The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy: Why Barack Obama won a second term

To win the fight that we are all currently in, the proper targets must be properly identified, and dealt with.  In this case, the evidence points to an aspect of conspiracy that I didn’t want to believe.  But there is no other conclusion as to what happened in the election of 2012.  The foreign investment in America has spoken against the wishes of United States sovereignty.  In the case of Romney versus Obama, Romney was most prone to strengthening the American currency, which goes against the plan of global planners, who were very much invested in the American election.

So to learn who these people are and how they are all connected; watch this video by Jim Marrs speaking about this topic in Australia.  I personally like Jim, so much so that he is currently reading my book Tail of the Dragon for a cover blurb satisfying a portion of my 2013 marketing plan.  I’ve read many of his books and in several cases did not want to believe what he was reporting, as he has a reputation as a conspiracy theorists.  His newest book is a New York Times Bestseller called The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy.  He’s a great journalist, public speaker, and a damn good researcher and the burden to disprove his theories falls on his critics.  It is evident to me that much of what he says in the video below is the cause of the election that went against American value, and more toward the collapse of American currency purely for the profit of the puppet masters who have their hands in most of our lives.

To be free as we desire in America, we will have to cut our strings to these influences, which reside behind the façade of President of The United States, and must admit to ourselves that the system is broken beyond repair, and must be replaced with a return to Constitutional principles.  There is no compromise with people, who are willing to kill to see their intended results, and those are the kinds of people we are dealing with at the highest level, and they must be the new focus of any liberty movement that is to survive.

Rich Hoffman


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