‘City Beat’ Pokes Fun at the Lebanon Tea Party: The failure of generational social philosophy

To understand what is wrong with many modern-day progressives just read their response to the Lebanon Tea Party post-election statement about how America will be well on its way to open socialism now that Obama has been re-elected. The link below is the smart-ass editorial from City Beat magazine apologizing to the Tea Party for helping to elect a socialist. Similar comments were heard on 700 WLW and other media outlets that quickly jumped on the Obama reefer truck after the election along with the other miscreants.


Most of the children who work at City Beat were literally born yesterday and the 1950’s seems like an entire century ago, and all they know about that time is what their public school teachers taught them. But it’s good to learn how those poor young people think—that youth who is so sure of their world-view that they are willing to flaunt a communist flag in the face of people who are genuinely concerned about the direction of the country, primarily because young people like the author of that article are so destitute in their thinking.

The reason people feel that the election of 2012 is a turning point for the country is because it is now obvious that logic has been suppressed most likely forever by stupidity and short-sightedness. The rebellious gestures of the modern progressive youth are functioning from a broken philosophy that will destroy America. To understand why, the video below frames the reason well. The belief system of a country makes up its philosophy and in those definitions are the success and failure of a civilization.

Many of the kids today spent at least 12 years learning about altruism in public school, they watch a lot of television; they are obsessed with evasion through social media, music, and chemical indulgence. Many of them have step parents and broken families and cannot look to a family member for strength so they look to government, which was always the plan as outlined in The Naked Communist—1958. CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  (Read that list well mateys, there is your real history from the 1950’s). They think their opinions are new, and their own. They don’t know the origin of their thoughts—but it is they who have elected Obama, and it is because of them that we mourn our country, because they are not equipped to handle the country that people like those in the Lebanon Tea Party helped build.

I have heard it asked “what happened to the Tea Party, why are they so extreme, and talking about socialism all the time.” Well, the reason is that it has been learned that it is socialism that we are dealing with, and anyone who chooses to read a book instead of drinking a pitcher of beer at BW3’s with a group of friends would know—because knowledge contributes to the philosophy of a nation—mindless evasion perpetuates the destruction.

I see the same kind of sarcasm shown in the City Beat article that is heard from kids in their twenties complaining about their parents as they declare their social independence. They often state how stupid their parents are, how overly dramatic, and out-of-touch. But what those kids don’t know is how hard it is to build a good life, and once they get a taste of it and pop out a couple of kids of their own to care for, they mature considerably, and adversely become more conservative as they get older and learn how the world works. That is why the political philosophy of fools targets the young, and influential, who are too lazy to read a book or learn things on their own—rather they just repeat what others have told them like a mindless parrot, and maintain the “hip” social norm—without working to discover who made those social norms “hip” to begin with. It is those types of people who elected Obama, and now like a child you’d like to help not fall on their face in life, they will feel the wrath of their philosophic commitment. The loss felt by those who struggled to leave them a good country is a slap in the face by those young City Beat employees. The Lebanon Tea Party has been fighting to prevent the inevitable, and they were ridiculed not only in the loss but by the snot nosed kids who mocked their effort.

Now we have to watch it happen, and happen it will, socialism will overtake capitalism and restrict the economic growth that made America what it has always been to most of us who have lived long enough to remember. When it does the smart ass kids at City Beat will then understand the meaning behind the Lebanon post-election statement—and they won’t think it’s so funny. Freedom requires intelligence and self-reliance, and those are traits in American philosophy that are no longer present by the youth who think they know everything already. It was those kinds of people who put Obama in The White House, and they will have to live with the consequences, which will come quickly.

Wait till they find out how expensive Obama Care is—that is the first step that will show the impact of their massive mishap.

Rich Hoffman



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