Being Right: Understanding “Quality” is the key to all things in life

When I was younger, I often politely disagreed with those who uttered the kind of phrases left to me in the quotes below.  I had my foundation beliefs that were formed primarily through the work of Joseph Campbell, Sir James Frazer, John Locke, and Adam Smith but I left open the possibility that in my youth I had not yet experienced all aspects of living—and therefore all points of view.  I was open to debate about right and wrong, religious importance, philosophical merit, and general economics.  But, I am no longer young, and I have no tolerance for those who intend to shape our society with half-baked concoctions of progressivism that belong in a witches brew recipe book.  To my experience, progressivism is voodoo.  It’s just as ridiculous of an occult practice as many superstitions people function from such as believing that a broken mirror brings seven years of bad luck.  I have never, and will never accept such notions at face value.  I would have to know how a mirror gained power over my life—to what dimensional plane of reality can a simple mirror broken by me impose a penalty of any kind upon the fruitful existence of my life.   The answer is that such an investigation would quickly prove futile and I would dismiss it as nonsense without much effort because the evidence does not support in any way that a broken mirror can bring seven years of bad luck to an individual under any circumstances.  Yet for progressives, much of what they believe are founded in ridiculous theories of superstition rather than fact, and I find such people to be burdens on the human race and in my mature years, I’m no longer giving a free pass to them to be stupid.

When a political progressive whether it be a union representative, a politician like Barack Obama—or pick your local school board candidate finds they cannot win a public debate with their witches brew of progressivism—putting two parts tree root, ground up garlic mixed with onions stirred in an iron kettle at precisely 62 degrees for seven and one half minutes then seasoned with the blood of a first-born son delivered under the astrological sign of Taurus conceived under the house of a mother during the Chinese year of the Dragon—in order to provide a reasonable education for young people—I can quickly dismiss such tripe with very general arguments—and I do all over these pages.  They can’t answer back without an emotional argument—because the facts do not favor them—so the typical act by progressives is to ignore the facts and make up their own reality.  Progressives who wish to continue believing in such nonsense against the rules of nature often get mad and send me letters like the one seen below, in order to maintain their own illusions.  They hope that by confronting me directly that it might make me “re-think” my position.  Their anger obviously is similar to that of a child who has just discovered that there is no tooth fairy, Easter Bunny, or Santa Clause—and they are mad at me for shattering their reality.  They wish to believe that Santa Clause can travel the world every Christmas Night and deliver presents to all the world’s children for no other reason than some altruistic tripe conjured up in the mind of immature insanity.  The anger directed at me is often of this nature.  It is born when my arguments shatter the belief system of another person who does not wish to accept the reality that progressivism does not work in political science, philosophy, religion, or economics.  That is when they send messages like the one below.  I show my usual response just for good measure.  The original link can also be seen below:

I work in a fortune 100 company. We are forced to recruit people from outside the US and relocate them to Seattle to fill 6 figure salary jobs because we can’t find the talent in our own country.

You blame public schools, I blame the lack of funding for those schools. You may complain about being forced to pay for these schools, but in the end, the pittance that you pay is repaid many times over by those students if they get a good education and contribute back to society. Including with the taxes that they pay.

Ayn Rand should be no ones role model nor anyone’s hero. She was just a self-centered bitch.



So glad you wrote. I bet your Fortune 100 company receives help from the Federal government, because if people like you are running it, I’m sure it’s going bankrupt.



Further proving how shallow many of these progressives are, they assume that my beliefs are as thinly rooted as their own which was shaped by philosophers like Kant, Marx and the modern version of those two Noam Chomsky.  When Ayn Rand is criticized, such as in the example above, the intent is to anger me as though my entire belief system came from Ayn Rand, forcing me to withdrawal my public comments.  This is even further evidence of how stupid many progressives are, and how their beliefs are rooted in voodoo-like adherence to speculative science.  Ayn Rand for me was a remarkable woman who made some very crucial observations about life that she refined throughout her life with her philosophy of Objectivism, which I generally agree with as sort of a door to the correct way of thinking.  But Rand had some holes in her theories and I get angry notes from blind supporters of Objectivism just the same who wish to see her as a deity in the same way that progressives wish to believe that ground up tree roots can solve all education problems.   Rand was functioning from the limits of her life experiences, but that does not change the truth of her foundation arguments, which cannot be disseminated by reality.  I find Ayn Rand’s work passionate, and laced with a deep and difficult truths.  But in her life time she only managed to correctly state the observable conditions of her philosophy—she never got to the root of the problem—the cause.

Whether he meant to or not it was Robert Pirsig in his two works Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Lila who put the science behind Ayn Rand’s Objectivism and introduced the definition of the word “QUALITY.”  The Metaphysics of QUALITY as it was so ruthlessly, and at great personal sacrifice to himself portrayed by Robert Pirsig holds the irrefutable proof of much that bewilders the human race and contains within those two books many of life’s hidden keys.  Pirsig does not invalidate Ayn Rand in any way.  If Ayn Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged were similar to Jules Vern’s From the Earth to the Moon, then Robert Pirsig’s two books are the NASA Mercury and Apollo space programs of actually landing on the moon.  The speculation is in Jules Vern’s work.  NASA used that speculation to arrive at the destination.  Robert Pirsig arrives at the truth to the speculation Ayn Rand wrote about in Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, Anthem, and We The Living but eluded her just barely in all her non-fiction work because the thought was just out of reach for her—and for good reason.  Read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to learn why.  It’s not that Pirsig intended to validate anything Ayn Rand wrote about or went on a quest to support a witch’s brew theory of his own.  Pirsig’s own personal philosophy represents more keenly the philosopher William James than Ayn Rand, but it is Pirsig’s Metaphysics of Quality that proves virtually everything written in Atlas Shrugged to be correct, and the science cannot be refuted by observation.

When I speak of how only a director like J.J. Abrams could take Star Wars to the next level, or why only Kathleen Kennedy could run Lucasfilm after the retirement of George Lucas, or why Apple stock is tanking since the death of Steve Jobs, or why Walt Disney was so incredibly great—I say those things based on the reality that all those personalities are functioning within Robert Pirsig’s Metaphysics of Quality and it is easy to see who will succeed and who will fail when such a concept is understood.  I use those examples because even those on the political left can find common ground with me on the mentioned names.  Just as I can agree with some of the things that Noam Chomsky has said, such as “States are not moral agents; people are.” The ultimate truth is a real conclusion and it is not elusive as many progressives would wish to believe.  It is in fact easy to see when the rules are understood, and Ayn Rand was on the path to understanding them.  Her novels do not lie, they are only the means of thinking for arriving at a truth—which can be a fearful place to those who continue to place the value of their lives on beliefs rooted in voodoo speculation and flimsy facts as hollow as a rotten tree.

Getting angry that the world of understanding falls apart when new facts are introduced are sure signs that your belief system is faulty and in serious risk of failing your life.  When I was younger, I respected the belief systems of those older than me out of respect.  But now, I know better, and I since I’m one of those “older” people, I do not have the patience for those younger than me who wish to profess diatribes of voodoo speculation rooted in progressive philosophy that has proven dangerous to the human race.  And if my position angers people like the letter writer above—too bad.  Prove me wrong—which I say in full knowing that they can’t.  Because “A is A” no matter how much progressives wish upon a star to believe that they can turn an “A” into a “B” just because they want to.

Rich Hoffman