A New Star Wars Theme Park: Rich Hoffman and Matt Clark discuss Disney’s new property on WAAM Radio

The picture above is a fan design shown at Star Wars Celebration V of a future theme park that appears to be much more than fantasy now that Disney has purchased the long treasured franchise.  This is significant because as I stated in my previous article about how George Lucas is the greatest anthropologist ever, I discussed why Star Wars is so important to the advancement of mankind.

If there is a great hope that I have for the future of civilization, it is in the philosophy advocated through Star Wars to the mass population, and specifically the youth.  My views on this prompted Matt Clark and I to discuss the issue on WAAM Radio in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

In the story arch of Star Wars it is not about just one character, or even one family.  It is a very encompassing idea that is nearly as complicated as Greek Mythology and is about the fundamental conflicts of a philosophy that embodies pure aggression and conquest against another focused on understanding.  Within the story arcs done up to this point not only in the movies but the novels governments and the politicians behind them rise and fall many times, but always the heroes prevail through tenacity to give rise to another day.  The one primary consistency in Star Wars is the prevalence of the Jedi Knights to always be present to offer logic and solutions, even when they find themselves enemies of the current political regimes.  Sometimes they are on the right side of history as honored heroes, and sometimes they are fugitives fighting for their very existence, so whenever a long view is needed, Star Wars is a great mythology to partake in.

Under Disney it is my hope that Star Wars explodes culturally, not to make everyone sick of it, but in today’s tumultuous political climates and social atmosphere there really isn’t any other story that paints such a clear picture of right and wrong than Star Wars.  At its roots, Star Wars is an old-fashioned story that paints the picture of moral dilemmas exceptionally well.   It is my great hope that Star Wars under Disney ends up on cartoon stations, live action television and as many feature films that can be churned out from now till the end of time—because the essence of what Star Wars is about is good for society—because it invokes “thinking.”

So a theme park like the one shown above is not far off, and when it comes, I see big—positive things happening on a scale never seen before in any entertainment venture.  To my thinking there is nothing more powerful in human society than the myths people live by.  No invention of the human mind—be it cars, airplanes, electricity—anything, has the power of a great story.  And Star Wars is a big story about big ideas.  When the theme park is built, it will allow for the first time visitors to not only live out these big ideas within the context of a movie, or a book, but to walk around in these environments in a way that has never before been possible except with the massive resources of a big company that does great good like the Walt Disney Company.

When the new Star Wars Park opens, I will be one of the first in line with my entire family and I will be extremely excited to be there among the magic that perpetuates great ideas, and wonderful philosophy placed in a context that has significant social application.  In my house we have over 265 novels and junior novels that capture the epic story of Star Wars with a literary legacy that is unparalleled.  I have read most of them, my wife has read them all, and we will use those books to bring huge ideas to our growing family.  It is a great relief to us to see that Star Wars will always be there for the decades to come and will become more of a reality than the fantasy that it currently is within our lifetimes.

Rich Hoffman



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