The Passion of Alex Jones: What fighting for America looks like

CNN is clearly using Piers Morgan to show how radical the pro Second Amendment crowd is by first inviting on Ted Nugent with predictable results, then Alex Jones to bait them into animated gun totting diatribes designed to demonstrate how dangerous Americans with guns are. But it is backfiring.  The political left for years has had more than their fair share of radical nutcases expressing their viewpoints and now they are trying to paint radicals on the right as “nutcases” as if they were above the ludicrous diatribes.  America is showing that they are just as accepting—even willing to throw their support behind such animated personalities.  Alex Jones as a radio show is very popular, but as an entertainer—it is evident that Alex is 100% committed to what he believes and taken at face value, he appears to be a certifiable nutcase conspiracy theorist.  But the trouble with Alex is not that he may be certifiably insane, as people like Piers Morgan are attempting to frame in the court of public opinion.  Quite the opposite, Alex Jones is suffering from being “too awake,” he’s too aware of the world around him and the level of deception that human beings are capable of—a trait that most of society gladly shuts their minds off to.  When Alex Jones was asked to come onto the Piers Morgan Show to defend the Second Amendment, Jones exploded with the kind of dialogue that is becoming more and more common place all through the Midwest.  The direction of the conversation appears to have created anxiety on the CNN set.

Jones is popular because he speaks to the kind of Americans that know something is terribly wrong at the very top.  They realize that they have been lied to, they question all authority, and trust nobody in politics.  The Alex Jones listeners, who are quite numerous, have accepted that there is no authority on Earth that can be trusted, and they instead put their faith in self-reliance.  So it is not difficult for those types of people to question the reality and motivations of those in authority.  They may get the details wrong—but they do not get wrong the tendency of human beings to impose their will on other human beings as the ultimate ego boost that is incredibly prevalent in politics and the money that puts politicians in power.  That money often comes from political activist billionaires like George Soros and others like him who have an intense desire to shape the Earth into a vision of their own thinking, and they do not care if they impose their will on the individual rights of others who are not billionaires.  It is they who do wish to supplant the American Constitution with a document more “progressive” so that they can gain the ability to have control of more people.

Saying such a thing about billionaires is a fact.   It’s not a conspiracy theory at all.  Those types of personalities are ruthless by their nature, which is how they came to be billionaires in the first place—in most cases.  Many of these same types once they have become extremely wealthy try to redeem the sins of their past with what they consider the “greater good” as they see it.  But their good might be a tyranny to people like Alex Jones and his listeners, and guns are desired to be removed from society to impose the will of the billionaire’s version of good without fear of open revolution like Alex Jones threatened to Morgan during their interview.  Most of the patsies in the media are simply hired to represent the views of ownership, so the war is not with just the leftist political ideology of progressivism advocated by the President Obama’s, Elizabeth Warrens, Governor Chris Christies, Hillary Clintons, and the Piers Morgans, but the money behind the scenes shaped by people like Ted Turner, George Soros, and Warren Buffett.

When Jones talks about the Bilderburger Group, and all the intertwined groups that serve the political interests of the very wealthy, he is noticeably fearful of their motives—which indicate sinister strategies against mankind.  I believe that Jones was harassed while in New York City by thugs of the financially powerful who fully intend to destroy American sovereignty and rebuild it in their own image.  When Jones became out-of-control during the CNN interview, I have no doubt that executives at CNN were on the phone with worry over what their bosses would think of the Jones/Morgan exchange because it backfired obviously.  Jones did look like a crazy, maniacal, gun totting, lunatic—but he represents people like me, and millions of other gun supporters who reside in the core of America.  I have said myself that I am ready for a new American Civil War.  In fact, I expect it to become a reality in the very near future.  I’m not going to give up any of my rights for the “greater good” as George Soros or anybody else sees it.

The growing realization that eventually people like Alex Jones will have to come to, that will come with time, is that there is nothing to fear from all those conspiracy makers.  Once Jones and his fans realize that they have just as much power to inflict pain on the Bilderburgers or any armed gunmen who might try to harass them outside of the CNN building before an interview, they will discover that they always had the power—and that conspiracies of any kind are simply designed to move the minds of mankind in a particular direction, whether or not there is any truth to the conspiracy.  The idea of a conspiracy direct or indirect is designed to strike fear in the minds of the recipients.  However, once people realize that they are just as capable of inflicting the same kind of violence that the conspiracy perpetrators are, there really isn’t anything to fear from them.  There is no reason to fear the gun carrying thug, the politician and their security details, “hit squads,” or just public relations specialists—they are all only human.  If the quality of mind of one side is superior to the other with all other things being equal, then the strong mind will always prevail.  Guns make the physical nature of conflict equal leaving only the minds to prevail over others—which is why the powerful wish to remove guns from society—because their minds are not superior to everyone else.  Being more fiscally ruthless does not equate to a quality mind.  The only way the extreme billionaire redemption addict looking to suppress the sins of their youth with philanthropy, is to control society by taking away the physical ability of equality—because the mind of those billionaire activists is not superior to their opponents.  That is what the gun control argument is all about—power and control.  Once that is realized, there is nothing to fear.  The conspiracy generators are just pathetically simple people who use money to overcome their mental weaknesses in a quest for power and ruthlessness that made them billionaires in the first place.

Alex Jones is not crazy, and neither is Ted Nugent.  They are passionate, and utter their anger that the world is not the honest one that they thought it was.  In that regard their ideas about the world has been shattered.  They wanted to believe that people on the other side of the political aisle were good—and they are outraged to find out that they aren’t.  And they fear losing that equality measure of their political enemies having guns and them not having equal weapons because they desire to be law bidding citizens.  Their political enemies are dirty and won’t follow any laws anyway, so the good people who follow Alex Jones will always be at a disadvantage to the radical extremists on the political left.  Their anger isn’t insanity, its fear at losing their equal footing with those who wish to control their lives–so the emotions do get out-of-hand.  If so many people weren’t asleep, they’d be angry too!  However, Alex Jones would sleep better at night if he realized that the reason behind his conspiracy theories of ultimate control of the human population are because our enemies have insufficient intellects that cannot deal squarely with the minds of those they wish to suppress.  They are not superior, and cannot control our society unless we surrender our ground and guns to them.  Now that the chips are on the table, the other side has been exposed, and their argument will fade off into eventual oblivion like clouds on a hot August day evaporating before our eyes.   There is nothing to fear from those people, because their actions are based on poor intellects and an abysmal understanding of reality which is a tendency that means they should fear us a lot more than we have need to fear them.

Alex Jones in that regard is not crazy, he’s simply passionate, and that makes him a good, healthy American doing his job.