Belching, Farting, and Eating Chicken Wings: The greatest threat on Earth is stupid people

The reason I am so hard on public education and the college system in America is because they have let us down.  I mean educators are always talking about how important education is to our society, but look around.  Just a quick glance around the grocery store would seem to indicate massive failure of our education system that is unquestionable.  The greed, and politics involved in all of education has left our society dangerously dim-witted as a nation, and I do not care if it hurts the feelings of the people who I’m thinking of.  We are well beyond a point of no return and the quality of the people in America today is a direct result of our educational system.  The American people are the direct result of the kind of things they pour into their brains, and much of the garbage that we see today can be blamed on politics and the kind of education shaped by it.  Education does not get a free pass because of the children involved.  Quite the contrary, we should look hard at ourselves for our future generations and consider if this is the best that we can do, because if it is—we might as well fold up the tent and go home.

The situation is so bad in America that I am actually surprised when I meet someone with half a brain and that should not be the case.  We have allowed ourselves to believe that being “cool” is being stupid, and this is the heart of the problem.  This is also why I have so much anger at progressives, because it is they who have advocated such nonsense.  No civilization can aspire to new heights when stupidity is craved and intelligence is punished.  The math just does not add up, and anyone who supports such a structure is an enemy of the state.

Peter Griffin from Family Guy and Homer Simpson from the Simpsons do not represent life in my family.  I find Homer and Peter reprehensible.  I do laugh at the jokes because there is truth in them, but there is also sadness.  These days whenever an opinion is given, people feel they must add the small line—“I’m no expert but—“ before giving their opinion.  This is because our legal culture has turned everyone into an expert in a specialized field.  If one is not an expert, then they are not qualified to provide their opinion.   This has led our society to behave like a bunch of mindless drones ill-equipped to pass any kind of judgment or opinion, and under such eyes evil spreads, because there is nobody to check it.  Nobody feels “qualified” to cast an opinion so they don’t. Instead they just go with the flow as a brainless blob of energy whisks everyone through life aimlessly.  As a result, society is regressing at an astonishing rate and there may be no repair for it.  I am beginning to think that Armageddon won’t be a fabulously evil chapter of fire and brimstone emanating from devils as they roam the earth, but a bunch of brainless thugs chanting for their union rights as their minds refuse to instruct them how to walk to the end of their driveways.  These minds of the future may only be capable of stuffing their faces with food, while laughing endlessly at their ability to belch and fart.

Since I was a very small child, I have despised belching and farting—because there is something about those basic human tasks that point to un-sophistication.  When a baby craps in their diaper they smile because they are aware that they did something.  Their mind produced an action that they see, feel and smell manifesting in reality.  But when a 10-year-old does the same, it is an insult to the intelligence that the youth has achieved so far in their life.  Such things should no longer be funny to them at age ten.  They should be smarter, and striving for higher pleasures.  But the situation is even worse when a 40-year-old man does such a thing.  A man should be proud of the products of their minds, not their ability to shit their pants or pass digestive gases from their mouths.  That is the world we live in today, just visit a sports bar during a football playoff game.  Farting is more honorable than reading a book, and that is why our society is so damn stupid.

Many expect me to apologize for some of my insulting comments, but I won’t do it, because many people insult me just by their public exhibition of stupidity.  I place the blame on the backs of politicians and education squarely.  Both have failed miserably, and do not deserve money, pity, or a continuation of their destructive behavior.  If there was ever an enemy to the human race, it is the belching 40-year-old who is too stupid to pay attention to anything but a sports score.  But worse than that are the people who failed to teach that poor soul that he was more than just a biological entity that could eat, have sex, and exhaust bodily gases.  Our society is full of these Homer Simpson’s and it is one of the greatest tragedies the human race has ever suffered that so many of them exist at the same time.

Who else is there to blame but those who taught them to be that way?

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em!”