Workplace Freedom Amendment in Ohio: Who could possibly be against freedom? “UNIONS”

If you are tired of school levies and ridiculous tax increases placed on a ballot every 3 years from your community school, then there is only one hope of removing that threat from your week-to-week budget; the Workplace Freedom Amendment that is currently circulating around Ohio.  If you want to do anything about the skyrocketing cost of education in Ohio, then you need to do your part in bringing freedom to the workers of those industries so that union bosses cannot continue to drive up labor costs unreasonably with smoke and mirror campaigns against choice.  The number one reason that unionized labor costs so much in public education is because the unions have eliminated competition, and they have done this through massive extortion tactics forcing collectively the 100% participation of all their employees, even those who may not otherwise agree with the progressive politics of which labor unions are a direct result.

Workplace Freedom in Ohio should be a slam dunk issue.  After all, who is pro-extortion and limited choice?  Nobody would consciously admit to such a thing.  Yet anyone who stands against Workplace Freedom is against freedom of choice, and they make their livings by taking advantage of that artificial leverage.   The people who are most terrified of Workplace Freedom are groups like the Ohio Education Association—who represents most of the teachers in Ohio.  Right now, the OEA is one of the largest progressive groups in America and they provide a lot of money to politicians like Barack Obama.  Employees who do not support people like Obama have no choice but to see their union dues support progressive politics even if they don’t support those causes.  The union has managed to shut up the complaints of their members by extorting excessively high wages to help make that lack of choice go down better, which is why teachers are paid so extraordinarily well.  Unions working with lap dog school boards support this pyramid scheme by continuously going to voters for school levies every few years to pay for the outrageous labor costs they have negotiated to purchase the silence of “lack of choice.”  Most teachers don’t support progressive politicians.  They complain about them in the teacher’s lounge, or may send me an email quietly asking for help, but in the end they are paid extremely well to keep quiet.

Labor unions since they are rooted in communism also get to fulfill one of the planks established in 1958 by obtaining their funding through eroding away the value of personal property taxes. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE)  In the long-term, school funding on the backs of personal property incentivizes more and more people to give up that property and to take up residence in apartments, which has long been the hidden strategy of the concealed social communist.  This is consistent with the 2012 presidential election results where it can be easily ascertained that most Barack Obama supporters were not suburbanite property owners who believed in the Second Amendment.  Obama supporters instead rely on government assistance and centralized housing more often than not. Such a thing is a progressive platform and the same numbers are seen in those who support school levies over those who don’t.  The trend with school levies due to the monopoly public education has on the process is to beat into the minds of the voters the idea of hopelessness.  For instance, Little Miami Schools in Ohio went through nine school levies before voters finally approved a 13.5 mill levy which has been crushing on the homeowners.  In the short run most homeowners dig deep to find the extra money to pay the taxes, but over time, they will sell their homes to escape the high taxes and the lack of buyers will force many of those properties to become Section 8 housing.  That is the long-term plan by communists hiding behind the labor movement who support progressive politics.  Such a sad story is exactly what happened in the Fairfield School District in Southern Ohio, who in the mid 1980s was ranked by Playboy Magazine to have in it the most beautiful women in the country.  Fairfield was a vibrant community full of promise.  But high taxes, Section 8 housing, and endless promises of future school levies have destroyed it.  Just 20 years later, it is a community on the decline.  The same plan is outlined for Mason, Lakota, Little Miami, Sycamore and many other “wealthy” areas in Ohio.  Progressives seek “social justice” and income “fairness” over maintaining property values, even though they sell their service of maintaining property values as a short-term fix for buying into their racket.  Like the teachers, progressives in labor unions sell their organized crime type of syndicate by playing up the greed factor of their service.

The only reason any of this works is because unions have a monopoly on worker rights.  The way to take that power away from the unions and give the freedom of choice back to the employees and the tax payers is to remove the extortive leverage that the unions currently have.   This is why Workplace Freedom is the only answer to the long-term problem of school funding.  Until unions are no longer able to hold destructive monopolies in the public sector workplace can competition be introduced to education to help drive down the costs of teaching children.

Do not expect any help from politicians on Workplace Freedom.  This will have to be a citizen initiative.  The unions and their extortive measures have broken the back of virtually all politicians in Ohio after Senate Bill 5.  The tactics behind the scenes are quite vicious and many people don’t have the stomach for the aggression.  But thankfully, there are a few who are not afraid, and they are circulating petitions.  So it you’d like to sign, look one up, or send me a message and I’ll point you in the right direction.   It’s only a matter of time before Ohio has a Workplace Freedom Amendment, because the economics of the situation dictate the necessity.  But with your help Ohio can have it sooner than later, before states like Indiana and Michigan begin pulling dramatically out in front of Ohio economically.  But there won’t be any solution to the school levy crises that every community currently faces until the unions are no longer able to hold communities and their children hostage of phony fear tactics and fuzzy math.   Competition will take care of the reality of labor unions, once teachers are given the freedom to chose, and parents the freedom to accept.


Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em!”