The Wonders of Capitalism: American Football Versus European Soccer

The motivating driver behind communism for the proletariat—(the workers) has always been a false sense of fairness in the marketplace.  For that fairness communists of old and progressives of new have sought to replace capitalism with socialism and in America this has been attempted through labor unions.  Anyone who participates in a labor union either public or private is functioning from a communist economic social engineering experiment that is designed to attack capitalism which is the economic engine behind freedom in an American lifestyle that puts a lot of pressure on the tyrants of the world to adopt.  Those power-hungry tyrannical responses however have been to attempt to destroy America through the sponsoring of international alliances—primarily through the United Nations, and spread labor unions as a direct attack on Americas brand of capitalism.  To understand why capitalism is so important to America the video below will position the argument wonderfully, and needs to be watched.

After the failure at Hostess, and in response to an article I wrote about it which can be reviewed by CLICKING HERE, I received a comment by a union supporter who is using the same old tired proletariat argument that public education teachers use, unionized steel workers, electrical workers, firefighters, police departments, even grocery store workers—that it’s not fair that the rich bourgeois class in management enriched themselves at the expense of the worker.  In fact this is exactly the same rhetoric that Barack Obama ran on to get re-elected in an open avocation of socialism by pandering to the masses and their ignorance about economic engines.  During my discussion with this poor lost soul I explained the reasons why the situation at Hostess was fair for the workers who lost their jobs at the expense of management by comparing the economic conditions to those who drive a car.  The conversation can be seen below:

  • Communist Union Lover:   Um, why does this have no discussion of how horrendously management f’cked up in this situation by giving themselves all between 60-300% raises when the company was already soaked with debt?
  • Rich Hoffman’s response:  Because it is irrelevant. It is the ownership and managements job to operate the company, not the employees. Collective bargaining is a destructive enterprise. Think of it like everyone in a car trying to drive that car. Everyone wanting to turn in different directions. It doesn’t work, yet that is what collective bargaining does. It is the driver’s job to drive the car, and that is management. If the driver crashes and kills all in the car by their mistake that is very sad, but the responsibility for driving the car is the driver, not the passengers. If you think the management is bad and is going to wreck the car, then get out of it and find some other car to carry you around. That is the choice, and luxury of the employee. It may not pay the same, but it gives more freedom of movement than those in management who take all the hard risks.
  • Communist Union Lover:   Ok, let’s get something out-of-the-way first: collective bargaining inevitably exists in the free market since we all pursue self-interest, and the employees of a company like Hostess share common individual self-interests. It doesn’t matter if collective bargaining is “destructive” because it is going to exist in the free market no matter what, minus a concerted effort by the government to destroy union labor. Public sector unions are a different issue.   A large part of why Hostess failed is because they have not adapted to the marketplace and their staple products have lost popularity. That is not anyone’s fault but the better judgment of the American people. The company carried a lot of debt but whether or not debt or union contracts was the main issue is not really what’s important to me. Management was trying to cut Bakers’ pay by 8%, benefits by 32% at the same time that the CEO gave himself a 300% raise and nine other executives received 60-100% raises and they owed $160M to the employees’ pension. I want to know what kind of management team looks at their company, sees how terrible of a condition its in and undertakes such venal measures at the expense of the employees and then expects people to believe that the union destroyed the company. Anyways, apparently the employees would rather let management be the victims of their own decisions than continue with the company. The free market at work.
  • Rich Hoffman’s response:  That’s a reasonable response. I would bet that the employees saw the writing on the wall and probably should have stepped out of the car at a stop sign–since the driver was apparently drunk. The driver too (management) knew the condition of the car was bad so they drank more to forget about it making the situation worse for everyone. The CEO and key management knew the bankruptcy portion would be painful and an insult to their leadership so they padded their pockets for the exit while the decision was still theirs. The employees who lost their jobs will find other jobs if they want them. But the CEO and management might have more difficult time. After all who wants to hire a management team from Hostess that ran the company into a tree?

It is sad that so many people in America have been infected like progressive zombies this hatred of capitalism.  It is odd that the same mouths that utter such support against capitalism will spend their entire weekends watching American Football which is essentially a game of capitalism invented to reflect Americas economic engine compared to the game of soccer that the rest of the world plays.  American Football is a game of capitalism whereas soccer is socialism.  I say that primarily because the fundamental rules of the game dictate such suggestions.  Football is all about gaining yards on the field of play and scoring eventually as an enterprising team moves the ball down the field.  In American Football a defense becomes offsides when a player jumps into the neutral zone prior to the ball being snapped.   In Soccer a player is offsides when an offensive forward or halfback gets behind a defensive fullback when the ball is lobbed down the field.  In American Football this kind of outmaneuvering is considered great.  In European Soccer, it is penalized.  This is in essence what every labor union is trying to impose on every business, this idea of fairness that one might find in soccer where two teams might smack the ball around for two hours and only score 2 points.  In American Football a good score would be in the 20’s or 30’s.  That is the big difference between capitalism and socialism, one produces many more points but might be considered unfair for those not fast enough or strong enough to keep up with the various offenses in the games of life.  Socialism—always leading to communism makes fairness the primary motivator, but leads to a boring game where the ball just bounces randomly all over the field until someone just so happens to get lucky and score.

The way to solve America’s economic problems is to ban all aspects of socialism in favor of pure capitalism.  Just like in American football, more rules lead to fewer points.   More rules lead to the game of soccer, which is what Europeans call—(football).  They do not think the way Americans do, and their opinions on matters of goodness, fairness, and economic fortitude need to be cast aside for the good of the world, because like the union lover shown above—they do not have the intellectual understanding to help themselves, much less anyone else.

In modern America it is only the Tea Party who today is advocating the health of capitalism and for that they are called “terrorists” by supporters of progressive socialism.  That makes it very easy to see who the enemies of America truly are.  But the path to limited government and strong fiscal business markets is in more capitalism and less socialism—and it is the goal of the Tea Party to help re-teach Americans about capitalism as the labor unions have spent so many years teaching a hatred for the primary economic force that stands behind individual freedom—which is capitalism.

This is what we are fighting to keep!

In America we do everything better–BECAUSE of CAPITALISM

Rich Hoffman