The American Dream Labs: A new book by David Barton ‘The Jefferson Lies’

I received from a good friend and loyal reader here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom a great gift—one of the only things that I truly love in the world—a new book.  And this particular book is from one of my favorite authors and is about one of my favorite Founding Fathers.  The book is called The Jefferson Lies by David Barton and seeks to set the record straight about Thomas Jefferson as progressive secularists have attempted to destroy his good name in order to advance their diabolical causes.  The book was ironic because it represented a kind of book end to a string of announcements that had their source in one man—Glenn Beck who is proving to be one of America’s new Founding Fathers by creating the means to rediscover what made us so great in the first place.  If not for Glenn Beck the new book I received about Thomas Jefferson would not have been possible—because it is Beck who has given voice to scholars like David Barton who would have otherwise been whisked away into a corner of intelligentsia and subdued.  If not for the efforts of Glenn Beck’s media empires, fueled by the book publishing industry and a society starving for intelligent material, people like David Barton wouldn’t have a voice.

Much of the trouble in America today can be blamed on progressives.  The world of debt, of broken marriages, of childhood misery, of aborted babies, of a stupid grown-up electorate more interested in sports scores than who they will vote for in the next election, of kids walking around aimlessly with their pants down around their knees in public wondering why nobody wants to hire them for a job. Most every problem in our modern society is the fault of secular, tampering, small-minded, progressives like Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnston and a whole slew of other like-minded fools who have attempted to socially engineer mankind with their infantile foolishness driven by insecure minds not completely sane.  One of the reasons secular progressives have attempted to diminish the work of people like Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Washington, and one of my all time favorites—Ben Franklin is because the modern man of progressive thought is but a boot heel philosophically to those classic Founding Fathers.  Presidents like Thomas Jefferson must be defamed so that presidents like Woodrow Wilson can look equal.  The progressive, who is in charge of every public school in America knows that the way to make themselves look good is bring everyone else down—which is why the world around us is filled with so many stupid people.  (I mean I was at the movies the other day and I think the collective intelligence of the people around me might have been able to power a pocket calculator.  They all looked like they voted for Obama.  One kid was walking with his girlfriend and literally couldn’t carry their popcorn into the movie theater because his pants were pulled down so far that he had to hold them with one hand because his other was holding his girlfriend’s.  The girlfriend had to carry the popcorn and pop.  The boy probably had a brain, and he might otherwise have been a promising young man of some merit, but I could take one look at him and tell that he was probably raised off government assistance, that he came from a fatherless household, that he probably ran with a group of wanna’ be thugs practicing gang behavior as kittens practice fighting with a ball of yarn—to prove their prowess.  The boy was a victim of secular progressivism and their social experiments that have gone worse than a Frankenstein mad scientist experiment.) 

As I held the new Barton book in my hand I thought of the spot that I had sat in over a decade ago when I took my family to Monticello—Jefferson’s very innovative home.   I sat where Jefferson did as he wrote his letters and looked out the same windows that he did the day that he died on July 4th, the same exact day as his one time political rival John Adams.  The two men wrote each other furiously during the closing days of their lives, and July 4th meant something special that nearly defied death.  Both men separated by miles of carriage driven roads through an endless wilderness pushed their minds to see one more July 4th in 1826.  In fact, they died within 5 hours of one another, no phone lines, no television, just remote wilderness and a mutual love and respect for knowledge and the founding of America.  Jefferson was a smart man overflowing with self-driven ambition.  He was the result of his many thousands of books.  What he put into his mind came out as a direct result to the quality he had invested.  He read books ranging from Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations to Alexander O. Exqemelin’s The Buccaneers of America (One of my all time favorites first published in 1678—Oh what I would give to have an original copy of that book in my personal library!)  Like Jefferson my life would be meaningless without books.  They are the blood that pumps through my veins and that will always be the case.  I simply love to read them, and I love to be in their company whether it be a private library or a public one.  I love the presence of knowledge, thought, and enterprise.  I have often spoke of my disgust that the Library in Alexandria, Egypt was destroyed by the mob.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  Progressives like all the parasites of the past know that the way to control the masses is to make them too ignorant to think for themselves—so that those same masses will always clamor for a leader—provided by the modern progressive politician.  The mentality is the same whether the period of time is the sacking of Rome, or the modern push for same-sex marriage as a priority over the national debt.  The secular progressive seeks destruction of thought to advance their sinister plots.

