Doc Thompson Exposes “Obama Phone” Scam: As Heard on the Glenn Beck Program

I have a magician friend who gets very perturbed when members of the audience reveal to him during a show how the tricks he is doing on stage are preformed.  He knows that for many of his magic tricks to work that the audience must suspend their logic and be willing to believe in hocus pocus before the onstage illusions can be accepted as reality.  So it is with some insight that I see the same level of anger coming from progressives like Barack Obama and his merry band of federal thieves, radicals and despots when they wish the public to believe in their magic tricks on a stage of illusion that the national media lapdogs assist in creating for the public.  Progressives wish the entire world to believe that Barack Obama was re-elected in November 2012 because America is a progressive left-leaning nation of “enlightened” souls.  But the reality behind the trick is that Democrats bought audience suspension of belief with “gifts.”  Obama bought the election by giving things away to labor unions—money stolen with taxes and given to powerful bloc voting groups—such as the new TSA union that we all have to deal with at airports now.  More people are on food stamps than they ever have been, thanks to Obama’s socialist stance of taking from the rich and giving to the poor.  But the most disgusting of all is the Obama Phones given out to residents of the inner cities—particularly Cleveland, Ohio where free phones and minutes were apparently given out to key voting blocs with the intention to purchase votes in the upcoming election—which worked.  Some of these voting districts where Obama Phones were handed out didn’t cast one vote for Mitt Romney in the election giving Obama 100% of the turnout……….mysteriously.  It is kind of like magic—right.

Well my ol’ buddy Doc Thompson is one of those irritating audience members who refuse to let a band of manipulative magicians scam the public unimpeded.  He has sifted through the facts of this whole Obama Phone issue and had a little fun with it on his radio show in Detroit, Michigan.  On Black Friday Doc was filling in for Glenn Beck with a broadcast footprint of over 10 million people and it is then that Doc played the very funny audio clip about Obama Phones shown below.  Have a listen.

My wife and I were taking our oldest daughter out to lunch since she had to work Black Friday and I was still laughing while we were driving to the restaurant from that broadcast clip when Doc Thompson called me to wish my family a Happy Thanksgiving and wonderful Holiday Season.  (to non-progressives that means CHRISTMAS)  Doc had just finished up with the Glenn Beck Radio Show and took a minute to talk to me a bit off-air.

It sure was nice when Doc was in the Cincinnati market at a local radio station broadcasting his unique brand of radio program that is old-fashioned in many respects, but hard hitting like Howard Stern without the vulgarity.  I felt privileged when he was in Cincinnati, and his vacancy is very much missed but Doc is working on a syndication deal that could put him all over The United States which would be great for America—but until that time it is a real treat to hear him covering for Glenn Beck from time to time—because not many radio hosts do the kind of hard hitting reporting that Doc does without losing their sense of humor.  And that is what Doc is best at—no matter how serious the situation is—Doc Thompson finds a way to have a little fun with the material to dull the blunt impact of the grim reality.

Make no mistake about it however—Barack Obama’s election was not legitimate in regard that he won it straight up—without magic tricks.  No, he bought the election with “GIFTS” and progressives might wish to conceal that information, but the facts are what they are.  It is no different than when government school levies pass because parents believe that they are getting a free education for their child when in reality the money used in public education is money stolen from property owners who no longer have kids going to the school—then a portion of that money is given to powerful labor unions to elect Democratic politicians who then set the stage for progressive magic tricks that many of us are no longer believing.  The Obama Phones are just the most recent example of how disgusting the political magicians have become and to what extent they are willing to lie and manipulate their way into power.  With those kinds of diabolical social menaces in the world it is wonderful to know that Doc Thompson has the opportunity to take to the air waves and rattle the cages of these perpetrators of doom who try to hide their true intentions of wealth redistribution with the suspended belief in magic that allows them to commit the crimes.  Doc Thompson isn’t having any of it, and he wasn’t shy in letting millions of people know about it.  And during the Thanksgiving Season as my family sat down to give my daughter a nice Black Friday lunch—I realized that I am most thankful to know people like Doc Thompson and that the fight for truth carries on beyond the reach of the sinister manipulation designed by the Obama Phone giveaways.

Rich Hoffman