Smart Meter Arrests: Naperville patriots thumb their noses at the United Nations–as they should!

One of the most evil tyrannies that government uses to mask its true intentions is when they show up at your home to do something against your will and proclaim they have a right to do it because the “law” gave them the right to do it.  Such is the case of Jennifer Stahl who has been a strong advocate against the installation of smart meters on Naperville, Ill., homes.  Jennifer, her husband and a handful of other patriots in Naperville have organized against smart meter electrical monitoring devices as they know that the push of these digital meters is phase one of a United Nations plan called Agenda 21 where the data collected from the meters will be studied to help support a charge in extra fees for excessive, or “unsupported” electrical activity that would require additional taxes in “carbon credits.” (CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON AGENDA 21)  The future “taxes” on reckless electrical use—such as doing too many loads of laundry in one day to having a home’s heat turned up “too high” are ways that government intends to “nudge” society into buying into the socialism of the green movement—which in essence is the United Nations way of grabbing power and sovereignty from the United States to reduce it’s technological growth so that other countries like Zimbabwe, New Guinea, and India can catch up during the 21st Century.  It’s the electrical version of “wealth redistribution” played out in across the world stage—and smart meters are one of the tools the United Nations intends to use to implement it.  Read more at the article link below:

It is highly unlikely that the electrical workers installing the meters knew anything about the intention of the meters.  Their employers told them to install the meters and like all mindless drones just waiting to get off work so they can grab a beer, they did exactly what they were told.   To them the digital meters were simply replacing the analogue meters of old—so there was no harm—no foul.  It is also unlikely that the police who have been arresting protestors like Jennifer Stahl know anything about the real intention of Agenda 21.  All they know is that the electrical workers and power company as part of the contract to deliver power to individual homes has a legal right to their property—that supersedes the rights of the homeowner who maintains the property—and they will enforce the law with force if necessary—without further thought.  Nobody knows the origin of these laws, where they came from, or questions the reason that such intrusions on Jennifer Stahl’s sovereignty are wrong at the most fundamental of American rights.  Society has grown so used to such intrusions over a long period of time that the original meanings have been lost to time.

The Stahl case is an excellent example of why the NDAA Act President Obama signed into law on New Years Eve of 2011 is so dangerous in the future, because like the power companies right to impose its will on its electrical subscribers, the government can arrest anybody at any time and to hell with the Constitution if the president deems such action necessary for the “security of the state.”  Security is ill defined and may actually only represent the political “security” of one party over another which is very similar to the origin of the laws that protect the power companies into sustaining their monopolies over the private rights of homeowners like Jennifer Stahl.  Power companies yield to the United Nations smart meter program without protest while at the same time using law enforcement to maintain their will.  The power company who supplies electrical power to Jennifer Stahl’s home has the legal right to destroy her property in order to maintain access to their property which intrudes her home.  Their rights supersede hers in the eyes of the court, which has been shaped by lobby power from the electrical company.  The deal was probably made in a Chicago strip club between Jennifer’s elected representatives, the power company lobbyist, representatives of the electrical line workers union, and attorneys to write legislation that would protect power companies having access to their equipment at all times for the “safety” of society, and enable them to deliver power to Naperville—“collectively, without unnecessary restrictions.”  United Nations members sitting around a similar strip club in Geneva puffing on big cigars and patting themselves on the back at how “worldly” they are while stuffing dollar bills in the G-string of an 18-year-old girl stolen from her family in Sumatra, came up with a similar plan.  The United Nations members were aware of the laws in the United States protecting power companies and their monopolies, so they conjured up a scheme called “smart meters” to regulate carbon emissions as they smacked the young Sumatran girl on the ass and laughed about it.  In their view, they are heroes for saving the planet.  Deep down inside they hope that saving a planet can erase away the sins they commit on a daily basis as they cheat on their wives and betray their family legacies with such dishonor by indulging in modern sexual slavery with great bravado.

