The Steubenville Rape: Guilt, Evil, Sorrow, and Epic Institutional Failure in Education

Thank goodness for “New Media” (blogs, Twitter, and YouTube) otherwise the rape case at Steubenville high school would have went nowhere.  It has been well documented at this site the various instances of institutions that have covered up the very bad behavior that goes on in education establishments such as Penn State, virtually every public school and college, to protect their bottom line when controversy erupts over various sex scandals.  When their sports programs are caught over something despicable they participate reluctantly in the prosecution of outright evil—because they all recognize that their sports programs are their sources for funding.  Click here to review the Stacy Schuler case at Mason high school for an example.  Virtually all institutions have a tendency to turn their faces from evil in order to protect their own interests.  They do not care what happens to individuals, they only care about the collective survival of their institutions.  In the mind of the institution whether it be Steubenville high school, Penn State or my local school district of Lakota, they all are willing to use sports as a safety blanket to sweep all their garbage under, and they do so without apology.  They only care about individual lives when they get caught.

Specifically in Steubenville a couple of high school football players appear to have gang raped an intoxicated 16-year-old girl that was bragged about by other students on YouTube.  Fury broke out on both sides of the argument featuring the same old cover up neglect that is always present in these cases—primarily from adults who are so in love with the distraction of organized sports that they no longer recognize the rights of individuals. On the other side are the kinds of people who make a moral argument for justice on behalf of the victim.  In this case of Steubenville computer nerds making up the group Anonymous hacked a deleted controversial video where an 18-year-old Ohio State student bragged about the crime with his friends, then tried to take the video down once the heat came down on them.  Anonymous reposted the video which opened up the case nationwide.

But what I find most amazing is that Ohio State and now Kent State is seeking to distance their affiliation with the characters that were directly or indirectly involved in the “gang rape.”  Surely Ohio State and Kent State are quite aware that the same levels of rape are occurring every single night on their campuses, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights when group parties are most prevalent.  And surely the parents of every decent looking 16-year-old girl up till about the age of 23-years-old knows that their little girl has probably been gang raped in the exact same fashion as the girl at Steubenville high school.  Surely the parents knew that all the years they saved money so they could send small fortunes to these colleges that this was the kind of activity their children would be involved in.  If their child attends parties—especially ones where athletes are present, gang rapes of unconscious girls is common, not unique.  Surely they know that the problem is wide-spread and nowhere near an isolated incident.  These rapes happen every single night on their campuses, and they happen all the time in high school parties where drinking is involved.  If a girl loses consciousness in a crowd of boys, she will find her cloths off and sexually assaulted nearly 100% of the time once she wakes up again.  Any girl who brags that she has lost her memory at a party is trying to distance herself from the disgrace to save embarrassment—which is why these things don’t get reported more often.  When they do, the girl is blamed for getting so drunk that she put herself in danger—just as what happened in the Steubenville incident.  The general attitude from the public is that “boys will be boys” and collective salvation takes precedence over the individual rights of a passed–out young girl.  So why do the universities distance themselves from a few boys when tens of thousands of girls and boys are conducting the same activity nightly?  They are either liers, or extremely niave.  I would bet on the former.

Most of the time the fathers of these young girls are as guilty as the young boys who perform the gang rapes because secretly in the back of their minds they root for their high school and college sports stars to have sex with their daughters as though they are sacrifices to the Gods of sports.  These pathetic fathers, who are quite numerous in population density, enjoy knowing that their daughters have been the object of delight for the gladiators of sports, so they do not prepare their daughters for the primal aggression of girls and boys coming together under situations of intoxication.  Also the universities and education institutions using their progressive philosophy have taken on the mentality of orgy porgy from A Brave New World.  Schools everywhere at all levels use casual sex as a way to implement a social collectivism that was first experimented with in 1920 Petrograd—the cradle of communist thought during the Russian Revolution of 1917.  The term “Let’s Party” comes not from rebellious youth fighting for their freedom as we have all been led to believe in songs like the Beastie Boys performed, but from communist Russia and their strict adherence toward crushing individualism and cherishing the collective.  To the collective oriented institution, a young woman who has been gang raped has been stripped of her individuality and accepted into the community through group enjoyment so the behavior is encouraged—which is why it is so wide-spread on college campuses.  Partying is not about having fun; it’s about breaking down the individual ego with acts of disgrace that cause the masses to seek solace in collective salvation.  That is the goal of the institution philosophically.

If not for New Media and some of the computer geeks who used it–the story at Steubenville would have been covered up like the hundreds of thousands of other rapes that occur every weekend at every education institution across the country.  And the guilty parties are virtually everyone who has turned their eyes away from the nature of evil and embraced collectivism.  It is only for New Media that a change in society is occurring forcing it to look evil in the eye at Steubenville and deal with their emotions—instead of using evasion to turn away from the responsibility.  The little girl who went to the party and was allegedly gang raped by a small group of football players is ruined forever in the a way that innocence can only measure and I feel deeply sorry for her.  The guilt falls on many shoulders.  Women who find themselves in this kind of situation are ruined because men do not like to take on wives that have had sex with lots of other men, and now that her story is out, she will have to explain it forever not only to her future husband, but her future children, which will be embarrassing for the rest of her life.

That doesn’t mean her life will always be terrible, but there will always be that stigma that she will either have to explain, or avoid when dealing with others.  But the girl is not alone, she shares a story that many thousands of young women all share these days, and they try to ignore their checkered past when they finally do marry and try to start families of their own.  But the secret is always there in the back of their minds and all future relationships.  It is the source of much male impotency, sexual dysfunction, and amorous relationships that occur outside of wedlock in the decades to come regarding relationships.  Men like to know that their woman have been theirs and theirs alone.  But a society committed to collectivism wants to destroy that sense of possession, and that is the root behind the evil.  The girl was just doing what society has instructed her is “popular” and “proper.”  She has been taught that getting drunk is good.  She has been taught that self-respect is a bad character trait.  And she has been taught to surrender her integrity to the Gods of sports.

When I go to sports events I often park in the same areas as the players do who play on the field, and it always amazes me after a game the lines of young women who form up where the players exit.  All those young women are hoping to use their looks to sleep with a sports star that society thinks is so important.  The women in the back of their minds hope they might become pregnant so they can have a permanent connection to those Gods of the arena, or at least be able to brag about their powers of seduction to friends which gives them social prestige.  The girls who think such things are fools, but the people who taught them to think this way are worse—their parents, their school, their media driven society that turns its eyes away from evil by promoting it are the real villains.  Ultimately, the poor girl who went to the party at Steubenville, got drunk and surrendered her body to the athletes at the party did it for the same reasons that the groupie girls try to bed professional athletes—for social prestige. They of course don’t mean for things to get out of hand—but often that is the case.  Evil is at work in these events, and the guilt is on more hands and minds than the two football players who will be tried for the incident only now that the story has become a national story.  Those football players like the girl are only sacrificial victims to a society committed to collectivism.  It is society at large that sacrifices these young people once the evil of their actions are exposed in the light of day, and there is no court system in the nation that can prosecute such a wide-spread evil that is virtually everywhere.  It is an evil that has grown under our current education system and is a direct result of America’s social commitment to progressivism.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em!”