Obama’s Socialist Agenda: Report voter fraud

Voter Fraud is a Federal Crime; enforcement and prosecution of Voter Fraud has been tasked to the FBI and the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department.  For many weeks the national news media has been reporting, that in support of the Obama Campaigns in Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Virginia, Wisconsin, Iowa, California, and every battleground state, the most massive and well organized Voter Fraud campaign is being perpetrated by the AFL-CIO Union, SEIU, the Socialist New Party,  and the 1200 ACORN organizations in 50 states getting non-citizens to vote (the ACORN name was changed in 2011, because ACORN workers in many states were convicted of Voter Fraud following the 2010 election).   If you witness Voter Fraud or intimidation at the polls (like the Black Panthers with Billy clubs at the polls who were intimidating voters in the 2010 election), we encourage you to call your local FBI Office, and the Voting Section, in the Civil Rights Division of the US Department of Justice; the Voting Section can be reached at (800) 253-3931.

The advertisement in the first attachment is from 350 Flag and General Officers who recently announced their support for Gov Mitt Romney; it was not paid for by any Political Action Committee or by any political organization, it was paid for by the 350 Flag and General Officers listed.  The second attachment is from 150 Heroic Vietnam POWs who also announced their support for Gov Mitt Romney.  Both groups are very concerned about Obama’s, plan that are well underway, to strip the US Military budget of $1 trillion (he has already stripped $480 billion from the DOD Budget with the complicity of Secretary Panetta), and his “actions” are being executed in stealth so the American people won’t know how drastically he is downgrading the muscle and the Combat Effectiveness of the most effective military organization in history.


Kindly click on the below listed link to view a video; we especially support which includes President Ronald Reagan’s comments about our precious freedom. 


November 6, 2012 is the date of the most important election in the 237 year history of the Republic; please do your duty and vote to reject Obama’s Socialist agenda!!   We encourage you to forward this E-mail to everyone who supports the Combat Veterans For Congress’ efforts to protect and defend the US Constitution and prserve the Bill of Rights.  Please vote!!




Joseph R. John, USNA’62

Capt            USN (Ret)

Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC

2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184

San Diego, CA 92108

Rich Hoffman



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Obama is Not My President: Congress should impeach for Executive crimes against the Red States

Now that we know Obama will be the President I would expect that Congress will move for proceedings to fully investigate the Benghazi situation and Fast and Furious. If criminal misconduct is discovered, then impeachment proceedings need to be implemented. It is time to stop playing patty cake with the Executive Branch, especially now that it is known Obama will be in office for four more years. That is plenty of time to prosecute him in for the crimes Obama has committed against the vast multitude of the Red States which make up the heart of America.

Let me explain what happened on November 6th, 2012 to all my Republican friends. You are not respected by the media or progressives because you do not go for the jugular when you get the opportunity. The progressives are radical and do not function from a morality that conservatives understand. Obama has wreaked the American economy, been in the middle of multiple scandals and shown that he is a completely incompetent manager. Yet he was voted to re-election in spite of many, many hours of talk radio, television news picking apart his presidency, and countless books and movies being made about his detriment to American life. This happened because Republicans play nice—they play fair, and they assume the game both sides are playing is an honorable one

We are not all playing the same game by the same rules, and when there is a chance to destroy your enemy, you do it. And it is the job of Congress to protect the people from the crimes of progressive politicians.

I can say that Obama is not my president. He is the president of the socialists who live on the East Coast, in high density population centers, and on the West Coast where a constant barrage of immigration coming from socialist countries abroad see American socialism as freedom relative to where they came from. But in the heart of the country, Obama does not represent my values, or the values of my neighbors. So it is time to stop playing nice and go after these parasites to American livelihood before their progressive politics destroy all of our lives which clearly appears to be the intent.

We are 16 trillion dollars in debt and we just re-elected the fool who created that dangerous situation. Where is the justice? Where is the courage? Where is the honor in a system of government who can lie to the American people over multiple issues, and win the privilege to hide those crimes behind executive orders?

We are not one nation, and the enemy is allowed to advance because conservatives do not have the courage, or temper to put them in their place as the encroachments progress. In this last election, it was the aggressive Chris Christie who put his arm around Obama over Hurricane Sandy and it improved Obama’s image just enough to make Obama appear just good enough to look presidential and helpful. That is what happens when conservatives compromise, when they put their arm around a snake and hope that their kindness will keep them from getting bit. Romney didn’t push Benghazi in the debates, letting Obama off the hook and Chris Christie pandered to the President to get the relief money for his state. That is where the election was lost. Both conservative men believe they were being “fair” to Obama by not rubbing salt in a wounded president. Meanwhile Obama was calling for “REVENGE” on the campaign trail when Romney called for “Love.” Do you see now which one wins? Evil presides when good men do nothing, or when good men try to appease evil with kindness.

Obama’s Administration is responsible for many bad things, and it is the job of congress to go after them aggressively instead of letting them play kindness as a weapon to create stalemates which progressives will then take advantage of anyway with blame for economic stagnation such as the upcoming tax increase debates and the debt ceiling. They will play every dirty trick to make conservatives look bad, because they do not worry about the same treatment coming back in their direction. And this election is the statement that their method works over the strategy of conservatives. Now, because of the lack of aggression, America will be forced to submit to Obama Care, and countless other encroachments that the Red States will have to suffer from because conservatives did not have the aggression, or the courage to take away the heart of the progressives when they had a chance. Instead, they let them get up off the mat to become dangerous once again.

