A Lesson on Capitalism as Opposed to Socialism: Views from the criminal underground

Sadly many people young and old alike have forgotten what the difference between capitalism and socialism is, so the arguments provided by the Tea Party movement recently against the government growth progressives is lost to them as they were taught in public school and college to hate money.  They were taught that money and capitalists are evil, and they spend half their lives learning otherwise—sadly.  So it becomes increasingly necessary to educate people on the difference between capitalism and socialism—because it is socialism that the Obama White House is advocating.  In fact George Bush both daddy and son along with their good friend Bill Clinton have slowly used elements of socialism to advance their own political careers.  Sadly, since World War II only two presidents have acted in a beneficial way to promote capitalism in America, one is John F. Kennedy because of his commitment to NASA and all the technology that spawned off the moon effort, and Ronald Reagan who was able to pull America from the brink of left-winged politics and cast it back into capitalism during the 1980’s to fight the Soviet Union during the Cold War.    For many young people they don’t understand how this cast of characters plays out in historical context and what the fundamental differences are between the various economic systems.  So for those inquiring minds, have a look at this clip from the film I Want Your Money where Ronald Reagan teaches Barack Obama the difference between his version capitalism and Obama’s socialism.

I had the good fortune to have grown up in the 1980’s when capitalism was king under the Reagan years.  He did such a good job that the carry-over effect lasted until the tragic event of 9/11 2001, prompting George Bush Jr., to inject government interference into the economic equation which began the downward economic spiral seen today.  Growing up I never lacked a job, because there were so many opportunities.  I often worked two to three jobs all at the same time two of them full-time jobs and one of them part-time, and I worked 7 days a week.  I’ve worked on all sides of making money.  I’ve done work as a gunsmith,  repo man, an inventor, a graphic designer, a fund-raiser, a videotographer, a salesman, a grill cook, a waiter, landscaper, tree trimmer, a middle manager, even a top rung manager, and done a lot of work as a writer both ghost and traditional.  And of course most people at this site know me as a political activist that may seem like a large part of my life, but in reality is only part of one chapter in my life that is turning out to be a very large book.

My employers have been mobsters, drug dealers, corporate raiders, corrupt politicians, power grabbers, publicly traded corporations and traditional capitalists—all of them look on the up and up at the interview, but over time you learn a lot about people and personal philosophies will clash, and they have—many times.  But during all that I have learned a lot and managed to see every side of ugly, and stayed out of jail because I always found the path of goodness even in the darkest depths of hell.  I have tested thoroughly my moral compass and it has always pointed in the correct direction even if the path seemed complex at times.  I will say in a heartbeat that the world is better off under the rule of all those different degrees of capitalists than they are under the fairness of government redistribution which is currently choking the economy.

Capitalism is about opportunity, not protecting life from the thugs, the goons, and the killers who share life with the rest of us.  “Hit men” are people too, and they have families like anyone else.  To them, killing is just a job that gets them paid.  And most of them stay out of jail because they are friends with judges and police detectives who know all too well what they are up to.  In many cases such people thrive under big government because it is those relationships with authority that prevents competition in the field of killing, which might sound extreme, but is a thriving business.  For every death reported in the newspaper, there are many others who never get reported or discussed.  Relative to Cincinnati, Ohio the bodies are dredged out of the Ohio River down in Louisville by the locks at The Falls, and they go “unsolved” most of the time.

I point this out because in a society that is functioning under pure capitalism there is actually less of this destructive behavior because there isn’t so much profit in government to look the other way to maintain a monopoly between organized crime and government—as we all suspect is behind the current presidency, just as it was during the Kennedy presidency—most likely leading to his death.   The misperception is that thugs and crooks are fewer under a heavily regulated society, but nothing could be further from the truth.  The difference is the criminals move out of the shadows and instead into a suit and begin doing government work for The White House, the IRS, the CIA, the FBI or the local police department instead of working in the backroom of a seedy restaurant running a mob arm away from the heart of Chicago, or using a car dealership as the front organization for a drug smuggling operation and money laundering scam.  Safety in society is in more capitalism and having a bigger gun than the other guy—it is not in government.

When I was a very young man I attended a dinner with a highly decorated Judge from Sharonville along with his wife, known killers, drug dealers, and other mob types.  I was being “groomed” into service because I had elements to my temper that they liked.  I learned at the dinner how the world worked—as the judge was very open in revealing that he knew damn well what all the criminals at the table were up to and how they made their money.  I also know that many of these organized elements began during the Ford and Carter years under more regulation and the concern that Ronald Reagan was de-regulating many industries was a concern for them, because if markets opened up, they couldn’t jack up their smuggling rates of delivery.  Free market competition was a threat to the criminals who looked for an alliance with government to preserve their monopolies.  The judge wasn’t sitting at our table to talk about sports, even though two former Bengal players were at the table as well serving as the public front to divert attention away from the true intentions.  (Life on Chester Road in the 80’s)  No, the judge was there to help maintain the criminal monopoly, to keep competition shut down and to legally block for the criminal underground.

Once I caught on to that life and what it was, and proved to myself that I had the nerve of steel that I always wished to test myself against—as a young man needing to know I had the guts to do anything, I took an honest job at a very dangerous factory under the coaxing of my wife, who wanted to live a somewhat normal life.  Some people join the military to test themselves, but I was never willing to take orders, so I found other ways—and living to tell about it is the most important part.  Because the experience gave me a unique perspective on capitalism even from the seediest aspects of it, and I have seen firsthand how socialism works.  The idea of fairness is how it’s sold, but what really happens is government thugs gain the legal title to steal, and pillage instead of having to hide their behavior.  That is the only difference.  The less capitalism there is the more crime that will occur.   The more capitalism there is, the criminals become easier to spot and their hiding places move into the dark corners of society as opposed to right out in the open.

So for those safety freaks out there who are afraid for your children’s life and think that more socialism will protect them—think again—because nothing could be further from the truth.  Do not look to government to protect you and your children from the big “mean” people of the world.  And certainly don’t look to government to educate, and care for your children.  I’ve known the worst kind of people God has created, and they are just as worse as the people who currently reside in public education.  The only difference is that they took off the cheesy suits from the 80’s and now wear business attire learned from their university.  But they are all thugs if they advocate the looting of personal wealth for their own well-being at the expense of the innocent.

And yes, my children know all about my life.  Much of it I wrote about in my 2004 book The Symposium of Justice which is available on the Nook for $3.59 for those curious enough to read more.  Truth is often stranger than fiction.  But fiction based on truth is even stranger–and more exciting.

Rich Hoffman