The Obama Tax Increase of 2013: Let them fall off the cliff

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The rich have left me at the altar many times so I will not blindly defend them at a sacrifice to myself. I support laissez-faire capitalism which would make more people rich and generate more revenue in America. But I do not speak against President Obama’s “tax the rich” policy to protect the rich against government looters like Obama, but to protect America from socialism which is what such taxing policies are. In fact it is the exact policy of the current president of France who is a member of the Socialist Party. Tax and spend is what they do, and I oppose them because their philosophy is corrosive to productivity. So with that in mind, in reaction to President Obama’s comments to my local congressman, Speaker Boehner about his intentions to raise taxes on the rich, I publicly say let Obama raise taxes, and let him take the responsibility for the result. Let him have his tax increase on the rich so that he will learn the hard lesson that the money raised will only be a drop in the bucket for an ocean of economic problems that are destined to happen because of the Democratic Party’s commitment to global socialism. To fight Obama and his naive understanding of economics is to make yourselves the villains and allow him to snake his way around to continue undermining the Republican Party through the blame game. Obama ran his whole campaign on this “tax the rich” idea, so the American people need to learn the hard lesson of his ignorance. Sometimes the best way to teach a child that the oven is “hot” is to let them get burnt.

The “rich” will shelter their money in other ways so they will not be impacted so badly. The House of Representatives gains nothing by taking a hard-line in the sand on the issue. The snakes will only end up biting Boehner and the other Republicans in the end. Logic does not work with 51% of the American public because they elected a fool for president, so let them have their loot and live to beat them over the head with it when they fail, which they will without question.

To pay taxes is to assume that the product the government produces is good. I personally do not endorse the product the government makes. Their employees are paid too much, there are too many of them, and they are grossly ineffective, and I reject the product. So I will personally avoid through legal means every tax increase thrown in my direction—because I do not like the product. But it is time for the socialists to be called such—and not hide behind the mask of Democrats, or Progressives, and it is time for them to have egg on that face that is revealed for what they are. To fight a fool only feeds their plight as more fools through collectivism will follow like rats the fool in front of them, and its time to let them run themselves off the cliff and onto the jagged rocks below.

Then live to say——–“I told you so.”

Rich Hoffman