So listen to what I’m saying……………….John Boehner, that means you. If you do not act now, and I mean right now while there is still a Republican majority in the House, our nation will be lost forever, and progressive socialism will destroy our country. If you play nice, if you compromise with them, if you play golf with them, if you seek their approval in any way possible, you will lose in the end because they will not stop till all barriers to their destructive desires are fulfilled, and now that Obama has the White House for four more years, Congress is the only protection left to the American people who live in the Red States—in the core of the country, from the European socialists who live on the coast.

We are not one nation any longer and Obama is not my president. He is a thief, a provocateur, and a con man—and I want nothing to do with him or his thuggish strategies. I trusted the voting system and the American people to remove such a threat through a free and open election, and the system failed. That does not mean we all go peacefully into the night and shrug our shoulders and declare that we’ll all do better next time. The time to act is now, and that action must be swift, and decisive, and done with the knowledge that half the nation will be angry about it. But so what……….because the Red States are not happy to have Obama Care rammed down their throats, and four more years of a looting president who is ruining our country with debt and mismanagement. Concession will not bring peace, or popularity. Instead, it will ensure that we obtain neither.

Remember, remember, the actions in Benghazi, and bring justice where it belongs before that too is swept under the rug by soulless progressives and the schemes of destruction.

Rich Hoffman



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A Puppet Makes The Case for Progressives: The same old evasion by those without a clue

To the small-minded progressive types, the Koch Brothers are the ultimate evil in that they–along with Rupert Murdoch support conservative causes, which are at odds with leftist diabolical schemes.  Progressives often do not connect the influence of billionaires like George Soros with the funding of their causes, because they don’t understand how the dots connect.  This leaves them victims in the schemes of billionaire battles between people like the Koch Brothers and George Soros who disagree with how to move planet Earth into the future.  Soros wishes socialism, the Koch Brothers wish for capitalism.  The people of the world have to decide where they fall on that battlefield of ideas but it is apocalyptically foolish to assume as the puppeteer in the below video does that it is the evil Koch Brothers who want to end the world as we all know it.

The world for progressives should end, because I believe as the Koch Brothers believe that capitalism should be the ruling economic force in America in the purist form possible.  That means an end to the progressive platform, so the puppet chick has good reason to fear that the changes she wishes to see happen will be reversed, because I don’t want to stand shoulder to shoulder with people like her.  I don’t want to hold hands with her.  I don’t even want to breathe the same air as she does.  I don’t want to hear her ideas.  I don’t want anything to do with her view at looking at the world and if that makes me a big mean guy, then so be it.  I’ve been called worse.

But you know what; I have my opinion completely free of the Koch Brothers or any money given from the Republican Party.  In fact, I’ve never taken money from any conservative groups like the Koch Brothers or otherwise, yet I have my own conservative opinions that I advocate completely on my own.  This runs counter to how progressives think—most of whom can be bought for cheap prices and used ideologically to advocate that the sky is pink, and the leaves on the trees are blue just because some progressive leader said so.  Naturally, these idiots believe that everyone in the world is just as easily mislead as they are, and their platform is built to protect themselves from their own stupidity—and they fully expect the rest of the world to come down to their level.  That’s why to them anybody who has a mind and can think for themselves are greedy, mean people.

I have presented over the last couple of years multiple scenarios to show how destructive and parasitic progressives are.  I have shown with great detail how the power vacancy they leave in their wake can usher in radical forms of socialism and radical Islamic elements fully intent to take America over with their corrupt ideologies, and are a million times more dangerous to our lives than the money the Koch Brothers give to political candidates.  In the video below is just one small example of how Muslim extremists intent on a world-wide caliphate have sought to destroy America from within.  This is certainly not science fiction, but fact.  Listen carefully.

Yet Muslims are not the only ones looking to overthrow America, communists are still at their radical behavior hiding their global intentions behind progressive politics, and they are probably more active in our public affairs than the Muslims have been.  They are just better at hiding their radicalism since the back lash they faced in the late sixties.  Fools like the puppet girl above who are angry at the conservative movement financed by people like the Koch Brothers have paved the way for letting the aggressive factions of radicalism all over the world set their sights on America as a playground for possible destruction.  History now has facts, and progressives are dangerous to America because they are too stupid to defend themselves intellectually, and physically, and are attracted to ultra aggressive political movements to hide behind.  So self-made men and women are scary to them, so scary that progressives shutter in their shoes at the mere thought that someone like me, or the Koch Brothers, or Governor Kasich will tell them to pull their own weight and shut the hell up.  Instead they lobby for more collectivism, which invites outside infiltration into our country to wipe from the face of the Earth the only free country that there ever was, or ever will be.

I am currently reading War and Peace by Leo Tolstroy.  I bought it because I wanted to read about the society of Russia before it was destroyed by communism in 1917.  Like an archaeologist I want to see what Russia was like in the middle 1800’s from a book that was published right after the Civil War here in America.  I am curious to how such an opulent society could have been ravaged blank in just a few short years, because it is obvious that there are global factions that want to do the same thing to America, and we are currently not very far from it.  If not for the money that the Koch Brothers and others have spent to preserve conservativism in America, it may well have been swept away ushering in the destruction of everything we know and cherish.  Ayn Rand’s book We The Living made me interested in War and Peace because I want to stop such movements from happening in America.

The puppet girl above is a wonderful metaphor for progressive politics.  She like her puppet are simply caricatures for people like George Soros and other wealthy philanthropists who have lost touch with reality, and feel guilty that they made so much money off the capitalist system.  They turn to socialism not because it is the wisest political philosophy, but the one that will preserve their own legacies by cutting the legs out from their potential competition.  Unlike Soros, billionaires like the Koch Brothers aren’t cowards afraid that if they preserve capitalism that future wealthy people might challenge their supremacy.  Unknown to many progressive fools it is such an elementary notion that drive these political movements to the antics of sock puppets to make their final argument.  And in such notions reside the intelligence of their entire position.

Rich Hoffman



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