Lakota Exploits more Children in Money Grab: The sinking “love boat” of public education

I didn’t think much of Joan Powell’s announcement that she would not seek reelection for her Lakota school board seat she has held for over 16 years until I saw her closing statements in the Lakota News Network’s newspaper—(The Pulse Journal).  In yet another softball interview from Hannah Poturalski, Powell stated about her fellow school board members “I don’t think anyone does this job for the recognition or the money, but certainly I know that this group of individuals, everybody’s heart is in doing this for the betterment of our community and the children of our community to make sure they have quality education.”  I don’t have any doubt that every one of Lakota’s school board members including Joan believes that mantra, but the reality of the situation is far more telling.  Read the actual Pulse Journal article at the link below.   (Also below are some 2010 examples of how Lakota used young people to advance a union labor cause contributing to the need for additional taxes.  Notice how The White House and Lakota Schools use the same tactic of manipulation on the backs of young children.  After the next three videos are more factual based videos that deal with the actual school funding problems.  Joan and her friends have openly participated in this behavior knowingly or unwittingly.)

School board members are not pillars of the community.  The school in fact is only a small part of the community, not the centerpiece—as organized labor supported by long time school board members friendly to such socialist organizations have openly advocated.  School boards are only management teams no more important than an average management team of any company.  Their job is to manage their business, and in the case of the Lakota school board members, they have not done a very good job of that management because they are always asking for more money—which they plan to do in the fall of 2013 ahead of the LEA contract that is up in the summer of 2014.  If the school board under Joan’s leadership had done their job and not caved into the labor union so many times over her 16 year career Lakota might not have so many financial problems now.  Anyone in management knows that it’s easy to say “yes” to employees and give them anything they want, but most of the time managers are required to say “no,” and to draw a line in the sand to live within a budget.  At Lakota, the management team has routinely just given away money to their employees believing that it would shut them up, that it would buy them the best talent, and that they could cover their incompetency with the silly notion that they are “pillars of the community.”  For many years parents believed Joan and her fellow school board members like former levy campaign advocate Sandy Wheatley, and current school board member Julie Schaffer who also worked on the past levy campaigns, had exhausted all options when they ask for community tax increases.  But instead of management of resources, these fiscal managers simply copy the big labor bullet points of their employees and expect the community to buy into the cost increase without opposition.  These tax advocating big labor supporters are dead wrong in their version of what makes education work, and attempt to hide the reality not just from the community, but from themselves.  They attempt to paint their jobs as important beyond analysis because “children” are involved which covers the real crime of poor management.

This is where I get angry with all these characters.  When they can’t explain the flaws in their philosophy, and have shown that they are not willing to look deeply into the problems of education—they instead perform the exact same maneuver that the Obama White House is doing whenever they find themselves on the wrong side of a philosophical debate—they use the innocence of children to attempt to shut down all debate of their actions.  In the case of Lakota, they are a government school, so they function with the same mentality as all government programs; they believe their service is the most important aspect of human life.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the EPA, the TSA, Police, Firefighters, the Postal Service, the BMV—they all behave like the youngest child in a family and scream for attention as though their self-importance made the world spin.  What makes all this nonsense unfathomable is when that self-importance seeks to justify itself with children—and that is what Lakota and every other public education institution does to justify their mismanagement.  The situation is compounded when school board members attempt to paint a 16 year investment of their life to a school board as the betterment of their community through children.  I believe people like Joan consider such things, at least superficially as factual.  But the reality is far from the truth.

After my experience with Lakota schools from 2004 to 2012 and going to many meetings on education and studying the funding situation—I believe the only fix for public schools is School Choice.  And before there can be real School Choice for a school like Lakota, the teachers union has to go away with the Workplace Freedom amendment or some version of it.  Only when teachers are given a choice of whether they wish to participate in an extortive labor union or not can choices in education be given to parents.  And only then can freedom and educational opportunity be given to children.  When school board members align themselves with labor unions like Joan has with the Lakota Education Association, as Sandy Wheatley has, and Julie Shaffer has and many others……..they support a lack of freedom of choice, of allowing Lakota to have a monopoly on the education process without competition determining the real winner and losers of the marketplace.  Watching these people perform in public is like watching the Harlem Globtrotters play against the Washington Generals.  You know the Globetrotters are going to win–their shows are just a lot of tricks and silly antics.  No competition against a stacked deck.

