The Difference between Us and Them: Morning Joe Team shocked by NRA advertisement

‘One of the grossest things they have ever seen?’ This is what the Morning Joe Team on the Progressive channel MSNBC said in regard to a recent NRA advertisement. Obviously these people don’t remember how poorly George Bush’s children were treated when he was president. But they have conveniently forgotten all about that now. Watch and listen how shallow the minds and memory of these progressives are.

There is no dealing with people like this from the “lean forward” channel. Wasn’t that the campaign slogan for the last Lakota school levy, and Barry Obama’s latest run for President? Progressivism is for these mush minded types, not real Americans. They haven’t a clue as to what the Constitution is about, nor do they care to learn. They wish us all to “lean forward” straight into the same brick wall that all of Europe is hitting. They are the primary example of why America must never give up their guns, because it will be these types of people who will run everything.

They can’t even remember the Bush Presidency which was only 5 years ago.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em!”

John Stossel’s “NO THEY CAN’T”: Most politicians wish they were rock stars

President Obama’s press conference over the debt ceiling and proposed gun control measures on January 14, 2013 was so worthless that I won’t even waste my time discussing it here.  A response to his claims has already been refuted, dissected, and railed against on these pages and many others in copious quantities.  Rather, I would like to refer you dear reader to the video below, which is a bit long, but is one of the better interviews that John Stossel gave while promoting his book No They Can’t which is quite good.  Stossel’s book cuts to the chase in a way only an award-winning journalist of many years can in articulating the fundamental problem of any government could do—that politicians wish to rule over others as a primary concern—they are constantly on the hunt for new measures to use in order to rule over others—and are universally prone to manipulate the law in any fashion to advance their offensive against those they wish to rule.  Stossel concludes that government under any condition is not emotionally equipped to achieve anything close to their intended proposals, and almost every time they involve themselves in anything, they bungle it up.  So the more government there is, the more screwed up a society is. Stossel makes the argument clear in his book, which is discussed in great detail in the interview below.  I would suggest a full viewing of the clip provided:

Stossel’s conclusions remind me of a book I read years ago that I used to carry around like it was a Bible.  It was published in the late 1980s called A World of Ideas by Bill Moyers.  The book was written at the height of Moyers PBS career as a reporter on the heels of his excellent book The Power of Myth which is still one of my all time favorites.  These books were written when progressivism and communism were still undercover and functioning behind layers of deceit within the Democratic Party—before even the Clinton Administration came into power—so I saw no danger in A World of Ideas, only scholarly information that was quite good at the time without the political spin that might be seen today.  In that classic book Moyers basic thesis was that the quality of politicians in our Republic are bad because there isn’t any clear incentive for good people to enter the world of politics.

This is true for the most part.  I know a few people who are good and enter politics, but for the most part politicians are low life scum bags who secretly cry out for attention.  The people of quality that I know are either rich and chose to control politics with donations, or they hide in their garages and hire accountants to work around all the stupid laws that politicians come up with.  Those people don’t enter politics, of which I fall into a similar category.  I have had countless requests from many community members to run for local trustee positions that are coming open, or school board titles—and during every one of those requests I think of that old Moyer’s book A World of Ideas, especially the chapter interviewing Tom Wolfe—one of my favorite writers—specifically The Right Stuff novel.  A republic of any kind is only as good as the people who run it, and ideally the best people of any society should run for office, not the worst.

When I think of political office and imagine myself in one, I would likely go on violent rampages the first time the bureaucrats did a role call. It drives me crazy every time I see a meeting of any kind where they do a roll call.  Every political meeting I’ve ever attended is so ghastly ineffective that I find them appalling.  I don’t function well with rules or meetings that go on longer than 20 minutes, because anything longer is or more complex is to fulfill the inner whims of some stuffy politician hiding their incompetency behind the complexity.  This is one of the primary reasons that intelligent people avoid politics, because they simply don’t want to deal with stupid people.  But if only stupid people run for office, then the people managing all the tax money are stupid people, which is the case of modern politics in America.  Most of the people who run for office would fail in the private sector.  They would not be invited to charity events and treated like a big wig around town otherwise, so they run for an office to gain prestige.  They are not interested in committing their years of wisdom to an elected office, because often they have no wisdom to speak of.

