The Future: A strategy guide to meeting it politically, philosophically and through religion

Much of the work I do here, and why I conduct it so fervently, is because the human race is at an impasse, and the quality for which we deal with that issue will determine our species fate.   When I blast away at the progressive political platform it is not just to embrace the values I find valuable which might be summed up in every John Wayne movie ever made, or the tone of Walt Disney’s America shown gallantly in the television series Davy Crocket.   What I love about America is captured in those artistic tributes to traditional value, because within those tabernacles of virtue is a formula for human prosperity.   Progressives on the other hand are stuck in an old version of human fairness pursuit from a world that predates the Industrial Revolution and are functioning from a philosophy that is dangerous to themselves and everyone on this planet—the concept of collectivism.  The reason why is in what is coming up rapidly for the human race—because each and every one of us must come to grips with it very soon—as in thirty years or less.  That perilous impasse that is meeting us faster than we are meeting “it” is called THE FUTURE.  Watch the below videos carefully and take notes.

I have written extensively here about such a future.  I have written about flying cars, cancer treatments, a real understanding of human history through unpopular revelations in the field of archaeology    I have talked about advanced horticulture methods, and the miracles of the energy source Thorium.  I have done all this to begin to place in your mind dear reader the changes that have been placed before us and to measure the value of correct decisions.  If it seems that I am particularly obsessed with education, politics, and even religion it is because those three things most corrupt the purity of the future with unnecessary impediments caused by functioning from the wrong philosophy.  This is why I often gush over the fictional stories of Star Wars, because I understand the power of myth all too well, and how myth shapes the philosophies of mankind.  Once philosophy is built for the human mind, then religion is constructed to represent those values for the masses—and the philosophies of old, much of it that is collectively based must be cast away otherwise the future will be very dangerous place.  Individually based philosophies will lead to great human achievement and prosperity for all.  In the modern world Star Wars offers this type of philosophy as well as a way to meet the startling changes the future holds through technology—so I am a big fan.  George Lucas has done a brilliant thing, he has shown how society can advance into the realm of our present future without destroying ourselves spiritually, or politically because the struggles of Star Wars are essentially over those concepts.

In the immediate future—I’m talking about decades, it will become optional to die a natural death.  An aging body is a ridiculous concept that can now be controlled through stem cell construction.  A body should be able to rebuild new tissue throughout its entire life even if that lifespan is 1000 years as was quite common for Biblical figures in the Old Testament.  Modern pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies, (and now Obamacare) are holding back this technology to maintain their profit profiles, but it will not hold.  The technology is about to surpass the restrictions of the medical field out of the sheer need for financial sustainability.   The key to Social Security and Medicare is not more money, but less, because people will soon live to be 200 to 300 years old and they will still be working well past the age of 55 and 65 years old.  Mankind will have to give up the idea of “the golden years” and traditional retirements because aging is about to become an unnecessary hardship.

With computing power being what it is now, and what it will be within 10 years, the mysteries of the human brain will be solved and the idea of what a “soul” is will become clear.  Human being will gain the ability to UPLOAD their identities into other bodies which will prevent even accidental death by tragedy.  In fact, sex, race, and even human ability such as strength, height, and physical attractiveness will all be options in the world of tomorrow.  The idea that has been introduced to us all though avatar creation through social websites like Facebook and Twitter as well as the online gaming world are metaphorical instances of a reality that is coming to our daily lives.  Online gaming such as seen on games like World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and many others will become a reality for our own bodies—especially as the younger generation moves into their 40’s and 50’s.  They will have no problem making these difficult psychological adjustments as they have been playing computer games their entire lives and have created thousands of online characters all representing key aspects to their human souls.  The body those souls reside in do not matter as much as the essence of the spirit behind the soul.

Education of tomorrow will be as simple as uploading a new program into your home computer.   A child could reasonably have uploaded onto their brains the entire wealth of knowledge of the human race in just a few decades from now completely eliminating the need for classrooms known so well in traditional education which has proven ineffective.  12 to 18 years of study in schools is unnecessary in the world of tomorrow as knowledge is simply an upload not created by neuron building through repetition as it is today, but data directly implanted onto neurons constructed upon an upload of the data.  So holding on to the old, archaic formula that the government is driving is a foolish gesture that only holds society back unnecessarily.

There are literally millions of such difficult technical advances that are coming our way within the next hundred years so it is important that during these transitions government is reduced to a minimal amount, because these new technologies will be devastating in the hands of overreaching government dictators.  It is best to eliminate these threats to the human race now rather than deal with them later when ousting their power will be much, much more difficult.  But they will be ousted.  Their days are numbered because I can say that the youth that grew up with online gaming will not put up with such restrictions.  In video games many of the environments are best reflected by laissez-faire capitalism.   It is this type of economy that is most prevalent in the online world because politicians have not learned how to loot off of it—but it’s too late.  Too many people have had a taste of pure capitalism online, and will expect it in the years to come.  Once they learn that the economy of the real world is caused by political tampering, they will become very angry—and active.  Currently many citizens tune out of politics preferring fantasy evasion over grim reality so long as they have enough money to buy new video games and pay for their basic living needs.  But if that is threatened, they will expect laissez-faire capitalism and won’t understand the politics of United Nation power grabs like Agenda 21 or the fairness merits of socialism.  In the world of computer gaming no such fairness is appreciated since all computer users are equal—they can be as big and strong, fast or slow as they desire when they set up their avatars.  What separates the good from the bad is effort and commitment something the most devout video gamer understands very well.  It is only a matter of a few years that those kinds of options will be available to the masses in reality.

Some of the great quarterbacks of old from the game of Football is Doug Flutie and Joe Montana—both guys were about 5-10 weighting about 190 to 200 pounds.  Just twenty years later most quarterbacks are 6-5 and weigh 240.  Evolution is happening and technical advances will soon make quarterbacks that are 7 foot tall and weigh 300 pounds.  These advances will occur because the game will demand it through competition.  And if a player gets injured, instead of going on the IR for the rest of a season, he will simply upload himself into a new body that he has constructed to use as a backup while their primary body heals.  Paralysis and handicaps will be a thing of the past.  These things will happen whether or not we are ready for them, so it is our job to get ready for them, and to focus our philosophies and religious on ways to train our minds to contend with the adjustments.     But the path of the political progressive is a doomed one.  They are literally clamoring to outdated ideas that were put into motion a 100 years ago and are trying to hold society back politically to preserve them from the changes that are about to flood society with the dawn of a new age just as revolutionary as the Industrial Revolution.

Speaking for myself I never plan to retire.  I don’t see myself living in a Florida condo taking 20 pills a day just to stay alive and watching the sun rise and set waiting to die.  Rather 100 years from now I plan to still be active doing all types of projects pursing the ideas my mind craves to consume, and I plan to run over any political ideology that gets in the way of my doing it.  I’m not in love with power or politics in any fashion.  I just want to be left alone to live my life in the fashion I want to live it.  And in the future it will only be easier—not harder to do such.  The impediments of our age are manufactured and false made uselessly cumbersome to protect the empires of old and their out-dated thinking that runs counter to what’s coming.  It does no good to pander to these types of people because it only delays the inevitable.  The future is an exciting place but it will be radically different from the lives we live today.  That is why it is important to preserve the American Constitution as the blueprint to a healthy society of tomorrow so that they power grabbers of corruption can inflict minimal damage in the days to come with archaic beliefs that are a century out-dated trying to hold back a future that is coming at us with a fury.

Rich Hoffman