Van Jones and the Tea Party: The punch in the mouth is coming

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that inaction will lead to peace. Van Jones declared himself a communist in 1992 and has been a big part of the ground game of progressive politics since those early days of the present attack on American liberty. So when Jones says that the Tea Party is threatening to destroy America, what he means is that the return to Constitutionally based principles is a threat to the gains that communism has made in The United States with small amounts of socialism that has been implemented gradually over a long period of time. You can read more about Van Jones at the link below.


When he calls the Tea Party “terrorists” he is simply reacting to the resistance against progressive tactical movements toward open socialism in America. If not for the rise of the Tea Party, people like Van Jones would have had unfettered dominion over many passive minds into furthering the cause of global communism.

Because he fulfills the communist agenda put down in 1958 through the book, The Naked Communist, (CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW, read that list and say all this is a conspiracy), he has been placed on every television network friendly to open national socialism, and media outlet who wishes to advance the 45 points described in that book as a way to change America from what it was into what they want it to be. Make no mistake about it—Van Jones and his kind of people are attacking America to change it into socialism—followed by communism—and the only resistance they have is the Tea Party.

Now that Obama has been re-elected to another term, with a lot of help from the Van Jones ground game, progressives are seeing the anger of middle-America and they are a bit shocked by it. The gun sales are way up as many citizens of Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, and Southern Ohio along with many other secure Red States are rushing out to buy fire arms to defend themselves from the obvious communist plot that has been at a slow boil in Washington—even while many Republicans helped turn up the heat ever so slightly. In the days after the 2012 Election many people went to the White House website and signed a petition to secede from the Union, and this has raised some insider eye-brows.

So it is noticeable that Van Jones has shifted his gears in calling the Tea Party a bunch of crazy terrorists radicals—which the media and many young influential college students have been happy to repeat—to calling them an “impressive” organization. He is not saying such things to appease the ego of the Tea Party, he is changing his tone to lull back to sleep the anger that is emerging, so that the Tea Party does not resort to the kind of tactics that he has been guilty of for 20 years—radical insurrection as both a political outsider with an aggressive ground game, and a political insider with the ear of the president.

If you’ve ever been in a fist fight with another human being—where you were coaxed into stepping out into the parking lot to beat the hell out of the punk, and once there, the big mouth seeing your willingness to fight complimented you on your courage and offered to buy you a drink, you’ll see the same tactic now being played by people like Van Jones. The provocateur knows you are about to kick his ass, and he knows by the anger on your face that he doesn’t stand a chance, so he seeks to appeal to your good side and calm you down again—since his bluff has been called. That is what Van Jones is doing now in the wake of Obama’s re-election.

The communist progressives are trying to separate the Republicans from the Tea Party because they believe that will take away the voice of the Tea Party in national government—and they are quick to point out the losses the Tea Party had in the last election—as they hope this trend will continue.

But the difference is that the Tea Party is not playing checkers against the communists who have been playing chess all along. No, the Tea Party is playing a combination of Chess and Battleship both at the same time. What Van Jones and the rest of the progressives are worried about is that they have just awaken a sleeping giant in the core of the United States and they are climbing on board with the resistance movement against progressives. Many people assumed that Obama would lose because he was such a diabolical president the first time around, so they didn’t vote—and shame on them. Meanwhile, the communist progressives like Van Jones brought their backers to the voting booth and did whatever they had to do to skew the numbers in their favor. The victory was hardly decisive as many Americans have given up on the election process and are now cleaning their guns anticipating trouble. Obama won because collectivism works in their favor—their people are all functioning from the same play book, but conservatives are divided on how to defeat progressives—but the anger of seeing progressives continuing to ruin the nation can unite such divisions.

In the wake of the election Romney’s comment about half the country being “takers” is correct, and the other half of the country knows it—but out of kindness, nobody speaks about it. Well, not any more, because the game is on the table, and people see what’s happening, and they know they have been manipulated, and taken advantage of. And it is for that reason that there is a pause in the progressives step and a bit of reconciliation in their voice, because they know they are about to get punched in the mouth—and it is going to hurt.

The division among conservatives is not whether or not the progressives will be punched in the face, it’s only a matter of how hard. My thoughts are to knock their damn heads clean off while others wish to simply slap their cheeks. But either way, trouble is coming for the progressives and they know it. Peace is not the path to the preservation of American freedom, and no amount of name-calling can stop that now.

Rich Hoffman