Obama is the President of The Reptile People: A reptilian conspiracy for the ages

There are only three possible scenarios that have delivered America to four more years of Obama.  The first scenario is that half the country is diabolically stupid, and has been so dumbed down by public education and television, that they can no longer think for themselves. The second is that voters have simply lost their minds due to years and years of smoking dope and were simply HIGH when they voted for Obama, because only someone under drug induced euphoria could possibly think that Obama had done a good job.  Or third, that David Icke has been correct all along stating emphatically a reptilian species of inter-dimension parasites are ruling our world from the confines of secrecy and dangle the world’s politicians from their finger tips.  Such a thought was the topic of a recent episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jessie Ventura, on Tru TV.


I enjoy the work of David Icke as he is very knowledgeable and entertaining.  I typically accept his theories as I would have any science fiction author—as a way to connect the dots with fantasy the things that don’t quite make sense in reality.  Icke travels the world giving marathon lectures that are filled with massive amounts of information to support his arguments.  One such example can be seen below, and should be watched in its entirety—because after witnessing the re-election of Barack Obama, many of the fantastic claims made by Icke make a lot more sense.

The goal all along has been to keep the populations of the world in a foolish state so that they are easy to rule, and the world will always be at war when intelligence is attacked, and foolishness is praised.  Whenever such conditions exist, Washington will be full of politicians like the looter Obama supported by an army of pot smoking losers intent to be effortlessly ruled by a hidden army of lizard people obsessed with ruling Earth as just one planet in a universal empire.  It’s the most plausible theory available to explain how America could have possibly elected such a terrible President in Obama to a second term.  Nothing else seems conceivable.  Surely there aren’t that many stupid people?

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Rich Hoffman



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