The Next Great War: Why America has so many guns–and it needs them

I’m waiting patiently for the revolution to start.  When it happens if I’m the only one fighting, that’s fine—but somehow I think that won’t be the case.  Once other people see one or two people resisting the encroachment of perpetual statism happening in The United States as of 2013, they will join like others have in the past during the American Revolution and the Civil War.  Whatever we call this next war within America, I will be one of the first to respond to the force that is sure to be applied and I can’t wait.  I love history and we are living history.  Now—before I elaborate, look at this next video and study the foolish position of the presented actors when the editor took the comments they made favoring more gun control and compared them to the kinds of films those same actors have made which feature gun violence.  The hypocrisy is obvious, but is done in this video with a comic flare that should be noted. 



Actors are paid to say whatever appears in their scripts.  If the script says to commit violence, they act it out for the cameras.  If it tells them to get naked and have sex with perfect strangers in front of a crew of 50 or more people—they do it.  And if the script tells them to come out against gun violence in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, they do it.  (Sandy Hook was a false flag by the way.  End of story—CLICK HERE for more.) So the opinions of these actors mean nothing—they are not leaders, or spokesmen for America.   They are actors who don’t have thoughts of their own.  They are like parrots; they repeat what they are told to say when they are told to say it.  I can affirm that from first hand experience.  Actors are not bad people, but they are not great thinkers or philosophers either—and are unqualified to give any opinions of worth.   They are paid well to fill a role and to not question that role. 


Guns are one of the biggest parts of American culture and that isn’t going to change.  The reason that the movies those actors play in feature so many guns is because Americans love guns.  Americans like to see guns shooting.  They like knowing they have them in their bedrooms.  They like plot lines that have guns in them, and Hollywood knows it—which is why they make movies that feature gun violence.  If Hollywood tried to change that trend, they would loose billions of dollars at the box office—so taking violence out of movies will not happen.  People are not going to pay $15 dollars a ticket to watch people talk about their problems.  They want to see stuff blow up, and they want to see heroes save the day with guns. 


Hollywood doesn’t really believe half the garbage that they advocate through donations to the Democratic Party, but they feed money to those statism monsters to keep the idiots from passing laws that will hurt Hollywood’s ability to make money.  Hollywood simply pays the troll by sending their actors out to give public messages making the statism advocates happy—which is why those mindless actors came out against gun violence, while they make their livings advocating it.  The message is just as hypocritical as a pornography actress coming out publicly in favor of sex only after marriage in a strictly monogamous relationship.  Her words are worthless because of what she does for a living. 


Guns are a fact in America and the enemies of American sovereignty are the ones who want disarmament for the same reason that it has always occurred—a potential for invasion and the capture of national resources.  There are enemies who want to control America both foreign and domestic and you can tell who they are because they advocate removal of guns from our society. For them it’s a tactical maneuver not a moral one.  For the global statism power grabbers using the United Nations as their personal army behind a façade of peace, they have no hope of pulling The United States into the global fold of power so long as private citizens have so many guns.  There is not a utopian desire for global peace by these people.  It hasn’t happened in over 100,000 of human development and it won’t leave the mind of man in the next 100,000 years no matter how pompous the progressive academics wish to believe such a thing possible.  The way to curb violence is with more guns, not less because the threats to our nation are not outwardly obvious, but instead devious. 


Just to put things in perspective as to why America is being targeted from across the two big ponds is that a potential invader of American resources must not only defeat the American military, but the American people also.  For instance if you took just registered deer hunters in the state of Wisconsin and assumed that each of them possessed only one gun each, their number alone would exceed the guns possessed in Iran, France and Germany combined.  That is a lot of guns, and it makes it very difficult for a military general to plan any sort of military maneuver against America.  There are enough guns in just one state to hold off an entire army from those three countries.  But states like Michigan and Pennsylvania outnumber Wisconsin in registered deer hunters.  There are enough guns in just those three states to hold off an invasion from all of Europe making a direct attack against America impossible.  So they are forced to attack America indirectly—through The United Nations with regulation, taxation, and treaties. Yet even with all the guns in Wisconsin, Michigan, or Pennsylvania a murder with guns is very rare in the Midwest.  It is only in the big cities like Detroit, Philadelphia and Green Bay where statism is strongest that gun violence is worst.  There are a lot of homes in my Ohio neighborhood with guns and nobody shoots each other when we get angry. 


I know for a fact that guns make a peaceful difference because I’ve seen it first hand many times over. I once took a bet to walk from Central Parkway to the University of Cincinnati up Vine Street back when it was one of the most violent areas in the city.  I walked the whole distance past drug dealers, hookers, pimps, and various thugs without a single act of violence against me.  I did the same in downtown Washington D.C.  I walked five blocks down K-Street at 3 A.M. then up four blocks to the north.  Along the way I passed one car that had been overturned and was on fire from violence that had occurred just 20 minutes before I passed by.  No police or fire fighters came until dawn when the thugs went to bed and the politicians traded positions on those same streets.  Not a single incident happened to me—because all the goons, the punks, and creeps who roamed the streets at night looking for a victim thought I was armed.  I wasn’t armed with a gun—because if I did get into trouble, I didn’t want the added complication.  But thugs know by the look in your eye that you are armed, whether it is with a firearm, or the internal knowledge that you can handle yourself in any situation.  That assurance is the key to personal and national freedom.  Americans know deep in their hearts that they outnumber the entire army of North Korea, Japan, China, Germany, Russia, England, France Australia or the entire continent of Africa, so they don’t worry about an attack from any of those countries.  The reason we can all travel to the mall and buy goods without worrying about a terrorist bombing routinely is because we have guns.  The reason that many companies wish to do business in America in spite of the extraordinarily high taxes is because we have a stable political climate because guns force everyone to keep on the up and up.  Guns keep our own military in line—making sure they stay on the side of the tax payers instead of aligning with statist power grabbers.  It is because of the gun that we are safe in America from all enemies.  Not just made up propaganda targets.


The domestic enemies in America are those who advocate gun control, because it is those people who wish to alter the American Constitution, and wish to disarm The United States to fulfill the wishes within The United Nations of global disarmament, and I consider that type of rhetoric to be an attack on my sovereignty within my nation.  Those power grabbing people will not go away—they will continue to encroach themselves upon our American lifestyle using every tragedy as a platform for their message of war through peace.  That’s what is behind the Hollywood message for gun control.  That is what is behind the entire gun control argument and those who cannot see such deplorable acts are naive—and sorry to say—stupid.   


When war happens, I will be there to fight for The Constitution specifically The Second Amendment—because they are coming after our guns.  They will use the IRS, the ATF, Homeland Security, local law enforcement, TSA, the FBI, the CIA, the National Guard to come after those of us who stand against statism.  The only thing that keeps war from breaking out right now is the knowledge that we all have guns.  We sit on the knowledge that we can defend ourselves should the unthinkable happen.  If gun laws are created that buys these guns back, or confiscates them entirely, that security will go away, and that is when the next war will erupt.  And when it does, I’m ready and looking forward to meeting many of you in person.  The country does not rest on the shoulders of some politician in Washington, or some 23 year-old girl who will take her top off for millions of people then lecture us about how we should support more gun control.  Our freedoms rest behind the barrel of a gun and are only as strong as the number of them that are in houses all across the nation.  When guns are threatened by domestic enemies, that is the start of the next war within the states.  The first fire of that war will be when authorities try to take those guns and learn the tragic result of that arrogant miscalculation. 

I’m with you Ted. It might be you me, and a handful of people, but it will be enough.

Rich Hoffman