In another article in the West Chester Buzz Joan revealed again her view of the education situation when she said, “I have worked with four different superintendents. I can’t think of how many governors. Lakota has seen a lot of change and I hope Lakota can remain so successful because I really do believe that it holds a valuable place in this community.”  Without realizing it, Powell articulated her real motive for holding office with the school board.  What other position would allow her to be a supervisor over superintendents?  What other position would give her access to state governors?  What other position would place her in the middle of most community politics?  Would she have access to such people if she were only a real estate agent?  Of course not.  But under the umbrella of helping children, the hidden desire to rub shoulders with important people can be hidden from analysis.  It allows a gigantic illness to continue to ooze throughout society, and people like Joan and her 16 years of advancing the big labor position have only succeeded in limiting freedom of choice for families and the students of education with a phony regard for their well-being. If they really cared they wouldn’t attempt to cover up bad things that happen to kids by protecting the reputation of the institution over the individuality of the children.  I have many cases that prove that to be the case—some published here, some not.  CLICK HERE FOR A SAMPLE.

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Or this one…………………I could go on and on and on………………..CLICK HERE

The same kind of illusion that is hidden behind motherly care was uttered by Lakota’s superintendent Mantia when she said about Joan’s years of service, “I have watched an incredible amount of time this board of education spends in what I would view as some of the most tumultuous educational times.  It’s deep conversations about children’s futures … and as we ponder the next phase of education for students in a very changing world, those conversations get much more difficult.”  Mantia and Powell along with the rest of the Lakota school board I have no doubt believed every word of that statement too.  But they do not look further to the merit of their statements.  What they are really concerned about is not children, but their vision of education and the direction it is going—which is School Choice.  What resides behind the superficial concerns for children’s well-being is a concern for the preservation of their understanding of education—of the philosophy they have committed their lives to.  If public schools really cared about kids they wouldn’t try to pound out their individuality into socialist goo of brainless consumerism.  Public schools and their agents have destroyed the lives of far more children than they’ve ever helped.  The proof is all around us—and those products are the result of many Joan Powell’s and their multiple years of service on a school boards supporting all the wrong ideas and building the strength of a community on the unstable backs of organized labor driven public education.

The reality of the situation is one thing, and I feel the way I do about it.  People are free to choose whether or not they wish to support such social positions.  But children cannot choose, and they are always the ones who are exploited by the weak arguments of professional educators who cannot otherwise justify their internal psychosis.  That is when the line is crossed.  I wish Joan well in her future endeavors if she is in fact truly leaving the Lakota school board—and this is not just a stunt prior to the announcement of their 2013 levy.  But bringing the community and children into the argument is crossing the line.  Her job as a school board member will not be missed by children or the community.

Life will tick on with or without her and behind her words is the real fear that her 16 years meant nothing for the greater good, instead of being of paramount importance.  That is the real meaning behind such statements that are hidden behind the defenseless children who naively advocate so much social evil.  The evil is in lack of choice and the tyranny of monopoly as advanced by public education institutions everywhere of which Joan and her fellow school board members are simply minor players.  The system they serve is headed for a major revolution.  It won’t happen over night, but over the next decade.  It will happen slowly and will benefit children and their families immensely.  And before it’s done, there will be many more resignations from those who see the writing on the wall, and want to jump off the sinking ship while it still floats.

For my position, I am happy to see public education sink, because what the ship carried was a way of looking at the world that has caused great harm to our civilization and it deserves to be on the bottom of the deepest oceans in the cold dark abyss where such an evil can no longer hurt children by using them to fuel the luxury the ship affronted on behalf of the ship’s crew who enjoyed much luxury on the “love boat” called public education.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em!”