Invasion of the United Nations: How Agenda 21 is coming after you and your neighborhood

If you ever wondered why your community is building sidewalks to nowhere, or cities seem hell-bent on constructing streetcars, or your local public school constantly uses terms like “global marketplace” and learning initiatives it is because your school, your city, and your community are following United Nations Agenda 21—and the goal of this diabolical scheme is foreign control of The United States with a gradual massive redistributive wealth plot spread across the entire world.  In essence, the intention of Agenda 21 is designed to steal the wealth of America along with the tendency of freedom that only exists on the North American continent and replace it with a centrally controlled government functioning within the U.N. in Europe.

Agenda 21 has already been at work for over 20 years and it is only now that the intentions of robbing Americans of their freedoms are becoming evident.  The strategy has been to gradually get Americans to accept government regulations they would otherwise reject by selling them little bits of goodness like parks and sidewalks in suburban areas so that trust will be earned in surrendering freedoms to a foreign entity, in this case a coalition of nations.

In my neighborhood of the ultra conservative Liberty Twp., Ohio Agenda 21 is showing up in the Vision Plan Committee as seen at the link below.

In the city of Cincinnati Agenda 21 is showing up in a program called Plan Cincinnati which can be seen here:

I know Roxanne Qualls personally and can state emphatically that she is an ultra political progressive along the lines of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Mayor Mallory—Obama’s personal buddy.  When questioned about Agenda 21, people like Qualls will laugh about what a conspiracy such a thing is—and she believes she is on the high side of morality, and will attack anyone who thinks differently from her.  For context, I once gave Roxanne Qualls while she was Mayor of Cincinnati in 1996 a t-shirt in her office stating “TAKE AN AXE TO OUR TAX” to encourage her to vote for tax decreases.  She of course laughed at me—as predicted and thanked me for the shirt which I’m sure she threw away as soon as I left her office.  For the rest of the contents of that meeting it found its way in fictional form into my novel Tail of the Dragon where Chet Watson speaks to Governor Royce.  That scene was based on my discussion with Foxy Roxy the ultra progressive. She has been advocating Agenda 21 since it’s creation in 1992 whether or not she called it out by name.

Most of the time the advocates of Agenda 21 have no idea how the plan came into their minds—they just know they support it without question.  This is the case of Karen Mantia the current superintendent of the Lakota School District.  After many years as a teacher, and furthering her education to obtain a doctorate in the field of education, she had to run the minefield of Agenda 21 studies that were pounded into her head for two decades.  People who are successful in education learn to say yes to Agenda 21.  Outcasts who question it find themselves unemployed and on the outside looking in.  So the higher the degree of study in modern-day university, the more committed to Agenda 21 they are.  There are a few exceptions that I can think of right off-hand, but without fail, those exceptions have very strong families to help those students off-set the global oriented training that is provided in both public education and colleges.  Many advocates of Agenda 21 accepted in their education days to blindly acknowledge such concepts and if they deny the teaching they either drop out of school to preserve their own ideas, or they fail their classes—because tolerance of other opinions is not what college is all about—or public education for that matter.  In fact the goal of public education is not to inspire children to learn—but to teach children what social class they belong to—so that Agenda 21 can sort out the beneficial to their cause from the malcontents.

It is likely that many of the teachers employed under Lakota Superintendent Mantia as well as the school board have never heard of Agenda 21, because they see themselves as simple cogs in the wheel and do not question such things.  Agenda 21 is a machine of many such wheels all connected to shafts that drive the machine in ways that each part of the machine seldom analyzes and this is how such things get advanced against the wishes of mankind—and how tyrants rise to power.  Well-intentioned fools blindly follow the follies of some United Nations power grabber in a plot designed to rob America of freedom and wealth and distribute it to the entire world with a one world government superseding the elections held in The United States.  That is the world these people are pushing for and it all starts with a sidewalk in your local community, to subtly gain the approval of the public through a very manipulative game designed to rob humanity of freedom in a naive preservation of Mother Earth.

Agenda 21 is in its simplest form an attack on American sovereignty without destroying the cash cow that supplies The United Nations with most of their funding and military might.  The hope by these progressive insurrection artists is that a slow conversion in America from an individual based capitalist nation to a collective based managed economy ruled by Socialist International can occur without disrupting the global economy, much of it still at the mercy of The United States.  The progressives themselves are collectivist oriented old hippies still trying to bring about the kind of world they imagined while they were experimenting with drugs in the 1960’s and 70’s, and they are a disgusting lot.  The only places that such a world can be created under such impractical market values is in government where they can steal tax money to build the world of their distorted dreams—because all such thoughts would be snuffed out in the competition of the private sector.   Progressives are the greatest threat to modern freedom, because they are selfless entities serving a collective idea centered around Agenda 21.  If allowed to continue, within twenty years suburb living will be illegal, land will not be able to be purchased in any capacity, and all businesses will be collectively owned by the state—run by the United Nations.  This is why progressives must be defeated in public education, local politics, state politics, labor unions, and environmental goof-ball organizations.  We must get progressives out of our pockets and out of our lives otherwise they will never stop until they have taken every last liberty from America.  It must be acknowledged that the national debt is part of this take over strategy because it takes away the power of the United States to manage their own affairs as a sovereign nation.  Debt too is part of Agenda 21.  So the threat is very, very real, and it is up to each and every American on how they deal with this crisis—because a crises it is.  Ignoring Agenda 21 will not make it go away.  Silently dismissing progressives won’t dull the knives they intend to stick in the heart of personal liberty.  Playing nicely with those who think differently will only result in more loses to the radical left which is behind Agenda 21—even though it was George Bush Sr., who helped bring it to being in 1992.  Without fighting for our freedoms, we will lose them to those who wish to sell freedoms away because they are not strong enough, or mature enough to handle their own individual lives responsibly.  And the first of those yielded liberties evaporate with the construction of the community side-walk through a designated “green space,” and a school levy to maintain the power of progressive teacher unions.  These evils begin there and must be dealt with as threats to life itself.  There is no middle ground on this.  The proof is all around us.

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Rich Hoffman