Going on Vacation: Journey to ‘The Old Republic’

Christmas with my family is always full of a reverence for Star Wars.  In the picture below one of my daughters can be seen with my young nephew’s Millennium Falcon miniature during the opening of our 2012 presents.  Young and old alike in our family love Star Wars and it is something that we all share when our large family gets together.IMAGE_556

My wife and I are going on a much-needed vacation.  We are going to a place that does not have cumbersome rules, does not have intrusive TSA agents, overpriced drinks and food, noisy hotel rooms with struggling ice makers, oppressive governments, complacent taxi drivers, and stupid border policies.  We are going to a place that allows us to immerse ourselves into the kind of society that shares our sense of value and does not punish us for destroying bad guys.   In fact, in the place we are going, destroying bad guys is desired, and encouraged—and it is there that we can truly be ourselves.  For our 2013 vacation, we are going to a place that is not stuck in the rut that human society currently finds itself in technically, emotionally, spiritually, and fundamentally.

IMAGE_558We have traveled to many places over the years and while I enjoy the experience of new, faraway lands, there are so many limits that often prevent fully enjoying those places that we are looking for something different—something that gives us the freedom to do as we please whenever we wish to do it.  You cannot go these days to the resorts in Mexico without seeing armed teenagers patrolling the beaches, and you cannot even fly without some pervert TSA agent trying to sneak nude photos of your spouse through security checks.  And you can’t go to a resort town without getting overly taxed and soaked financially by the minute as parasites thrust themselves upon you the minute you enter their town.  The food is often too expensive, parking is outrageous, and there are just too many rules these days to enjoy anything.  I had been looking at taking my wife to Venezuela to camp, hike, and explore Angel Falls, but that country is reeking with socialism so it’s off limits to us.  I thought about Australia, but they have no guns and are digging out from their relationship with Socialist International.  I thought about Greece to visit the monuments there, but of course they are in financial ruin.  The same with Spain, France and northern Africa—I thought about Egypt, but they are under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood—so all those exotic vacation destinations feature unstable governments and overly restrictive laws that prevent fully enjoying travel there.  I mean if you’re going to spend $20,000 on a vacation, you should be able to enjoy it and not put up with all the crap discussed above.IMAGE_559

That is why I gave my wife for Christmas this year tickets to a new kind of travel experience, one that we haven’t done before together.   Instead of buying a plane ticket to some faraway place this time, we are going to inner space, to a galaxy far, far away, a long time ago.  For the same price of a couple of airline tickets to Europe I was able to get two new super computers so we can play Star Wars: The Old Republic online with our family members that are scattered all over The United States, fly our own star ships and hang out in the Jedi Temple to our hearts content fulfilling the mission objectives of the Jedi Order.  This vacation destination will allow us to live the kind of life that we really want to live in an environment that is more suited to our personal tastes.  The success or failure that we experience in that vacation destination is only limited by our imaginations, which are too vast for otherwise terrestrial travel.

The video game MMO Old Republic is an immense computer environment that cost Electronic Arts $200 million dollars to create and is the absolute latest in the Massive Multiplayer Online experience.  There is nothing like it that has ever been created, and it took some effort to get a hold of a couple of computers that would run the game successfully.  Old Republic features 17 planets that are fully developed and able to be explored leaving my wife and me with thousands of hours of limitless discovery that is freer than anywhere on planet Earth.  And in the game, we get our own spaceships to travel around that vast galaxy to all those planets in.  If bad guys get in our way we can just cut them down to get them out of our way—no courts, no lawyers, no jail time, nothing to stop our enjoyment of the environment.

When I was growing up I always loved the movie West World where the vacation destination was an old west town that let visitors live out their fantasy of being a deadly gunman shooting it out with robot hostiles.  Well, Old Republic is the closest thing to that reality the human race has so far created, and we don’t even have to leave our house to participate.  We can just roll out of bed, and jump into that world without even leaving our bedroom.  No taxes, no government, no politics, and virtually no rules—it is in my opinion the perfect environment.

I do plan to still keep up my work here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, but for all practical purposes, my wife and I will be on vacation for a while and not available for life outside of our travels through the Old Republic.  The world outside of that vacation destination does not share with us our values, and it is not our task to bend our values to the degeneration of society.  Rather, we will seek out places for our entertainment time even if it means we must create them ourselves in a fictional environment like Old Republic.  The rewards of that life are much greater than the ones of reality which we are seeking a vacation from.

