Doc Thompson on The Blaze Radio Network: What’s better than a pile of gold?

I first met Doc Thompson at a School Choice event in Mason, Ohio.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  Doc and I had done a number of interviews on the powerful 700 WLW radio station in Cincinnati that was having a major impact on the direction of not just education funding in the state of Ohio, but also the nature of education itself, so it was good to finally meet him in person.  Unlike most who sit behind a radio station microphone with a fake name and the many caricatures of oneself invented for the airwaves, Doc is surprisingly just as passionate about issues off-the-air as he is on.  This is how he came to meet me at the School Choice event, and we have stayed in touch ever since.  We would cross paths again at the Glendale Tea Party where Doc was the keynote speaker as trains stormed by during a particularly patriotic afternoon gathering.  We worked hard to bring Atlas Shrugged Part One to the Newport on the Levee movie theater, and we helped make waves with a carbon party at a local Cincinnati vineyard consuming as many carbons possible with fuel exhumed by the Sons of Liberty motorcycle club and a lot of outdoor grilling.  We also defeated a number of local school levies which generated extensive anxiety among the local labor unions and created discussions that had never occurred before in the world of politics because Doc had a microphone and would often call on me to expose many of the education facts that get shoved under the rug.  (CLICK HERE TO SEEM HIM SPEAK AT THAT GLENDALE EVENT). 


One of the darkest days in my recent memory was when all the push back from this activity came to pass.  The unions organized a kind of community boycott against me, Judge Napolitano had his show Freedom Watch canceled on the Fox Business Channel–allegedly because of his constant support of Ron Paul for President—and Doc Thompson was fired from WLW Radio while on a honeymoon with his wife Yuna.  All this news came within about 5 days of each other and I had the impression that there was an all out assault on the kind of reforms I was fighting for, so I bunkered down which led to my famous latté sipping prostitute comments that made so much news around Cincinnati.  I didn’t care if it made people angry or even hurt their feelings.  It was time to change tactics because my friend was being forced to leave his job and I felt responsible for it.  Scott Sloan at WLW tried to assure me that I didn’t cause Doc to lose his job at that particular Clear Channel station but I had been around the block enough to know that politics behind the scenes had worked against Thompson and it was because he was a good guy not just behind the microphone—but in real life—that contributed to his termination.  I felt responsible because I helped fuel that trait with this blog site, (many of those interviews can be found here with an easy Google search).  Too many times over the years I have seen “good guys” punished in some form or another for being too good—for NOT running around on their wives, for NOT drinking enough at company parties, for NOT having a series of personal failures such as gambling addictions, eating disorders, or being chain smokers.  The people who run the world—at least those who have up to this point—like to cozy up with people who exhibit personal failure, because it makes them feel less guilty about their own wrecked lives.  Doc, it was clear to me, was a good person trying to fit in with a group who thought he was way too clean behind the ears, and it cost him his job, at least that’s my take on the whole ordeal.

After Doc left, I knew my relationship with WLW would change.  I did a couple of appearances with Marc Amazon, Darryl Parks, and then one very memorable one with Scott Sloan, but during all of them I felt I was betraying Doc Thompson, so I had to cleanse myself of that notion—which is why I said the things I did about all the characters involved.  It wasn’t just the gigantic assed despots who support school levies in my community, but their weak-kneed husbands who throw stones at people like Doc Thompson—because he’s too “good.”  “Goodness” should be rewarded, not punished, and here was Doc Thompson, squeaky clean socially, subbing part-time for the Glenn Beck Radio Show, winner of several Marconi Awards, and marrying a beautiful television news anchor while fighting for what’s good in American politics.  He was doing everything right, yet he found himself on the outside looking in, and it made me furious.  When Russ Jackson called me after my Enquirer comments (CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW) and wanted me to come on the Eddie and Tracy Show, I declined not because I didn’t want to argue on the air the merit of my controversial public statements, but some of those comments were directed at the people behind the termination of Doc Thompson, and I didn’t want to pour more fuel on the fire, while on the air.  The guilty parties know who they are, they put me on email block right after the phone call.   Not because I threatened anybody or said anything disrespectful, but because the guilty parties knew I knew what was going on.  (Only a few did this, most were innocent.)  

Logic told me that I had a book called Tail of the Dragon coming out—that I should play it safe and keep my mouth shut—like everyone else, because it would be good for me, my sales and my writing endeavors in the future.  But tactically, experience told me that a line in the sand needed to be drawn—so I said what I did to respond to all the issues occurring at the same time and for the good, the bad, and the ugly it was time to slug it out and not tap dance through the issues.  I sided with Doc Thompson even if it meant that he would be a street vender selling hot dogs at baseball games and would never get a broadcasting opportunity again.  When I meet good people, I do not betray them for any measure of personal advancement—politically, fiscally, or amorously.  I never have, and I never will even if it costs me a great deal up front.  Good people are so rare, that they are much more valuable than all the riches of the world when you meet them, and Doc is one of those people.

