John Kasich for President: Being consumed by the Pussyopolis

I didn’t want to think it when I recently listened to a high-ranking state Senator in Ohio explain to me how unfair it was for people to call Republicans “Rhinos” because they were willing to compromise with the other side, but something was very wrong with Republicans in Ohio—they seemed very sick—almost zombie like.  The Senator felt the term “Rhinos” was very disingenuous, and mean-spirited.   I just listened because I trusted that Kasich and his team of which the Senator was a part had a plan for returning Ohio to prosperity.  I had met Kasich and felt that he was in politics for all the right reasons–that he didn’t care if he was a one-term governor or what the poll numbers said about him—he was intent to do what was right no matter what.  I even made Governor Kasich “warrior of the week” right here on these pages in the past.  But the grim reality is that Kasich and those who follow him directly have been negligent in their duties as it appears they have all been bitten by a Pussyopolis—a ravenous beast that sings siren songs to its victims and brings them to their doom with lusty secretions of praise.  It has captured governor Kasich with its vile stench and oozy eminence and is enveloping Ohio into an abyss from which a return may not be possible. 

Kasich has made three terrible blunders of late—political calculations no doubt generated from the sentiment that the Senator explained to me—that they were very sensitive to being called “Rhinos” because of their tendency to work with radicals from the other political side.  Kasich has not used the Health Care Freedom Amendment to protect Ohio from Obamacare.  See the link below for more info.  Kasich allowed his political insider friends to get a hold of him after the election of 2011—after the defeat of Senate Bill 5, and steer him away from making Ohio a Right-to-Work state as Indiana and Michigan have been doing.   Clearly it was sometime in the winter of 2012 that a Pussyopolis got a hold of Kasich, sometime around the time tornados hit Southern Ohio with devastating impact and he was heavily criticized for not taking Federal money for the disaster immediately.  He attempted to project a 10th Amendment stance of state self-reliance, but he broke down due to heavy public criticism.  On the heels of the Senate Bill 5 it was just too much for him to handle.  He was consumed by a Pussyopolis and has never returned.

The third thing he did terribly wrong was launch his exploratory probe into running for President of the United States in 2016, which was something he originally said he didn’t care about.  This means that he plans to tread on egg shells for the remainder of his first term, get reelected then halfway through the next term–run for President against candidates like Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, and Chris Christie.  He has been seduced by the power of public office and likes it so much that he wants more of it.  It is evident that he won’t be happy just going back to a Fox News gig subbing on the O’Reilly Factor, or becoming an even more prosperous millionaire as a financial consultant.  When Kasich was bitten by the Pussyopolis it injected into him the venom that corrupts the minds of so many human beings, and it is sad to see—the desire to be popular, liked, cherished, and to shake hands with your critics in the all too fateful “compromise.”  In the case of Ohio Kasich has obviously made a deal with the police unions and firefighters to keep Right-to-Work off the table during his terms in order to make peace with them.  Kasich then turned his back on his Tea Party supporters figuring that the Tea Party was dead and he wasn’t going to become a casualty too.  In so doing, he walked right into the mouth of the Pussyopolis only to be consumed forever.

Politics in many ways is just big time wrestling.  Speaker of the House John Boehner and Governor Kasich pretend that they are out there fighting the good fight, but what you learn upon close examination is that like a school board meeting, the decisions are already made in executive session before the public is ever made aware of an issue.  Republicans and Democrats play their act for the public that they are in the ring fighting it out, but the reality is that well before hand the winners and losers are determined in a carefully coordinated public show.  In the case of Kasich, he has been determined to be the loser and Obama the winner.  Boehner has obviously made a similar deal—he is playing the villain while Obama gets to play the hero.  I’m sure both men believe that their strict adherence to the script will pay off down the road–politically.  With Boehner, I am not surprised.  I expect that kind of theater from him.  He has the markings of Pussyopolis consumption all over his face.  I mean he cries after every public event.  I knew his real heart when he became emotional over regaining the Speaker seat.  The acceptance of his peers means more to him than doing the right thing, which is the path to the mouth of the Pussyopolis.

Kasich on the other hand has done a good job of balancing Ohio’s budget by cutting away all the fat.  All politicians should do this, but Kasich is wrong to believe that balancing Ohio’s budget will be enough to launch him into The White House.  Balancing a budget is too “cerebral of a victory” and most Americans won’t understand or appreciate it, sad to say.  Kasich is throwing away the opportunities of a lifetime—tactically—to preserve his own run for president.  Now, he is morphing into a Pussyopolis and it appears there is no return for him.  We should have all known something was fishy when President Obama, John Boehner, and John Kasich all played golf together.  Somewhere during that golf game Obama fed them to his pet Pussyopolis who rides his coattails everywhere.

It must be terrible to be consumed by a Pussyopolis, to lose your backbone, your principles, your very soul to some perverted notion of popularity—to become President of the United States.   Who wants a measly $400K job a year when the ability to make millions has been proven—like it has in Kasich’s case?  The answer tragically is a weak-kneed Rhinos who believe that compromise with bad ideas is a receipt for success.  They (the Rhinos) justify such a peril as “fairness.”  People who think in such a fashion are the victims of a Pussyopolis and the moist, dank caverns of its bottomless pit called a stomach.    The Pussyopolis does not care about sustainability, only tireless consumption.  Once a politician is consumed by one, the only concern is to learn their place in the great public spectacle called a “Run for The White House.”

The Pussyopolis has also bitten Chris Christie as well, just as it did his friend John Kasich.  The Pussyopolis hides in the shadows of “Federal Disaster Relief.”  For Kasich, it was the Southern Ohio tornadoes. For Christie it was the hurricane that struck the East Coast during the fall of 2012.  Both tough talking men turned against their conservative ideals and embraced the poison inside the belly of the Pussyopolis and corrupted their images forever as they found at the heart of such a ravenous beast Barack Obama and the parasites of Big Government.   They allowed themselves to be completely consumed by the siren song of doom surrendering through “compromise” the merit of their life’s work for the sad illusion of perpetual popularity and memory in the annuals of history.

It’s all a show………………….every bit of it.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em!”