The San Antonio Shooting Nobody Heard About: Media bias and the battle of billionaires behind it

Why do people think that the media is selective in their coverage and agenda driven?  Well……….because they are.  For instance, just a few short days after the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut a gunman in San Antonio, Texas was upset that his girlfriend broke up with him and went on a shooting rampage at a movie theater—very similar to the Aurora Theater shooting.  The only big difference is that in Texas there was an off duty police officer nearby who was armed.  So when the 19-year-old Chinese restaurant worker started his shooting rampage in anger over his girlfriend, the shooter was shot by the armed officer.  The result of the shooting was just two people injured in the hospital—one of them the broken-hearted shooter.  The trouble is that as big as this story was—every bit as big as any other incident across the country and deserved the same kind of wall to wall coverage on the major networks that Sandy Hook, Aurora, or any other shooting received—it was only the local news around San Antonio and a few blog sites across the country that have discussed the story.  Other than those sources, the story has not received any “play” by the major networks which is odd considering the level of awareness that public shootings have been getting lately.  Watch the coverage from the local television affiliate here:

Yes, many of the stories that make the major networks are agenda driven.  That does not mean that the average reporter is privy to that agenda.  In reality, they may be unaware of the company agenda completely when they are first hired.  The agenda for a news organization is driven by the owners personal beliefs and as diverse as many think their news organizations may be, when it comes down to the original sources of an agenda driven news organization there are always only a few at the top who own everything—as it usually is—and all the reporters, editors, free-lance writers, even organizational management know what the parameters for a story are based on the kind of content their owners approve of.  News organization employees lucky enough to keep their jobs for five or more years learn that agenda and stick with it for the good of their own livelihoods.

In Cincinnati Scripps is a big player, as well as Clear Channel.  Gannett runs the Cincinnati Enquirer, and Cox Media controls many of the local papers from Dayton to Cincinnati.  When these organizations form up story topics they will give “play” to a view point—especially a controversial one if it gives them ratings—which is understandable.  This works well as long as the subject does not exceed the parameters established by management—following the guidelines of their ownership.  If a story fits the parameters set by ownership then the news organizations will give the story “play.”  If it does not, then the story will be canned—because no editor is going to risk their job covering a story that will anger their ownership.  The reporters who survive for many years in the “business” learn what the parameters are.  Those who don’t, find themselves removed in the RIF process. (Reductions in force)

CNN was the creation of Ted Turner the media tycoon from Cincinnati who set up shop in Atlanta, Georgia.  Ted married Jane Fonda in the 80’s as Jane was re-inventing herself after her long known associations with communism.  Ted although a capitalist, has shown many philanthropic leanings toward communism and obviously shares many of his ex-wife’s collectivist beliefs, which is reflected in the kind of stories that CNN has covered.  Turner as recently as 2012 stated on CNN that he believes its good that American troops are committing suicide because it shows aversion toward war.  Compare that to Jane Fonda riding a communist North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun in the 60s calling for an end to American imperialism and you have a communist marriage made in heaven. These are the kind of people who formed CNN and really all the 24 hours news programs, with only Fox News representing conservative viewpoints.  MSNBC is even further to the political left than CNN openly advocating progressive causes with the company slogan, “Lean Forward.”  (Where have we heard that slogan before……….Hmmmmmmm)  Ted has given over a $1 billion dollars toward The United Nations, so it is obvious where his beliefs reside, and most of his companies reflect his political viewpoints—otherwise they find themselves unemployed.  And his companies are virtually everything that falls under Turner Broadcasting, which includes the Cartoon Network, TBS, TNT and TruTV. If you are a Time Warner subscriber, you send money to Ted Turner’s companies.

Much has been said about the radical conservativism of Fox News owned by Ted Turner rival Rupert Murdoch.  It would appear that Fox News was created by Murdoch as a 24 hour news channel answer directly to the radical left leaning tendencies of CNN.  Much of the public relations action against Fox News on many networks including cartoons on Comedy Central are brown-nosing actions designed to earn the respect of Ted Turner’s money and funding.  Few know that Turner has a long-running grudge with Murdoch that originated in 1983 when a Murdoch-sponsored yacht collided with Turner’s boat during the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, causing it to sink 10 km from the finish line. At the post-race dinner, Turner verbally assaulted Murdoch, afterward challenging him to a televised fist fight in Las Vegas. In 2003, Turner challenged Murdoch to another fist fight, and later accused Murdoch of being a “warmonger”, as he was backing President George W. Bush‘s invasion of Iraq. [29]

 Even to this day, even though Ted is retired for the most part from many of his businesses, his loose lifestyle and commitment to collectivism can be seen in the way he socially conducts himself.  Like all communist and collectivist loving people seen best during the hippie movement in The United States, monogamy is not one of their strong suits—as liberalism advocates loose sexual relationships and promiscuity.  Even at age 75, Ted and his ex-wife Jane are involved in a love triangle with her new live in boyfriend 70-year-old Richard Perry.  (Imagine the sex antics when they were younger)  These are the kind of people who have had a huge hand in shaping the news coverage that comes into our living rooms in 2013.

