Obama—because they were all taught in the same progressive institutions under the same progressive guidelines–some of Obama’s appointments made one year ago were recently found to be unconstitutional.  Well, this is no surprise to me as I covered the issue here at the OW with a direct letter to the office of John Boehner, which of course he ignored.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  Boehner if he had listened to me, and about a dozen other people from his district might have led the GOP to properly reel in the power grabbing Obama under the authority given to the House Speaker, and would most likely be working with a Republican White House by this time instead left-wing Weather Underground radicals.  The courts would have sided with Boehner if he had made a bold move one year ago, but instead he decided to play it safe–to play golf and take polite little jabs at his good buddy, Barack Obama publicly, while back slapping with him privately.  What was it that Biden said to Boehner not that long ago——“We’re at the gate, man.  We’re at the gate.”  Hmmmm, what do you suppose Vice President Biden meant by that?  Boehner ignored my message—because I’m not “at the gate………………” and dismissed my suggestions and warnings as those of a radical “right winger” from his home district who likes to hang out with those Constitutional purists in the Tea Party.

When Boehner’s office workers spoke to me they had that look of amusement on their faces that is so common with politicians these days.  After all, they had a plan.  Boehner and Ohio Republicans from John Kasich all the way down to the local trustees and commissioners were going to play it cool, take the high ground, let the Supreme Court overturn Obamacare during the summer of 2012, then run Mitt Romney against Obama in the fall where they would attack the President’s economic record.  Boehner’s office had “big plans” and they didn’t want to listen to crazy Rich Hoffman standing in their office dripping wet from a rare January thunderstorm where I rode to his office on my motorcycle and was asking Boehner to uphold the Constitution against Obama and his friends of American reformers.

Now here we are in 2013, Republicans lost to the White House due to the emotional pleas of the mentally unfortunate, they lost Obamacare to the bizarre ruling by Justice Roberts.  Now Republicans have to worry about Obama appointing more liberals to the Supreme Court—forget the 5-4 rulings in their favor in the future, because as Roberts proved, all it takes is one or two Supreme Court Justices to turn the whole world upside down.  And because of the Roberts opinion there is no doubt drool running from the mouths of Obama’s legal team who will challenge the unconstitutional rulings cited against The White House—after all, history cannot be allowed to remember such things, because in lawyer circles it is case-law that matters, not the original laws.

But as for now at least someone had the courage to defend the Constitution, and not snicker at the naiveté of a constituent who expected justice to be upheld on a rainy January day in 2012.   As the law stands today, President Obama has been found to have acted unconstitutionally, and my comments about Obama in my letter to John were not out-of-line in the least.  They were what all Americans should expect, if they intended to live within the letters of the law, and not be afraid to piss off the President and miss the next golf outing so they can all pretend they are masters of the universe when the actual money they are spending came from the American treasury.  Boehner had his shot, and he didn’t take it…………………..and I’m not talking about golf swings.  His personal loss was a tremendous loss to the Republican Party.  But more than anything, America loses when people like the pretentious “political class” look down their noses at Constitutional purists with a disdain more fitting in Nottingham England than West Chester, Ohio on the eve of the second Civil War.  Next time I won’t write a letter and hope for the legal system to listen.  I’ll just exercise my Constitutional rights on my own—before I lose them in a golf bet between John Boehner and Barack Obama.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”