Obama Learns a New Word: The meaning of “absolutism”

Obama and his gang of despots during the week of his showy inauguration learned a new word which they began uttering during the Sunday news shows and was later refined by Obama speech writers for his very divisive speech on Capital Hill January of 2013.  Their new word is “Absolutism” and their determined use of it is their new campaign to pull the very stupid into their cause of progressivism with the magic trick of word deferment—common in politics particularly with Democrats.  So what does “absolutism” mean?

1 a : a political theory that absolute power should be vested in one or more rulers, b : government by an absolute ruler or authority : despotism

2: advocacy of a rule by absolute standards or principles, 3: an absolute standard or principle

Obama is attempting to paint House Republicans, and anyone who stands against his progressive agenda as tyrants hell-bent on one party rule.  He is attempting to stoke the fires of discontent among the politically naive, which is a vast majority of the idiots who support him.  The reality is that the only “absolutism” being exhibited is from Obama himself.  His timely use of the word absolutism is a direct attempt to steer away eyes from his actual tyrannical intentions under the flag of “social justice.”  If one did not know better being participants in this direct time and age, Obama’s inauguration speech would fit nicely next to a majority of Joseph Stalin’s public speeches, and Adolf Hitler.   In the distant future when all the emotion of the times have passed, Obama, Stalin, and Hitler’s speeches played together could easily be interchanged as they all put “social justice” ahead of logic and fiscal responsibility.  The dictators’ comments of past and present are not aimed at the sophisticated thinkers, but at the stupid fool who belch proudly at the conclusion of their meals.  Click here for more.

The target of the word Absolutism is to put Obama’s critics on the ropes of defense and buy him time to take his shots at social justice and delay any discussion about the economy or the peril America currently faces.  Gay rights, Medicare, and the mythical female wage issue that obviously has skewed numbers due to statistical maternity leave are his top priorities over $17 trillion dollars in debt and record sustained unemployment.  His targeted use of the word Absolutism is designed to attack his critics with an emotional defense to prove fruitlessly that they are not unemotional rulers who hate social justice, instead of fiscal hawks’ intent to reign in spending.  Obama’s attack is out of the Bill Ayers School of Terror–the path of the intellectual who switches good with bad and calls the bad good.  People without much wit buy the ideas at wholesale value because they are simply too lazy to investigate the matter with any critical thinking which is how Obama won the election.

But Obama is the product of Bill Ayers terrorist organization The Weather Underground that has always been intent to destroy what they believe to be American Imperialism—and they are doing it in the same way that they use the word Absolutism.  Obama’s goal is to direct the nation’s attention to social justice while he actually attacks the fiscal stability of America.  To understand the rest of his intentions, the film 2016: Obama’s America needs to be viewed, especially after the inauguration speech.  The strategy is clear.

One thing did come to mind that was particularly ironic when watching Obama’s dictator-like speech.  It is his support of more gun control legislation and more specifically background checks for buyers.  Obama believes that citizens should have to undergo extensive background checks before buying a firearm.  Yet as he gave his speech nobody in the mainstream media even investigated Obama’s own background and his roots that trace back to Indonesian when he attended school as a citizen of that foreign land during his boyhood days.  Nobody looked deeply into his attending college in America as a foreign student.  Yet two times now background checks have not kept a terrorist protégé of Bill Ayers from gaining control of the largest military in the world—so what makes Obama think that background checks of any kind will ever work if they aren’t effective for the highest political office in the land?  To detour such questions Obama simply calls his opponents advocates of absolutism—to disguise that reality points to the “smeller is the feller,” the guilty party is the one using the word.  Not the people it is directed at.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em!”