In that context it is easy to see why CNN advocates gun control when it is The United Nations who most wants to see the world disarmed of all firearms.  CNN will pick stories that fit the old boss’s viewpoints because his money still speaks, and all employees at CNN know that if they want some of it, then they have to toe the company line.  So CNN will exploit Sandy Hook to push control legislation, and other networks will copy CNN because they are the trend setter.  But CNN and the rest of the national media will not cover the story of San Antonio where an armed citizen ended a gunman’s rampage because a private citizen had a gun and was not afraid to use it saving dozens of lives—unlike Sandy Hook and Aurora where the citizens were sitting ducks because they were unable to defend themselves.

So yes, there is media bias and it is quite rampant and driven entirely by human weakness.  The employees of tycoons like Ted Turner have no problem trading their journalism ethics for a pay check even if they disagree with Turner politically.  And people like Bill O’Reilly may never have had a shot at becoming the number one news guy on prime time television with Fox News if not for the rivalry that started between Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch during a yacht race in 1983.  Murdoch wanted to stick it to Turner so he paved the way for a guy like O’Reilly to have a shot at writing his own ticket.  John Stossel has done the same thing coming from ABC’s 20/20 which is owned by Disney and must adhere to the social positions of that very large media company.   Stossel left to join the Fox Business Network to have freedom over his journalism that he didn’t have at 20/20.  If Stossel had written a book like he wrote last year called, No They Can’t, which is an argument in favor of libertarianism, he would have found his job on the chopping block at ABC, but at Fox, he’s encouraged to do such things because Rupert Murdoch leans more to the political right.  Glenn Beck left CNN for the same reason to join Fox, and then create his own television network with The Blaze TV which is now on the Dish Network.  Thankfully for all of us, Glenn Beck will be the new Ted Turner and that will go a long way to fixing many of the problems our society is currently dealing with.  Look for these improvements to begin around 2020 lasting through about 2040 when Beck will be hitting aged 70 himself.  The big difference will be that such stories like those of Turner and Fonda won’t be happening with Beck.  The personality differences are one of personal quality and those attributes directly find their way into their companies.  All this news media is driven from a few minds that happen to be billionaires and their ownership of the news organizations and the employees who work for them are a direct reflection.  In Beck’s case he has a personal friendship with billionaire Jon Huntsman which helps keep Beck fighting along in a world established by the many billions of dollars spent by radicals like George Soros and Ted Turner to advocate social progressivism.

Much of the news we see today is driven by those few minds, minds like George Soros, Ted Turner, Rupert Murdoch, NBC executive Tom Rogers and a few others.  Everyone who works directly or indirectly for those people must form their journalism opinions around their bosses—just like any other business.

That is why the San Antonio shooting that occurred just a few days after Sandy Hook did not get any coverage except in the San Antonio news market.  National news is agenda driven by the minds that created the organizations and cannot be trusted at face value.  Unfortunately, the same people who create those organizations also contribute a lot of money into politics, so these same people not only influence heavily how Americans see the news, but also influence how the news is made in the world of politics.  Unfortunately, many of the minds mentioned above are radical left leaning progressives who want gun control, they want open sexual promiscuity, and they want a drug induced society—so the news we see every day is filled with stories that support these topics.  And it will continue until there is competition that threatens the monopolies of those ownerships in news organizations—and it will come.  The hypocrisy was accepted in the 1990’s and 2000’s, but the scam is out of the bag now, and people are turning away from those traditional broadcasts by the handfuls.  Stories like the San Antonio shooting will get coverage, and will be used to defend the Second Amendment against the wishes of old gun grabbers, communists, and hot-tempered yacht tycoons who behind all the money and power of their financial empires are still only people who breath, eat and use the rest room just like everyone else. They are flawed human beings at best, and their news reflects their ownership.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em!”

11 thoughts on “The San Antonio Shooting Nobody Heard About: Media bias and the battle of billionaires behind it

  1. The old REgressive media is being dragged – kicking and screaming – into the new era of communication/news dissemination.

    Oh…they will still lie, obfuscate, twist, cover up, and pick and choose what is “newsworthy” to fit their agenda.

    But the won’t get away with it.

