A New Strategy for Republicans: Fund a porn actress for President in 2016

I will readily admit that my view of America is traditional and I see Democrats dragging my country progressively to the left using the Overton Window concept. I do wish to erase the political gains they have made over the last 60 years. I do not say such things to bring harm to other races, or sexes. America through a Republican ended slavery, and was the first country on Earth to actually free anybody. Time would have taken care of the rest in spite of any interference by looting politicians. But Democrats have taken the credit over the years for the good deeds done by many strong Americans and they have continuously manipulated our country toward socialism acting as an internal enemy, and I am ready to see their influence upon my life diffused.

For many years the threat of a third-party candidate in Presidential politics has weakened the Republican Party considerably and forced them to adjust from the image of the party of “rich angry white guys” to one that is more inclusive to other ideas and people. This is in no small part a strategy cooked up in the minds of the worst, most diabolical progressives, as they have helped fund such third-party candidates so to split the will of the Republican Party.

The same should be done to Democrats, the very wealthy donors who have spent fortunes propping up candidates like Mitt Romney, and Newt Gingrich should instead pour their money into a fourth party candidate that will divide the votes of the Democratic Party. Republicans will always have to deal with Libertarians who naturally contain discontented Republican voters. The Democrats need their own menace to erode their stranglehold on American politics.

My suggestion would be a porn actress such as seen below. Pouring money into such a disrespectable candidate would pull away many of the votes that Democrats currently get. It would specifically target the drug users, the sexually addicted, the labor unions, the politically illiterate, and the diabolically stupid. There is no question that many in the Democratic Party would vote for a porn actress with the same enthusiasm that they have for Barack Obama, or the future candidacy of Hillary Clinton. In fact, a porn actress would help split the women vote who overwhelming cast their ballots for Democrats.

All this would work very well for Republicans and allow them to return to management of the government while the miscreants of society would fight over different versions of sluts to represent the sleazy and disrespectful. Failure to do so will guarantee more losses of more elections and eventually destroy the Republican Party completely under democratic mob rule of a socialist society. Republicans need to play such a game because future elections will be between Libertarians and Republicans forever, leaving Democrats untouched and unified. So it is time to give Democrats some competition within their own party for the good of the country and that needs to happen by funding their demise with a candidate who will split their support in the future—like a brainless porn actress to represent the mindlessly destitute and weaken the power of their vote in future elections.

Rich Hoffman



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