Zombies in Politics: Stories of voter fraud and Black Friday Madness

On Halloween Doc Thompson did a radio program committed to demonstrating how the dead walk among us that foretold in an eerie way the election results that would eventually favor Barack Obama just a week later.   Dead people miraculously have emerged from their tombs and voted on Election Day!  Listen to Doc Thompson present his case on 1270 AM in Detroit of how the dead walk among us and voted for Democrats.

But the dead aren’t just showing up to vote in elections, they are also functioning in full form on events like Black Friday where labor unions attempted an insurrection among the employees of Wal-Mart in a hostile employee socialist take-over of that large company while participants gathered early on Thanksgiving to be the first to snag up door buster prizes designed to jump-start economic behavior for the Holiday Season.  This lead to some ridicule and in isolated cases violence on Black Friday that was captured very well by this apocalyptic chastising by Mark Dice as he called the people in line at Best Buy members of the zombie apocalypse as they rushed mindlessly to be the first to buy consumer goods at better than bargain prices.

I found myself torn while watching Dice do his work.  I support vibrant economic activity but I have to admire Dice’s ability to call things out as he sees them, as he did a fabulous job of showing how paralyzed the masses are when they are told to their face what mindless followers they are.    What Doc and Dice are pointing out are the evils of collectivism in many different forms that have very negative aspects on daily life in America.  A zombie is looked down upon because they become non-thinking entities that are easily used as pawns in the many political games that have polarized modern life all over the world and the cause is in the sheer fact that while we all share equal rights to vote and participate in a republic oriented democracy we are not all equal in the efforts we place into thinking, which is the backbone of any society.

A society of non-thinking fools look for a leader to tell them where to stand, what to eat, what kind of education is important to them, what they can do on their properties, because they are too lazy to challenge the status quo.   Just the same, the people in the Best Buy line that were yelled at by Mark Dice had  mindlessly showed up to be a part of the non-thinking masses who had gathered like herds of cattle to be slaughtered by their own ignorance as part of a consumer culture using non-thinking as their primary driver.  They were so lazy that they didn’t even feel motivated to yell back at Dice to defend themselves—rather the surrendered their efforts to collectivism, the same as the cops in the video.  They are all part of a system and they didn’t question their placement in that system which makes them mindless zombies.

Collectivism is a determent to American life no matter what political affiliation the zombies of non-thinking are participating in.  It doesn’t matter if the act of evil is consumer based such as in the Best Buy example on Black Friday, or if crooked poll workers are inserting dead voter ballots into the system to skew results in favor of their candidate.  It is the mindless participation into a system that defies the purity of individual authenticity that demands such people be referred to as zombies who walk among us.  They have all the same rights—yet they are much more dangerous because their actions do not come from their minds, but from the strings that pull them along through life which leaves society open to dialogues of further corruption and debauchery.  The evil committed is non-thinking as it leads to an erosion of social quality that is indisputable and lowers the standards for all of mankind when the perpetrators believed from the start that they were good in doing what was expected of them without question.  People who think in these terms are simply zombies bringing about on Earth the apocalypse of New Testament legend.

Rich Hoffman