    Not without a power grab…

    The REgressives won’t just stand by and let conservatives dominate the Internet as the do in talk radio.

    It’s interesting to note that REgressives utterly fail in any media format that allows interaction where they can be challenged and called on their b.s. (talk radio, the Internet)- and can only succeed when the conversation is limited to a one way monologue (print news, broadcast tv).

    My prediction: an Internet version of “The Fairness Doctrine” introduced as legislation in the near future.


    1. They keep trying, but so far young people aren’t having it. That is the problem with the left, they lied to all the young people to buy their votes, but young people demand a free internet. So “Regressives” as you say……….are in a Catch 22 that they cannot get out of. They’ll keep trying, but they will fail. Young people will insist on a continuation of this new era of communication. And you are right, they do fail when their ideas have to hold up to a challenge. That is why they fear other ideas and are so opposed to facts.


    2. While I agree totally with the last statement…bring it on. Those that are preparing themselves by ridding their lives of the noise know what’s coming. We were fine before the web, we’ll be stronger without it. It’s time to be face to face again. I miss it and work diligently to communicate that way when possible. Not so with the zombies that run into light poles because they need to further their ego every second of the day.
      Bring on the thinning of the herd by their own stupidity.
      The grandson who kills his grandmother over which channel to watch.
      The little darlings who drug their own parents milkshakes for a few extra hours on Facehook.
      They’ll be their own worst enemy.
      The media in all it’s current forms will be inconsequential….as it is for millions already.


    1. Great movie…………..Sudden Impact. Back in the 80’s there was Ronald Reagan, a strong economy, people didn’t hate money so bad. And music was ambitious. People still believed in doing what was right. Ahhhhhh, the good ol’ days.


      1. You’ll never know how much I miss those days. I leave as much of those days in my life as I can. It’s embedded in my soul.
        When the cable guy came to pick up our box when we cancelled for good recently…he had been here before for a r.runner issue before the election. He had just pulled his young daughters out of public school to homeschool them. I was so proud of him but he already had smarts and saw the writing on the wall. He said, “well, I see you’ve had enough and I don’t blame you a bit. I knew this day would come when you would be doing this. I wish I could have lived my prime in the 80’s. I consider prime for men to be late 40’s early 50’s. This young man is in his late 20’s (sexually in his prime) and went on to tell me what he loved about that decade one being Dirty Harry..which was late 70’s or 80 no? Anyhoo, I thought of you. I should have asked him about Star Wars but we got on to Henry Kissinger somehow.
        He left my home for the last time saying he’d miss our political conversations whenever I had a problem.
        These are the memorable conversations with casual aquaintances that stick to your ribs. I love that.


      2. Sudden Impact was in 1984, then there was the last Dirty Harry film The Dead Pool, which started the career of Jim Carey in 1989. All the ones before those two were in the 1970s.

        I have been thinking about Star Wars because it has a lot of those old fashioned values in it, which is making a come back in a way that progressives can’t stop, or understand. Its quite brilliant. It has the type of story telling in it that was popular in the 1930s through the 1990s, which is what young people like that cable guy are yearning for. And you can bet they will have it. Its just not seen in the mainstream–which is changing.

        We’ve been on The Old Republic MMO now for over two weeks and its easy to see the pattern. I get a feeling of the good ol’ Liberty Tree, something like 1769………….Boston when playing it with all those people. It’s coming, you can trust that.


  2. I love rpg’s. Especially mmo’s. I can imagine you’re in your element big time. That’s fantastic! A great escape for the pinheadedness coming that is the debt ceiling debate. If I could just check out for the next two months, I would. I’ve been gaming more than usual since I have a new career than is not so time consuming. Perhaps I’ll check it out. I do have my favs and a fairly large crew of nat/internat players I hang with often.
    I know their next move before they do. They say the same of me. LOL


    1. Yeah, its good to check out when you’ve done the Paul Revere thing. Much of that is beyond our control and will have to play out. We told them so, and they didn’t listen.

      You’d like this one. There’s a lot of politics. And many of the problems are the same as real life, except you get to cut down the bad guys. Very fun! It is in a class by itself with the storyline. We are having a lot of fun with it. But we won’t be able to do it forever. Reality won’t stay behind the fence for long. : )


  3. Is reality behind the fence now?
    I burned a cd for ya. #9 will be Dio “The last in line’. He’s gone young and I’m sure my stuff will not be your favs. #2 ..Fight the good fight..Triumph, some scorpions etc… If I happen to pass before you, it’s a compelation of the best head bangin’ metal for a patriot. Sorry the book was long to get there. I have a better read for ya. It’s all in the mail.


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