A New Project: ‘The Trial of Fletcher Finnegan’

I have presented here on this site virtually anything anybody could want to know about just about anything. I have over 900 articles most of them 2000 words or more and those won’t be going away, but I am going to give myself a break from my daily articles so that I can work on a new strategy that must be implemented in reaction to the news of November 6, 2012. I have thought hard about the situation and as I do think some of the factual articles here are helpful to intelligent people. But the message is not getting through to everyone else.

To see these articles on whatever topics are desired, just Google—Overmanwarrior—(then your topic) and you will find information from this site to match your question.

However, I am more convinced than ever that my roots with mythology hold the key to unlocking the perplexities that confound so many people, and I need to put my 2000 words a day into those projects. Writing 900 more articles about the same things I have for the last three years won’t accomplish anything as I am at a diminishing marginal return on that effort. Instead, that effort needs to apply to a more robust stage where more people can be exposed to it. No matter how good the quality, or content of these articles are, the social title of a “blogger” does not do the trick and get the information to the places it needs to go. So I will be spending my time on that effort for a while.

I will still post articles here, but not in the quantity that I have been. The strategy that we have all been working to needs to be adjusted and that will be my new focus.

For a sneak peek at what I have in mind, see my article on The Trail of Fletcher Finnegan.

It is along these lines, but with bullwhips, and American ideas.

In the meantime, as I work on this new project, I have decided that there is no longer a peaceful resolution to these times, since the election system no longer works, as it has been purposely overloaded with lethargic foreign interest with open boarders and the diabolical moral bankruptcy of our American youth along with the bloc voting groups organized carefully by these same mass public looters. I have offered the arguments with peace and they are here for all to use. For now on, if government attempts to take more away from me, I will take two times more back from them to cover my costs. And if they come looking for a fight, they will get more than they can handle.

To my friends, should they deem a use for my services in defense of themselves from the violence of government………..give me a call. These are the thoughts of the days following the travesty of the Election of 2012.  Glenn Beck is a lot nicer than I am, so he is worth listening to.  I like his approach.  But it’s not the one I will be taking.  I will resort to what I know best.

Rich Hoffman



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