Pirates of Washington D.C.: The New Port Royal

If a group of robbers came to your house and stole nearly $1000 dollars sometime during the upcoming year would you not call the police, file a report and attempt to prosecute the perpetrators?  Of course you would, you’d be very upset at the loss to your personal income, and the imposition to your rights and liberty.  What if you discovered that the same robbers came as guests to your house many times and stole $20 dollars each time until after 50 such visits added up as a loss to your personal income of nearly $1000.00.   The cost of the theft was not obvious because the impact of the theft was distributed over a long period of time.  Well, the later scenario is exactly what the federal government has done in regard to the new taxes coming out of our personal income taxes that nobody is talking about.  If you look at your paychecks, you will notice that anywhere from $20 to $40 dollars each week is coming out of your personal income every single week and the total cost to you will be nearly $1000.00 by this time next year.  The act of taking the money out of our pay checks is theft.  In my case I did not vote for the tax increases and my elected representatives left me hanging out to dry making deals with the thieves behind the scenes.  As John Boehner said, “Obamacare is the law of the land.”  And Governor John Kasich of Ohio ignored the Healthcare Freedom Amendment that passed a few years back in order to protect his 2016 run for President.  A lot of people are behind the force stealing that money from our paychecks and what they are doing is criminal.  To understand why, watch this video carefully.

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As I’ve said, my favorite pirate of the famous pirates of the Caribbean era was Henry Morgan who was governor of Jamaica for a period of time, and anyone who knows pirate lore knows how infamous the port town of Port Royal was before the great earthquake which sunk the entire town shortly after the death of Morgan.  But during the late 1600s while John Locke was studying the freedoms exhibited by Morgan and the pirates of Port Royal, which eventually went into his Second Treaties of Government, there was no place on earth that was more prosperous or sinful.  The pirates would drink, gamble and spend all their money on orgies with prostitutes until all the money ran out.  They spent the money like there was no tomorrow, and once they ran out of money, Morgan would organize another raid against Spanish vessels who were in turn stealing gold and silver from the Aztecs and Incas all across Central and South America.

The modern government in America is no different from the bands of pirates who inhabited Jamaica in the city of Port Royal in the late 1600s.  They have an insatiable appetite for sex, drugs, and endless theft to satisfy the bottomless pits of their personal treasuries.  There isn’t enough money in the world to quell their endless thirsts for looted currency.  Back then, Morgan had a letter of marque from the king of England that gave him legal right to harass Spanish and French vessels in the Caribbean region.  John Boehner has the same kind of letter from Barack Obama—who thinks he’s king of America.  The responsibility for the increases in taxes—which is simply legalized theft—falls on the king, while the looters confiscate more and more wealth from anyone they can get it from without an eye on the end result.

Those of us who pay taxes, those few of us who are now under the 50% minority are being told that we will pay more taxes to support programs we detest.  It is being forced upon us through threat of force, and is piracy.  The stolen money will go to sin, crime, and detestable activity.  It will not go toward altruism even though it has been stolen under the banner of social justice.  It is simply stolen by the pirates of government for the end result of further plunder.  For those of us who pay most of the taxes, we are now less wealthy just because the calendar year changed from 2012 to 2013.  The modern pirates don’t even have to go to the effort to take our money with literal force any longer—they simply write new laws in the modern version of Port Royal called Washington D.C. and force everyone to send the money to their door steps.  This year it is the subtle amount of $20 dollar a week.  But add that to the nearly $300 a week for other federal taxes, or the hundreds of dollars for Social Security.  Heck, it costs almost half as much just for Medicare as all the state taxes in Ohio.  The looters have set up a complicated scam that subtly steals from us all bit by bit so gradually that it is hardly noticed.  But the total cost is quite extensive when it is considered in its entirety.

I don’t need much out of the government.  I don’t need the heath care.  I don’t want their retirement plan.  I don’t even want their education.  I don’t want their regulatory committees; I don’t want their prying eyes and hands on my wife when we fly on an airline.  I want them as much out of my life as humanly possible, and I do not wish to be robbed by them for their own pillaging tendencies.  I don’t support their reckless spending, their short-sighted vision, and their back room Washington deals.  I don’t want to pay them any ransom—“protection money,” for their extortive practices.  With the government, like the pirates of the Caribbean you pay the extra $20 dollars a week in taxes, or they take all your possessions and throw you in jail.  In that way, they have robbed us all with a letter of  marque provided by President Obama and his financial supporters, SEIU, AFL-CIO, FTA, billionaire philanthropists and many other collectivist organizations acting no different from pirates in Port Royal spending money like its going out of style requiring more looting just to live one more day of pillaging.

Port Royal is no longer evident in Jamaica outside of Kingston.  There is little evidence of its once great wealth and sinful prosperity.  In the same regard, Washington D.C. will someday follow the same path and will see its streets vacant of life and abandoned completely.  The mentality of the two cities is the same—they are all pirates who make their livings stealing money from others in order to live.  The question is why do we allow it to happen?  Why do we allow them to steal money from us in small increments of $20 at a time?  Why can’t we add up that a decade of such activity means hundreds and hundreds of dollars of stolen money we are committed to pay each month away from our individual desires?  Instead we are told to give toward the collective cause of the pirates and their thirst for plunder—and if we don’t cough up the loot, they will take it by force—and we call this behavior “civilized” or even “free?”

I call it theft by robbers and pirates, and they deserve to be called such, and not honorable representatives of a righteous republic.   The robbers are only drunken fools unable to do anything right and should not be allowed to run Washington D.C. like its Port Royal.  According to The United States Constitution, we don’t have to.  So why do we?Obama car

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em!”