Death by Hyphen: Wisdom from Mark Etterling

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Throughout history many lands have fallen at the hands of foreign invaders.  Still many more have succumbed to financial ruin, natural disaster, and disease.  However, by far the single greatest cause for the demise of most nations has been the hyphen.  I realize this might sound a bit strange, but it’s true.  A simple little punctuation mark has caused far more chaos to mankind than any invading army could ever dream of.
We are told about how wonderful the concept of multiculturalism is because it allows everyone to be accepted for who they are.  It all sounds wonderful, at least on paper.  We are shown these magical fantasies of everyone from every walk of life getting along in a grand melting pot of tolerance.  However, reality paints a completely different picture from what the brochures of multiculturalism describe.  We are told that because we are all allowed to be different multiculturalism makes us great.  In reality what truly makes us great is when we are able to function as a nation united as one regardless of our differences.  What most people don’t understand is that there is a very profound difference between tolerating our differences and celebrating who we are versus living in a multicultural society.  It is the understanding of that difference that determines whether we are to be a true melting pot society, or one that destroys itself from within.
In our modern society we have become accustomed to the hyphen.  We see it every day in the descriptions that we use.  The modern lingo uses terms like African-American, Jewish-American, Hispanic-American, Middle-Class American, etc. when what we should really be using is the simple term American.  Societies should always seek to promote those things which unite instead of those things that divide.  Sure we all come from differing backgrounds, but what is ultimately of the greatest value is the glue that holds us together.  My best friend is an immigrant who came here from Ireland, but he’ll be the first to correct you if you call him an Irish-American.  He’ll tell you he is first and foremost an American.  He just happens to be of Irish descent.  He gets it.  Two of the greatest Americans to have ever lived, Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. also got it.  It was Lincoln who stated that “A nation divided cannot stand”.  Dr. King’s message wasn’t for us to focus on dividing people by race, but to focus on all people as one regardless of race.
The problem with living in a hyphenated society is that there are an infinite number of possible criteria to divide us by.  How can we ever promote the idea of true equality when the very act of division is only useful for highlighting inequality?  In a hyphenated society there will always be those who are perceived as the “bully” class and those who are perceived as the “victim” class.  The roll of the victim is to demonize the bullies and seek preferential treatment as compensation for having been victimized. Unfortunately, we can’t all be allowed to play the victim roll.  This means that at some point every victim class will attempt their turn at jumping to the front of the line in order to secure their preferential status.  What we should be doing is seeking out the wisdom of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment whereby all people are viewed through a cultural blindfold to ensure equality.  Instead, it’s like watching shoppers at a Black Friday sale where everyone is attempting to push and elbow their way to the front of the line whereby the inevitable fight breaks out and chaos ensues.  This is why the net result of multiculturalism is ultimately civil war.
Patriotism is the antithesis of multiculturalism.  By definition patriotism promotes a singular national agenda above all others.  We can respect each others background, but only under the umbrella of first and foremost being a people united.  The brain trust of the Left fully understands this which is why they demonize the Right as being overzealous when it comes to patriotic themes.  It’s why they attempt to remove the Pledge of Allegiance and the flag at any opportunity.  The true sinister reason that the Left loves the concept of multiculturalism is because it gives them the opportunity to wield the hyphen as if it were a sword in order to divide and conquer.  You don’t have to take my word for it, just look at all the various ways they attempted to divide us in the last election.  They accused the Right of being racist, of declaring a war on women, of being anti-Hispanic, of being homophobic, of being anti-Islamic, and even of being puppets of the hated 1%.  That way they could go to each group and proclaim to be their protectors to prevent them from falling victim to such bullies.  In truth it was to exploit the use of the victim moniker to secure someone’s trust and thus their vote.
If you listen to the post election punditry the common theme is that Romney lost because he failed to address and embrace all of these different divides.  He didn’t address the issues of the Black community, or women’s issues, or Hispanic concerns. The problem is that he shouldn’t have had to.  The role of the President should be to address the issues that affect us all.  To do anything else would be to promote the very divides that are breaking us apart.  We have allowed ourselves to be sold into the self-serving ruse of multiculturalism by accepting our own hyphenated rolls instead of embracing the singular role as Americans.  Each demographic embraced their own description as victim instead of playing out their primary roll as Americans.  In doing so, we have allowed ourselves to move one step closer to the abyss.
Even recent history has not been kind to those who ignore the evils of the hyphen.  In Rwanda it was the Tutsi’s and Hutu’s who had attempted to coexist as separate tribal cultures instead of as a unified nation.  Ultimately they ended up massacring each other for it.  In places like Chechnya and Bosnia it has been a divide defined by religious differences that has brought about war.  In South Africa it was a divide of race that cost so many their lives.  In this country we are being pitted against each other in a multitude of ways in an all out divide and conquer strategy.  As I stated earlier and history proves, it is civil war that represents the ultimate climax of a multicultural society.  Therefore, we must do our best to heed the words of men like Lincoln and King.  Otherwise, the greatest nation the world has ever known will fall victim to the same fate as so many others before.  It will have been destroyed by a simple hyphen.
Mark Etterling

Rich Hoffman