Doc went on to Detroit to work for a CBS station and he had success, only not long after hiring him producers announced they planned to convert their talk station into a sports network with an ESPN type spin on their broadcasting, so again, at the start of 2013, Doc appeared to be out of a job.  That is until Doc Thompson’s friend Glenn Beck offered him a chance of a lifetime with The Blaze Radio Network hosting a morning show nationally from 6 AM till 9 AM right before Glenn’s famous radio show that has a footprint of over 10 million listeners.  This means that Doc will be heard all over the nation on iHeart Radio with a Blaze Channel that is setting the broadcasting standard for the future.  Doc Thompson finally gets the opportunity to be the good person that he is under the business umbrella of Glenn Beck who is equally committed to being a “good man,” in all phases of being human.

The news for me that Doc was not just doing another syndication deal like so many other radio shock jocks currently do all over the nation, is extremely exciting.  There are plenty of Sean Hannitys, and Howard Sterns these days, and the world doesn’t really need one more.  They are part of the established order as it has been, not as it will be—and so far, Glenn Beck is a media personality who is shaping the world of tomorrow with the kind of ambition that eluded Nikola Tesla’s great fight with Thomas Edison.  The difference between Edison’s version of electric power and Tesla’s was not one of superiority, it was because J.P. Morgan backed Edison and wanted to control electricity—so Tesla was bought out forcefully and Edison prevailed shaping the way electricity is generated and delivered to this very day.  In the case of Glenn Beck, the situation is reversed.  The money is behind the better man and it has allowed people like Beck to hire good people like Doc Thompson to become the new standard in radio broadcasting.

Walter Cronkite made his name as a newsman because he was there when the television was invented.  Bill O’Reilly became the dominate newsman when cable overtook broadcast television years later as a reliable news source.  Both men were there at the start of major technical revolutions and were able to use their skills specific to those innovations to usher in a new age.  Doc Thompson will become that new standard that has not yet been heard on any broadcast, because another technological revolution is emerging around internet distributorship percolating outside of FCC regulation, and this will ironically allow good people like Doc Thompson to dominate that new age.  This time Doc will not be fired for being a good person, for not making enough “fart” jokes on the air, or spending airtime talking about the voluptuous attributes of women.   Doc will succeed because his new boss is Glenn Beck—a man who honors the honorable, and is committed to a goodness that has left Americans vacant.  Doc Thompson will become the new standard in broadcasting in 2013 and it all starts on January 21st on The Blaze Radio Network every morning with an emerging media empire driven by Beck that is committed to not just making money—which it is–but in the manufacture of “goodness” which ironically is a new concept in our media driven culture.  That is why Doc Thompson is one of the few types of personalities who could fill that growing demand.  Being a “good guy” is not something that can be faked when it’s required to come from a person 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  In the old days, newsmen and actors could “pretend” to be good people while they were on the set, or conducting an interview.  These days, with the growth of the internet and instant access to information at all times of the day, a radio personality like Doc Thompson must go beyond the traditional broadcasting criteria—the broadcaster must actually be “good” otherwise people won’t listen, because they have been burnt before with deception, and they won’t invest their time in a puppet show as they did in the early days of media.  In this new age, Doc Thompson is the whole package, and the world is about to learn what I already know, that The Blaze Radio Network just secured their future in history with the announcement that Doc Thompson will be their new morning man who will send all the competition reeling.  Being “good” can’t be faked, it has to be sincere, and Doc Thompson is as sincere of a person as I have ever met in journalism, entertainment, or as an activist.  If a pile of gold and friendship with Doc Thompson were set before me, I would pick Thompson, because that friendship is worth more than the gold.  This is why The Blaze Radio Network will explode as the next generation in broadcasting, and I am very happy to see it happen.  It couldn’t have happened to a better guy.

CLICK HERE to see my early thoughts about The Blaze with a contribution during it’s opening weekend of publication back in 2010.  I’m pretty good at spotting a winner. 

And this footage of Glenn Beck’s visit to Wilmington, Ohio and his Christmas dedication to one of my favorite films, It’s a Wonderful Life.

The fighters in this new way of thinking are standing up for what’s good, for the values we all celebrate in films like It’s a Wonderful Life.  Anything less, just isn’t acceptable and for me, I expect those values every day of the year…………………..not just during Christmas.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em!”