Bloody Hands and Worse: What can you do when your government openly lies and elections don’t work?

For me, all suspicions of speculative government conspiracy ended on Election Day 2012. I no longer believe that peaceful negotiations with progressives is possible and I disagree with Glenn Beck that the path to returning America back to a Constitutional Republic can be achieved without violence. I hope he’s right, but I doubt it. Speaking personally I have had a lot of blood drip from my hands over lies told to me over far, far less than what has been revealed in the video below. Glenn Beck is a good person, as is many of the millions who tune in to listen to him daily. I like their Christian views of goodness, and adherence to Biblical principles. I like their desire to live by the Ten Commandments. But I do not like their tendency to sacrifice themselves like martyrs in a Roman coliseum as the centurions toss peaceful bodies to the lions to be devoured in a blood bath designed to appease a mob.

No, I am a much more vengeful person—especially when I discover that I have been taken advantage of, and there isn’t a media personality who reflects my volatile personality for the wrath I am thinking for these thugs that sit in the seat of American government. Peaceful elections are one thing, and I have believed in the system for many years, even how it functioned in 2008 when Barack Obama was first elected. But with the evidence now out in the open, and knowing what kind of man he is, and who he has surrounded himself with.

After watching Chris Christie turn so quickly from a critic of the President to being a supporter attacking Romney, then watching Romney make a declaration against 47% of the country’s “takers” feeding like carnivorous beasts off the economic “makers” then seeking to appease those ravenous blood thirsty consumers for the rest of his campaign to appear as a “moderate,” I have given up hope that peace and justice can be obtained with logic and elections.

The guilty party that put to sleep 62 million voters who re-elected Barack Obama is the public school system. To learn how—CLICK HERE. I have watched more people spend their time filling out their Fantasy Football picks than they invested into who they were going to vote for president, and this is the fault of public education. Government schools have produced half a country that is too lazy, and unsophisticated to legitimately vote. They are too lazy to even look at the Benghazi situation and call it what it is—just another sex scandal desired to deflect attention away from the actual crimes committed apparently by the president himself. Richard Nixon resigned over far less than what is going on today, because at the time the population was far more awake—and the media stood ready to pounce on him, so when he was caught lying, he resigned to avoid the public scrutiny.

Obama and his band of lawyer thugs do not fear the public any longer. Progressives have sung to sleep more than half the nation and they know it. They don’t care about people speaking the truth on large radio stations, like Glenn Beck does daily, because they know the listeners won’t do anything about it.
They expect peaceful protests from the conservatives while the leftist radicals actually destroy lives and kill people by whatever means to advance their cause, and when confronted, they have no problem lying about it. They don’t fear Hell, or Satan, and they don’t give a rat’s ass about the Ten Commandments. They are stripping America of our symbols that hold us together as a country so that they can blend all of us into the soup of global government, and they are doing it out in the open.

That is the reason I no longer believe a peaceful solution is possible, because you have to be willing to fight the enemy in a worse way then they are against you, and for me that means you have to be more vicious, more violent, more rhetorical, more of everything to counter the mass collectivists that make up progressive politics. I know that goes against many of the personal beliefs of Glenn Beck’s audience—and that is not what he has been saying, he has been preaching peace—but I watched how Obama disarmed Romney in the debate over Benghazi, and it worked. In a lot of ways, all conservatives have shown the same kindness, and that is why they are losing.

I know it’s a scary thought dear reader, but we are at that time. I hate to see it happen, but fighting for our freedoms will mean soon that we don’t just elect another parasite to go to Washington and enrich themselves off lobbyist money. Fighting for freedom will literally mean fighting and blood will drip from our hands and we have to be willing to do it otherwise progressives will win this fight because they are more aggressive than we are—and more ruthless. They will lie, cheat, steal, kill and destroy anything in their path—and to beat them, we must be willing to do the same, only worse. The essence of the trouble is that a sitting president was willing to lie to us so directly and hide the lie behind just another scandal because they do not fear our anger or what it will do to them.

They do not respect us—and that must change. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT’S NEXT.

For more graphic pictures and video of this terrible attack CLICK HERE to see them.  I didn’t post them because they are too disgusting. 

Rich Hoffman