Vote Wisely: Dump the punks, losers, and emotionally unstable from power

The video below shows the typical kind people who are the foot soldiers of the political left. Until recently, within the last couple of years, conservatives did not have an answer to punks like this progressive fool. For over twenty years we have allowed idiots like this to go unanswered in the public debates over education, religion, economics, foreign policy, and virtually every aspect of American life. These diabolical malcontents have spread government with their whiny, shrill voices imposing upon tax payer’s burdens that are inexcusable. Saps like this cry-baby are the typical Obama supporters, and on November 7th, they will return to the public debate with the same strident progressive arguments, and this time, they must be crushed for the sake of our nation.

I am done with sitting quietly while these kinds of people run amok in our country and expect the rest of us to care for their pampered asses. It is disgraceful that they were ever given a platform to speak from to begin with, but that they do, speaks volumes to the content of character of the media that gives them a voice. The same toleration toward extremism is not given for conservatives and their criticisms of these types using similar dialogue. But the other way around, these lack-luster minds are given a free pass to attack at will anyone who does not agree with their infantile view of the world.

When you vote for president think of this idiot—and think of the same types of poor quality individuals who sit in the education profession and attempt to teach our children the same kind of radicalism—if you vote for these kinds of people, you will get more of them. If you even listen to them, you are endorsing their view of the world with your lack of participation. Obama and his party of deplorable idiots backed by star-studded blank pages waiting for a writer to fill their heads with a script are ideologically just like the boy in that video advocating the same kind of radical vision for America that will surely take our nation to the brink of destruction which is what they want.

If you want to punch back at these kinds of snot nosed imbeciles, then VOTE on Tuesday and vote with conviction! This is not just an election, this is a war! And the casualties will either be you or them, because they are not like us. They don’t think like we do, they don’t want the same things that we do, and they don’t want to work with us. They simply wish to impose upon the American their will to power, their birth of destructive progressivism that is a parasite to every society in the mind of mankind. And they will continue to attempt to impose themselves on you until you defend yourself by voting them out of your life.

Forget the emotional pleas. If you are an emotional person, lock yourself in a room and give the key to a loved one to protect the ballots from your reckless behavior. If you are an overly emotional person, do your nation a favor, and stay home on Election Day, because you are incapable of reasonable thinking. For elections in America to work correctly, the people need to be reasonably intelligent, and able to think beyond the emotion of their own meager wants, or needs. They have to be able to see the “big picture” to some extent, and if they have undeveloped minds that are overly emotional, they aren’t able to vote properly. Those are the kinds of souls that are most vulnerable to these types of parasites of youthful manipulation.

A President of The United States should not be put into power by panicky soccer moms who look to big brother government to protect them from their irrational fears, or illegal immigrants who don’t want to be deported. Or race demographics who don’t want to lose their welfare support. And the worst demographic are young people who are so immature these days it would appear that the age of 18 is too early to vote. If they vote for Obama because the sleazy salesman smiles at them and has knowledge of the kind of music they listen to, then they should not be able to vote him for President of the United States. If that is the only reason the youth want to vote for Obama, then they should stay home until they are mature enough to think reasonably and deductively with intelligence at the election possibilities placed before them. If they are too immature to vote for a politician other than the reasons of the stupid kid in that video, then they aren’t mature enough to vote, and should stay home until they turn 30 or maybe even 40, and start having kids of their own and learn what life is really like.

Voting is a right, and it’s an honor. But it is not to be handled carelessly by people who can’t use logic to come to a decision. Without intelligence, the politician running for office can simply pander to the emotional whims of the voters, and become elected without having to do anything. Thus, you get the kind of president that Obama has been. In fact, that’s how school levies get passed for no reason, that’s how thousands of comb-over, lying cheating, politicians get away with many crimes, because the electorate is simply too stupid to vote correctly and weigh out the hard questions.

I put a lot of effort into voting, and idiots like the fool above have an equal say with my vote in our Republic. So I can read, and do all the work that is necessary to vote properly, but it only takes two monstrosities who vote like the kid in that video to cancel out my vote, encouraging politicians to ignore thinkers and to pander to punks who are functional idiots. With that in mind, there is no hope for our country if we let radical progressive yak like a flock of dirty farmyard hens’ incessantly without putting them in their place. And for now on, we need to call them on their illustriously destructive world vision.

When you vote, think of that kid and look around you at all the kids that are just like him, bred by a media machine that is mass producing them in our education and entertainment system like bricks in Pink Floyd’s Wall. It will continue if it is allowed to persist unchecked. And if you vote for scum bag politicians, you will have a hand in making more of them just by picking the pandering politicians over the one arrived at with great thought. And Obama will only be one miscreant in an ocean of corruption that is made that way due to the poor voter quality index. A bad vote cancels out a good one, and people like that kid are used by progressives to advance idiocy so that society has more fools voting than those of thought, so that the system will support politicians like Obama and his minions of radicals who wish to destroy all of us for their sacrificial yearnings and half-baked ideologies.

So vote wisely, and when it comes to the day after, be mindful of these reckless foot soldiers of mindless progressivism. When they stick their neck out, snap them off like weeds in the garden of America so that the truly good can grow unhindered by political parasites and diabolical schemes.

Rich Hoffman


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