Ron Paul’s Post Election Comments: Republicans better take note

Yes, failure to act will mean the end of the Republican Party. They must adapt, overcome, and win instead of clinging on to what worked in 1980, when most people thought Reagan was nuts. The Republican Party then wanted George Bush over Reagan, which would have been stupid. You have to be in the front of the train of thought, not in the rear end. 12 million voters is a lot of voters who didn’t like the message and just stayed home. Personally, I’m supporting Rand Paul. Get behind him now, or its over forever. Hillary will start running for her run next week I’d say.

Rich Hoffman




Becoming American

“America is over $16 trillion in debt. The “official” unemployment rate still hovers around 8%. Our federal government claims the right to spy on American citizens, indefinitely detain them, and even assassinate them without trial.

Domestic drones fly over the country for civilian surveillance. Twelve million fewer Americans voted in 2012 than in 2008, yet political pundits scratch their heads.

It’s not hard to see why, though.

To go along with endorsing a never-ending policy of bailouts, “stimulus packages,” and foreign military adventurism, the establishment of neither major party questions the assaults on Americans’ liberties I’ve named above.

As my campaign showed, the American people are fed up. Many realized heading into Tuesday that regardless of who won the presidential election, the status quo would be the real victor.

GOP leadership is now questioning why they didn’t perform better.

They’re looking at demographic changes in the United States and implying…

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