All this happens against the will of Jennifer Stahl who can do nothing to protect her home but allow herself to be arrested and hope that people wake up and take notice.  She doesn’t even know what to say in her own defense as the police arrested her.  She doesn’t want to sound like a kook telling the media that the smart meters are part of an elaborate scheme hatched by the United Nations and that somehow they have managed to touch the lives of all the people in Naperville, Ill., even though it’s the truth.   The situation is just too big for her to make a rational argument in protest.  She doesn’t know how to communicate that the original crime was committed in the cozy political relationship between her power company, labor unions, and her elected representatives who are all intent to provide her power company with a monopoly, which protects the union jobs of the line workers and everyone else in the process from any type of competition.  The same laws that protect the power company’s rights to access Jennifer’s property and do whatever they have to do to protect their equipment while there also protects the power company against the innovation of Jennifer and her husband should they discover that they could build their own thorium reactor and supply power to their own home completely off the grid bypassing their electricity provider all together.  The power company is protected from such a measure through zoning regulations—also shaped by those same Geneva law makers.  They have deemed such self-electrical generation to be unsafe, and they impose steep fines for attempting to do such a thing, making the endeavor nearly impossible.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON THORIUM POWER.  In this way zoning regulators, trustees, county commissioners, congressional representatives, senators, and attorneys in courts all across America find themselves wagged by a tail that originates in Geneva.  Nobody knows how they got where they are and they have no idea where they are going.  All they have room for in the grand scheme of thinking is to contemplate whether or not the Baltimore Ravens will beat the San Francisco 49ers in the upcoming Super Bowl.  The situational politics is too complicated for them to fathom individually.

But a few people have their arms around the situation at least partially, and that is Jennifer Stahl and her supportive husband—along with a few neighborhood friends.  The root of the evil is in the political will to protect electrical union workers and their monopolies by holding down alternative power providers like thorium where every home could have their own fission reactor.  If Jennifer and her husband had no collective need for power because they generated their own as every home in their neighborhood did, then the power company, the sleazy politicians, and the slobs in the Geneva strip joint would lose their legal right to intrude on Jennifer’s property—and that is really what everyone in a position of power fears.  By arresting Jennifer for defending her property, authorities hope to send a message that compliance will be enforced by rule of law.  Jennifer on the other hand hopes that she will inspire others to resist as she did and so goes a game of tug-of-war in space without any real point of reference because the battle takes place outside the actual boundaries of accepted reality.

The answer to all this is in allowing the technology that would allow Jennifer to be free of her power company, United Nation politicians, and even the local police to emerge.  Jennifer should not be forced into an unholy alliance with a power company intent to maintain its market monopoly over her life.  The information collected by the smart meters is too intrusive into the daily function of Jennifer’s life.  It is not the United Nations business to know how many loads of laundry is done in the Stahl household on any given day.  Their so-called dedication to preserving “mother earth” does not give them right or dominion over the Stahl family’s business as much as they wish it did, and try to make it so through twisted laws concocted by ladder climbing attorney interns.  The fight over smart meters is just beginning.  It can only be hoped that enough people wake up to the scam before things get too far out-of-hand.  In the face of such tyranny, it is important to know what the options are, and in this situation the solution is in thorium.  Thorium breaks the monopoly grip of power companies and the unholy alliance they have with politics and are the best hope of bringing freedom to every household in America without the prying eyes of perverts and thieves from Geneva peeking into our homes through a smart meter.

Thorium, symbol Th, radioactive metallic element with an atomic number of 90 and an atomic weight of 232.038. Its isotopes range in atomic mass number from 212 to 236. Thorium is a member of the actinide series of the periodic table (see Periodic Law). Small quantities of thorium are found in thorite, which is thorium silicate, as well as in other compounds. Larger deposits occur mainly as thorium oxide in the monazite sands of India and Brazil. Thorium is a potential nuclear fuel source, because it can be made to yield the isotope uranium-233, which is used in nuclear fission (see Nuclear Energy). Thorium metal is used in magnesium alloys and as a stabilizing component of electronic tubes. Thorium oxide is used in light filaments and electrodes and also as a catalyst.[1]

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