Save America by Breaking the Law: Rebellion starts by shrugging regulations

With the times that are coming it must be said that my advice to you dear reader is to get used to ignoring the laws created by half-baked politicians and scheming attorneys who impose their selfish maneuvers into public service.  Speaking for myself, should the NDAA Act be called upon me or my family, the hides of the perpetrators will find themselves decorating the trees of my front yard.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW THE NDAA ACT.  At some point people have to decide what kind of world they want to live in and if the political class no longer represents the core of the people who make up a country, changes must be made, and those who currently reside in power will not give it back until forced to either with violence, or the money runs out—which will then of course lead to violence from the riots that will take place much like what Europe is going through presently.

I am aware that my statement may sound radical to those who have not been paying attention, and my suggestion that my friends, family and neighbors should openly break the law seems insane.  But before the news hits the wire that I went on some crazy rampage of law breaking, be it known that I placed my thoughts about the balance between law and order, and the pursuit of freedom in my book Tail of the Dragon, which contains my opinion about the legal system’s merit, national and world-wide politics, and the rights of the individual to live a good life—and I will allow that book to speak on my behalf and support with much greater detail what I’m saying now.

Break the law—and do it openly.  Shrug off the laws of politicians and their pages upon pages of regulations they produce and send them the message that their laws have no meaning.  Buy radar detectors to cheat the speed limit, buy license plate frames that throw off speed camera detection, find ways to legally shelter your tax dollars from your local public school, find a way to work around the EPA and every other regulatory agencies.  Find a way to break every law that restricts your freedom for the health of the liberty movement in America.  Do it in the spirit of protecting you and your families from the “takers” so that the “makers” can live to produce again at some future time.

Ironically, I suspected that this time would come many years ago, and I know the question that will be asked next—what gives me the right to decide what right and wrong is?  What gives me the right to decide what laws I’ll follow and which ones I’ll discard as worthless?  If everyone does what I plan to do, the world will fall into anarchy and people will be killing each other for no good reason.  Well, I examined this very issue in my 2004 book The Symposium of Justice—so before anyone claims that I am a crazed radical who does not have a right to drive too fast on the nation’s roads, or come and go where I please in any manner that I wish, or avoid corrosive taxes denying the needs of the many in protection of my self-interest, my thoughts are published in those two books and should settle the argument better than any court case, or media blitz that attempts to paint my future behavior in a negative way.  The reason behind my actions is there in those books for all to read and cannot be edited by any spin masters in public relations, or online editors who might attempt to paint a picture of me that isn’t true.  My true statements are copyrighted with the Library of Congress and cannot be altered easily.

I’ve been in every kind of trouble one can imagine, I know the court system, I know lawyers, I know politics, I know business, I know the darkest aspects of the human heart, and I know history—I know where we are headed and how difficult it will be—and I will not follow fools to that destination under the shackle of law.  My family will not follow and I will take up arms with the intention that there is no retreat.  And when that time happens, I will not allow my name to be smeared the way that Randy Weaver was at Ruby Ridge. CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL ABOUT THAT SITUATION.  That is why I published my public statement not in a court of law, but in the books that live forever and are openly available to the public through and can by-pass the media that would attempt to paint me as a lunatic as we all suspect happens a lot to other untamables.

There comes a time when people have to decide what side they are on, because taking a neutral position is no longer possible.  Pleading ignorance isn’t funny any longer.  People must decide if they are social “makers” or social “takers” and the battle lines are drawn right there.  I will not adhere to laws that are designed to create more social “takers” at the expense of the “makers.”  I won’t do it any more, and when the “takers” come to extort my participation, there will be big trouble, because I will not yield.

So break some laws and feel good about it, the more of us that do such things the better.  I would prefer if I wasn’t the only one, but I will proceed regardless of mutual participation.  Talks of revolution are toothless unless there is a willingness to push back in some way, and America is on the cusp of another revolution.  It would be wonderful if such a revolution could be done peacefully without death and violence—but I am beginning to doubt it.  The personalities in modern government are not equipped to govern my life, and that is why I declare that laws should be openly broken as a rebellion against corrupt authority.

I do not feel that way about all government.  It gives me great hope to see that Sharon Kennedy from my community recently ousted a former radical Ohio Supreme Court Judge in Columbus.  Sharon was a former police officer, yet the FOP did not endorse her for the election in 2012.  For anybody who has read the Ohio Constitution it is a good document that is even purer and liberty loving than the Federal Constitution, but it is ignored and manipulated by many greedy lawyers looking for a way to game the system, especially at the federal level.  The battle of our day is the fight between judges like Sharon Kennedy at the state level and those appointed by presidents at the federal level.  The federal government believes that they trump state law and seek at every turn to make their intentions known.  I respect the law that Sharon Kennedy provides.  I do not respect the law that comes out of Washington politics.  That is where I draw the line.

So break the law and do it with American pride.  Don’t make yourself a pawn to the chess players of life in politics.  Fight back by rejecting their laws and letting them know that you think they are irrelevant.  Do it for the good of the country, and for your own sanity.  But if you don’t do it for any other reason, do it for your own sanity.  Breaking unjust laws is healthy for the liberty movement.  If liberty is the goal, then more laws is the enemy, and it is time to declare such things so with more than just talk.

Rich Hoffman