The State of Public Education: Why it must be destroyed in current form

In relation to the Hostess Labor Strike that I wrote about yesterday, the issue of public education must be painted against this backdrop.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  Public education is controlled by radical labor unions who teach our children aspects of life that many of us may not agree with—such as sexual education that leans in a promiscuous direction, anti-capitalistic labor practices, large government expansion, and of course destructive global sciences that are rooted in belief and not fact.  These would not be so problematic if parents had an option as to where they could send their children, and if they did not like the school and what it taught their children, they had the option of taking their child to another school that was more in line with their family’s beliefs.  However, the union labor agreements with government help has helped create a destructive progressive monopoly that resides in each and every neighborhood in America and it is with these monopolies that the single greatest threat to The United States resides—the attack on the minds of our youth to learn things that are not only detrimental to themselves, but our nation—as is in evidence by the results of the 2012 election.

Labor unions in public school maintain a government backed monopoly, and when education employees wish to increase their wages, all they must do is strike forcing school boards and federal mediators to come in and resolve the labor dispute.  Parents do not have the option to pick their kids up and take them to another school that does not have striking employees, busing cuts, or pay-for-play extracurricular activities because government has backed the labor unions into maintaining an education monopoly—forcefully taking money from property ownership to fund the monopoly.  The only recourse a parent has who is displeased with this arrangement is to pull their child out of their local public school and teach them at home.  But the scam still impacts them as their tax money will still be stolen from their property value whether or not the parents enjoy the product of public education.

When teachers strike, parents have no choice but to accept the product and this is wrong.  This government arrangement with public education ensures that the teaching profession will always be paid much higher than the tax payers who pay their salaries with benefits that are lavish and among the best of their kind.  The working hours are extraordinarily easy, and the other benefits are excessively good—and are granted because education has maintained this monopoly status with the guns of the government at their back leaving some radical teachers to advocate political beliefs to our youth without fear of competing ideas to filter out the actual merit.  Parents are told to put up and shut up, and to simply pay their taxes, otherwise their property will be seized.

This is the state of public education, and it is one of the worst debacles of our modern age.  It creates un-thinking youth, helpless parents, and advances the cause of destructive progressivism in American culture.  I find the entire arrangement appalling, and I take great honor in being called by my progressive enemies, the LASH OF EXTREMISM.  (CLICK FOR REVIEW.)  Now that it is well known what is behind the labor movement within the education industry, I consider such a term to be the highest compliment.  My only wish is that more people were not so chicken but to call these parasites what they are.  Instead, they continue to put up with it when they know it’s wrong—instead of demanding something better.  I am considered an extremist because I have demanded better for less money.   I am considered an extremist for expecting the kids of my community to learn about capitalism instead of communism, to demand that teachers live within a wage structure that everyone else does, and to ask for options so that education monopolies can’t be allowed to loot a community’s wealth from property value and re-distribute that wealth to democratic politicians who advocate legal socialism.  It is a high compliment indeed to be called an extremist by such social parasites just for demanding options.

It is a good thing to be considered an enemy among progressives and communists because believe me—I don’t like them either.  The feeling is more than mutual.  Progressives seek to impose themselves on all our lives and that makes them a threat to personal liberty.  To see what’s at stake for our future and why the threat is so real watch the videos below.  To see what’s behind those videos and the threats of education against our children CLICK HERE.  You may be stunned to learn the truth.  

Rich Hoffman