I once had a friend who was a former Penthouse model and was married to a big time strip mall developer around the I-275 loop.  She was the classic trophy wife and her 60 year-old husband knew it.  He didn’t care that people thought she was a trophy wife—all that mattered to him was that his money was able to buy a 26 year-old-wife who was loyal to him who he could show off at social events.  She was from Sweden and was fascinated by politics at the time even though she was a very early version of a libertarian by nature.  I was baffled when she expressed to me her desire to meet Mayor Tillery at a fundraiser event that her husband was conducting.  I asked her why, because he was a Democrat—had bad breath like every other man and was an astonishingly average human being.  This woman was the kind of female who could attract any man in the world that she wanted, but she found herself drawn to “powerful” people wither they were literally powerful like her husband was, or figuratively powerful like Mayor Tillery was in Cincinnati politics.  It was people like her who feed the egos of politicians like Tillery and made them feel as though the work they are doing is important.

The same types of women swoon over President Obama and make like-minded politicians believe that they are doing important work, because they have a title that carries prestige in our society.  Because they are in politics, they have a celebrity status that exhumes power, even though their minds may be insufficiently developed toward leadership.  Smart people like the model’s husband who might not otherwise be able to attract such a woman with their looks become powerful through enterprise so that they can buy themselves such a woman.  But stupid people who desire the same kind of ability are lured into politics so that they can also attract those types of personalities.  The incompetent person who fears the private sector has learned that by giving away tax money to a lot of people, that they can purchase reelections for themselves and have access to the kind of men and women who clamor for powerful people—even if that power is only by title.  In no other form of endeavor could an average person like Mayor Tillery have women like my old Penthouse friend excited to shake their hand—but in politics.

We’re not talking about sex when it is said that politicians scurry for office to have access to women like the former Penthouse model.  This sometimes happens of course, but the end result is not a sexual one, it’s simply an attention grabber.  The small-minded person wishes to be addressed as sir, or madame, or by an official title that projects social importance.  These social butterflies wish to be treated with respect, even though they often don’t deserve it.  They like to see beautiful women and men standing behind the rope lines fighting to shake their hands or to get an autograph—and that is the root of the whole problem.

Stossel is not wrong or reckless when he says that government can’t do anything right—because they can’t.  Government can’t because they are a group of people who desire attention before anything, and President Obama is the classic case of such an attention starved human being—who might otherwise struggle to put together two dimes if he were not in public office.  Obama knows it, which is one of the reasons he supports socialism, and other progressive causes—and nurtures a deep hatred for the rich.  Obama desires to see the rich bow at his feat by using his perceived power to conquer them into submission so they are in awe of his power.  He enjoys knowing that the trophy wives of his political rivals seek out to shake his hand against their protests, because those young ladies are drawn to the power of the politicians—the tribal leaders of their community.  Women look at Obama the way the Penthouse model looked at Mayor Tillery in Cincinnati, with respect and wonder.  But these emotions are left over remnants of the human beings evolution from hunter and gather tribes to the perceived human sacrifice and altruism of the agricultural based city-states.  Intelligent people have outgrown the need for “tribal leaders” or “politicians.”  Stupid people are still in that pre-evolution period of yesterday—they are always trying to figure out who their “clan leader” is.  Like Stossel said in his book, it is the yearning for somebody else to take responsibility that leaves the good people on the outside of politics and the bad people inside—because that is where the fans are.  Like the Nickelback song states, everyone wants to be a Rock Star, but not everyone has the talent to be.  Others who are qualified don’t even have the desire to trade in their privacy for the constant bombardment of fans that comes with such social roles.  The politician in American society can be a Rock Star with just a simple election, and that is the real problem. They get the title without having the quality of mind to back it, which is why government can’t do anything right under any circumstance.  John Stossel is 100% right that when it comes to government—NO THEY CAN’T!  And they never will because the mind of everyone involved is faulty.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em!”