Obama Picks a Fight: Everything You Need to Know About Benghazi

Whatever you call pure evil, the story below is the embodiment of it.  If in the past you screamed for President Nixon to resign over Watergate you should scream the same thing of Obama over Benghazi, because it is much, much worse.  If you declared that President Reagan should be impeached over Iran Contra, then you should say the same about President Obama and his Department of Justice head Eric Holder, because they are involved in much more sinister plans than anything done during that epic failure that would forever tarnish the reputation of Ronald Reagan.  Benghazi has written all over it the worst of American politics, it involves death, sex, betrayal, and worse of all, a complete willingness by a sitting President to lie to the American public and to destroy the lives of everyone, and anyone to do it.

Glenn Beck has provided so far the best information about the Benghazi failure without over-the-top conspiracy theories.  Many Americans simply are not evil, and cannot begin to wrap their minds around people who are—people who will do anything at any cost to win their position.  And when it comes to the highest office in the world compounded with the fact that the players are extreme radicals, the recipient for destruction is self-evident to anyone who cares to look.  Listen to these below broadcasts carefully and completely and you will learn all you need to know about the Benghazi situation that is behind the curtain of the General Petraus affair.

General Petraus was deliberately baited and set up to take the fall for a number of diabolical schemes that were already well in motion.  And the Obama Administration is attempting to conceal their many crimes by making the entire Benghazi situation into one of sex which was the same strategy Clinton’s Administration used to cover up his perjury conviction in the House of Representatives in 1998, which many people forgot about, due to the successful distraction created by the Lewinsky sex scandal.  The public was so infatuated with the presidential semen stains on the blue dress that they could simply not grapple with the severity of the perjury case.  This is what you get when you elect lawyers into public office, and Obama is a radical socialist sympathizer who is also a lawyer.  Click the bellow link to review the Clinton case.


By setting up Petraus to take the fall for the gun running operation that supplied the terrorists in Libya in order to overthrow Kaddafi, the Obama Administration had planted the seeds that Beck explained in great detail above.   It should be obvious by now to understand why Obama called in the military action against Libya while he was in Brazil which caused so much of a stir, but again was easily forgotten due to the sheer volume of negative information the American people were required to digest of the evil being performed right under their noses.

The lawyer tactic used in all these cases, which all these former and present presidents employee to advance their power grabs–to cover their tracks in the wake of much destruction, is the “Crow Test.  Click here to read my article on this diabolical scheme that is used every single day to cover the many crimes that happen in broad daylight.  The sex scandal of Petraus is the overload information item designed intentionally by many evil minds to focus the mass public on information that they find more appealing, and sensational than the menacing truth behind the many deaths that have fallen in the line of fire from a regime of power grabbers that will do anything to have their way.  That is why the punishment of these characters must be swift, and decisive.  The minds of the public cannot be allowed to be toyed with like children easily distracted by the newest toy in their play pin.

Evil must be dealt with not with careful hands and pats on the back hoping to appease their temperament.  Evil must be crushed—completely, and mashed out of existence.  Failure of such conviction will ultimately destroy our country for all political parties, no matter what their affiliation.  This game in Benghazi requires a conviction against evil, and anything else will allow more evil to encroach itself even deeper into American culture like the fulfillment of a Book of Revelations prophecy.

One of the keys to winning at war, according to the ancient Chinese literary classic, The Art of War is that the military strategist must “possess the heart to take hearts,” meaning you must not show mercy to your enemy even if they squirm on the ground when they are caught and beg for mercy.  Such enemies must have their heads cut off when they are strategically outmaneuvered.  If they are allowed to live, they will return to fight again the next time more prepared than the previous time, and such is the case over Benghazi in relation to President Clinton’s perjury conviction.  The same tactics will be used later to conceal much greater crimes because they worked before, and will work in the future.  The recipients of the manipulation lack the heart to take hearts these days, and evil knows it.  That is why Benghazi cannot be allowed to be swept under the rug and justice must be pursued no matter who falls from power, or who goes to jail.  All involved must be made an example of if America is to preserve itself as a nation and such justice must be pursued as though all our lives depended on it—because in a lot of ways—it does.

Obama dared everyone to come after him.  I suggest many people oblige him.


“Pretty tough talk Obama, with your NDAA Act behind you and the entire military much of which you’ve managed to strip away the top ranking officials……………Hmmmm?  I wonder what you’re up to?”

For all you ultra conservative Republicans who probably haven’t been in a parking lot fight in 60 years—if ever—Obama is calling you out.  Usually when a guy talks smack like he is he’s guilty and trying to bluff his true position with brute force.  It worked against Romney in the second debate and Romney backed off like a nice conservative and never brought it up again.  Now Obama’s trying to do the same thing in front of the Benghazi congressional hearings.  You’ll notice that the labor unions use the same tactic.  The best thing to do when these types of thugs mouth off like that is to go over and give them everything you’ve got and then some.  Because they are asking for it, and calculate that you won’t do it.

Rich Hoffman