But the same man who made indirectly the new David Barton book about Jefferson possible had just spent a week explaining his new massive project—The American Dream Labs which is a fantasy right out of the pages of anything Thomas Jefferson or Ben Franklin could have ever hoped for in America.  Glenn Beck is restoring to our modern times a love of knowledge and innovation that founded the nation, and he is doing it beyond the reach of secular progressives.  Beck is achieving a kind of critical mass that George Soros and all his billions couldn’t stop, because in the “rock, paper, scissors” game of politics, intelligence always crushes stupidity and progressives like Soros have been crushed by a reawakening of the human spirit.  Glenn Beck simply refused to back down, and he is about to erupt with a creative energy driven by the same kind of restless force that drove Thomas Jefferson.  The results of this awakening unfortunately won’t be measured for a decade or two, but it will occur now that Beck has started the process.  The results of today are a direct result of progressive policies started in the 1990’s.  The conservative revival of Beck, Barton and those like them won’t be truly felt until around 2025 or 2030.  It takes a long time to emerge, but it starts in arts and entertainment–the rest of the culture will follow later.

Beck shares with me it appears a love of the theoretical city/amusement park Epcot Center.  Walt Disney, like Beck was committed in his day to the same kinds of thoughts and feelings that drove the Founding Fathers, which is why there are such strong themes referencing them in Disney World.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  Every city in America should take notes from Disney’s Epcot Center and form their infrastructure around those concepts.  But none do, instead they allow themselves to be shaped by corrupt politicians who try to scrape enough off the top to buy a new condo for themselves.  Modern cities are shaped by incomplete people.  So Glenn Beck is planning to build his own city called Independence, U.S.A. at a cost of about $2 billion dollars.  Click the link below to see all the video of Beck explaining the concept complete with drawings and further commentary.  Most important to me is that Beck is going to feature a library in the center of his city that will be available to teach politicians all over the country how they are supposed to govern based on wisdom, not diabolical greed.  I am extremely excited about Glenn Beck’s American Dream Labs.  He is attempting to do what Walt Disney never could, and Ayn Rand only thought about in the book Atlas Shrugged—he is building a Galt’s Gulch in plain sight—in the midst’s of secular progressive political control.

The American Dream Labs (CLICK TO SEE MUCH MORE)

Progressives who believe that everything is interconnected around the halls of intelligentsia obviously missed the boat.  They are right about the interconnected nature of things, and the need for wisdom, but they allowed their academic vision to be corrupted by the wrong philosophy—that of European collectivism, and they will fail 100% of the time as a result.  They outwardly proclaim to represent wisdom, and knowledge—but instead they represent foolishness, and apathy—so it is they who are behind the push to destroy the name of Thomas Jefferson.  And it is because of them that people like Glenn Beck must build a new city so that it can outshine all others as a gleaming example of how things should be done—not how they currently are.   Because of books like the one I received from my friend, The Jefferson Lies, Glenn Beck is moving his business operations into movies, television shows, more books, and more radio—in short, as I mentioned to Doc Thompson the other day—“Glenn Beck will be the new Ted Turner of modern media.”  Ted Turner represented the views of secular progressivism and the world has been shaped by his many billions of dollars.  Ted is indirectly responsible for that young man I mentioned at the movie theater who had to hold his pants up with his free hand walking like a penguin into a movie theater with his girlfriend.  The young man is the result of secular progressive thought advanced through Ted Turner’s cable television empires.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE.  Glenn Beck is now doing the opposite of all those past media tycoons.  Beck before he’s done will far out-grow his media model of Orson Wells, and I believe that he will out-produce Walt Disney—and that means an end to secular progressivism eventually in America—and I can’t wait.

The book I received as a gift on January 12, 2013 from one of my dear Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom readers represents this slight shift in embracing knowledge over political ideology that has helped feed the modern empire of secular progressivism.  The  book is a an early product of Glenn Beck’s American Dream Labs and I cherish the very pages contained within it like a lost treasure found after thousands of years of being buried in the sand.  All books have value, but some have more value than others, and anything by David Barton is a treasure trove of wealth and knowledge.  I am so thankful to have such a book in my hands.  Upon reading through it I am reminded of the rooms of Monticello which was an early version of Jefferson’s kind of American Dream Lab, and found it easy to understand why Jefferson answered his own White House door in his slippers and bed robe, and didn’t think enough of the presidency to even put the title on his tomb stone.  That is the kind of man who founded America, and that is the kind of man who I admire.  That is the kind of human being that Glenn Beck’s American Dream Labs will be committed to producing in The United States and that excites me greatly.  It is my hope that my grandson can go to the movies with his future wife and take note that all the young men there can carry the popcorn for their girl friends while holding her hand with the other.  The young men will be able to perform the task because they’ll have their pants pulled up around their waist and properly fastened where they belong, and not down around their knees like the messed up kids from the early 2010’s who had been virtually destroyed mentally by secular progressivism and left to root in the abyss of cataclysm.

Rich Hoffman

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