I’m feeling a bit like a farmer these days, I have planted many seeds and now I have to wait and watch them grow.  But between the time of planting and harvesting, I have some time to take a vacation, and rather than travel to some distant place, I’d rather go somewhere that I understand, that makes sense, and isn’t full of social parasites and stupid rules.  So if anyone wants to contact me, I will be there.   Look me up—of course the way to find me is through the ingame mail system sent to Overmanwarrior.  I’m on the sever, Jedi Covenant, under the legacy name, Swashbucklers.

Another one of my nephews and I spent much of his childhood playing a Star Wars game called X-Wing which was a space combat simulator, that it bonded our relationship forever.  It was very involved, and very exciting.  He remembers the experience so well that it has stayed with him for many years and still last to this day as he is now a grown man raising his own family in Florida.  We don’t have time to talk much anymore, but it is our memories of that game that gave us experiences that couldn’t be found anywhere else.  It meant so much to him that I was his Best Man at his wedding last summer.  CLICK HERE to see my speech at his wedding.  My daughter and her husband met on a Star Wars game called Galaxies that was the previous generation MMO to the current Old Republic.  He was a Galaxies player in England and she was from The United States in the safe confines of her bedroom.    They went on many missions together on that game and lived that life flying all over the galaxy well before either one of them could ever drive a car at 16 years old.  They became great friends and wanted to do in real life the kind of things they were doing on the game as far as adventure and discovery—so they got married.

I was working too hard and too often when all my kids were playing Galaxies.  My wife played it with everyone, but I simply didn’t have the time.  When my wife and I learned that the next generation Star Wars MMO would be a lot bigger, and much more involved than the old Galaxies we promised ourselves we would make time for it.  The game came out last December, but was buggy, and when my oldest daughter tried to play it, it crashed her computer from being so graphics intensive.  So I had decided to finish up my work on my book Tail of the Dragon and once the book launched and was out there in the world doing its thing, that I would buy a couple of super computers that could easily run the game, so my wife and I could play it together.

After Thanksgiving my son-in-law and I went to Micro Center where he declared that he would build the computers for me if I bought the parts, so we picked up a few thousand dollars worth of computer parts and he ended up building two eight core processor beasts that are the Millennium Falcons of the computer world.  The muscle of these computers are designed to easily run such a power draining game like Old Republic for thousands and thousands of hours with countless combat scenarios and exploration over 17 planets and counting.  Each of these planets is massive in their own right.  So that is where we will all be for at least a few months, if not the rest of the year.  At my home in Liberty Twp I have the ability to swim and sit in a Jacuzzi all year with marvelous views and total privacy.  In fact I have all the luxuries of a mountaintop chalet in Gatlinburg, Tennessee that would be found in the best of any vacation home.  And I have time to enjoy them.  What I haven’t had is the ability to travel unimpeded because of the various circumstances that are going on in the world currently with my various family members scattered all over where I can take my wife with me without strip searches, invasive hotel employees, and nosy governments.  Now, with Star Wars: The Old Republic my wife and I can travel all over a virtual galaxy with the youngest of our family and the oldest that have a hard time getting around due to old age.  In the MMO of Old Republic everyone is equal, and has new bodies to run around in once they have become familiar with that simulated environment and accepted it as a substitute for reality.

As for the seeds I’ve planted and the life that goes on in the real world, I will live by the laws of the American Constitution and I will protect it with force if necessary.  I do not accept the United Nations as having any governing ability over me or my family, and I do not accept the case record interpretation of the Constitution as it has been contemplated by inferior minds of looting lawyers and career politicians.  Such a case is the law signed one year ago by Obama and the gang, the NDAA Act.  As far as I’m concerned it is illegal and I do not recognize the authority of the government that signed it.  I follow the Constitution under my definitions and nothing else.  If those authorities have a problem with that, then they will have trouble with me.  I can defend myself against an army and that status will not change.  So don’t come to my door looking for loot to bail out the socialists, the communists, and the global power grabbers, when they run out of money because it will only piss me off.  I’m on vacation doing with my wife and extended family what I desire, which does not have any bearing on the rest of the world, so I don’t expect to hear from them.  It is bad enough that the only way I can see to have real freedom in this world is to play a game online in a fictional world, because the real one is oozing with decadence, loss of value, and restrictive living that is just a prolonged death sentence.IMAGE_557

Besides, in the real world I’ve already played this game out in my head to a check-mate on my perspective battles, and I must wait for those moves made in my head to play out in reality.  Those are the seeds that have been planted.  In the mean time, I am already on to the next stimulation for my mind, the next war, the next struggle over philosophic principles—and that battlefield is in a galaxy far, far away in a world known as The Old Republic.  That is where my wife and I will be vacationing, and enjoying our lives not just in luxury, but in never-ending combat and puzzles only the mind can unwrap.

Rich Hoffman



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