George Lang on 700 WLW: Mitt Romney and Kid Rock blast West Chester with an army of freedom fighters!

There is nothing I like more than to hear new people coming out front and speaking on 700 WLW from the land of West Chester defending liberty, and protecting conservatives from the vile ruthlessness of the typical progressive. Over the last couple of months George Lang has been that person, appearing on WLW a couple of times. His latest was an important one as he spoke of the Romney/Ryan visit that he had a very big part in bringing to West Chester as one of the three trustees and the only one who isn’t a typical do-nothing politician. George was on WLW to discuss the actual poll numbers for Butler County in favor of Romney and the direction Ohio would take in the upcoming election. Entertaining, smooth, and articulate, George didn’t forget to mention his support of Sharon Kennedy for Supreme Court which he and I enthusiastically prop up over the incumbent and former social worker Yvette McGee Brown.

The rally that Lang spoke about turned out to be quite dramatic. West Chester—and Butler County more specifically is one of the most intense hot beds for conservatives in the entire country. Critics will look at the crowd who attended and instantly criticize that there was a sea of 30,000 white faces with little diversity among them, or any poor. Those same critics would be part of the problem that is infecting America right now with an emphasis on all the wrong things that make up a successful society. Diversity, fairness, social justice are the policies of the progressive/socialist and the people who attended the Romney event for the most part support all those types of things, but not at the expense of wealth production and the general pursuit of goodness.

I view the typical resident of West Chester as a member of a lost tribe that has had to move away from their city homes in the past to seek refuge in the suburbs to avoid the abysmal taxation that goes on in dense population centers filled with progressive politics. Even in West Chester there are progressives who are currently attempting to turn West Chester into a city so they can collect more taxes to expand government more aggressively with more hyphenated nameplates on the desks of future bureaucrats. They have an unfathomable appetite for more, and more government services built on the backs of irrational emotion. Lucky for West Chester there are not many politicians who embody these traits. Two of the three trustees do, but George Lang by himself off-sets them dramatically. He will need a partner in the next election to win one of those Trustee seats away from the vile progressives that currently out-vote him. And the public school of Lakota has many progressive minded people running it, consisting of the school board, the superintendent and most of the employees which is typical for a government institution. Public school enterprises attract progressive minded people, which is a real problem.

As Kid Rock played “Just the Good Ol’ Boys” opening up for Romney’s appearance on November 2nd 2012 the crowd chanted “FOUR MORE DAYS” repeatedly in a not too disguised battle cry to oust the diabolical, lying, scandalous, manipulative, small-minded, thieving, parasitic, obtuse, puppet progressive President Obama from the seat of much destruction that he has personally ushered in to America on the backs of the “good” and at their expense. West Chester as a community does make more money than other places in the country and Obama’s schemes target them specifically for tax increases to pay for his progressive re-distribution attempts. It is because of many Obama type politicians in the past that most of the people in the large crowd moved to West Chester to begin with, because they want to be away from crime ridden public housing projects, schools filled with parents raising their kids on welfare programs, away from apartment dwellers who can vote property tax increases without actually owning property. So if the crowd is too much of one color, and has more money per capita than the average crowd, it is not the fault of the crowd, but of the progressive politicians who attempted to loot them in the past causing them to take refuge in West Chester.

But like George Lang’s interview on 700 WLW some of the most prominent Republicans in the entire country came to this grand event to partake in a movement that has been a long time and coming. As I watched the participants, Romney and Ryan specifically, on the heels of speeches by Speaker John Boehner, Governor John Kasich, Senator Rob Portman and many, many others I noticed a long—evolving plan that had been many years in the making evolving on stage that was culminating in West Chester.

Way back in 1993 there was a special election for an emergency House of Representatives seat that was coming open that spring and Portman was on 700 WLW fighting for it. He was on-air debating seven other candidates in the studio at Mt. Adams back when the station was located down in Cincinnati, but left to avoid the terribly high taxes—(see a common theme here.) I spoke to the radio host for permission to film the Sunday prime time event for my friends within the Reform Party which was a group that Ross Perot had started. Out of all the candidates Portman was clearly the most qualified and honest and I took an instant liking to him. You could tell upon meeting him for the first time that he was not the typical scum bag politician and that he sincerely cared about becoming a member of the House. I told my friends within the Reform Party that if Washington had more politicians like Rob Portman that America would explode with prosperity and goodness. Portman after the debate actually came to some of our Reform Party events, most notably the one at Longworth Hall where my friend and I hung a giant American flag off the top of the building that extended all the way to the bottom. It was half as big as a football field and it took all our strength to tie off such a large flag without it pulling us off the roof. In 1996 when I was manufacturing t-shirts with the logo, “TAKE AND AX TO OUR TAX” Rob Portman sent me a $7.50 check to buy one, which is what they cost me to make at the time. Over the years Portman had never really buckled as a pinnacle of goodness in the cease-pool of Washington politics, and I always admired him for it.

To see Portman on stage with Romney, Kasich, and Boehner along with all the rest who can all tell similar stories of their own, I saw assembled a great climax that was 20 years in the making. For the first time, Republicans had assembled a group of politicians who could actually push back against the progressive, ever-imposing impositions of parasitic existences, and do it without being equally scummy. The people gathered on stage under the flag of Mitt Romney were generally decent people who had built their lives around good family principles and stood for the values of the people gathered hoping that these men and women could stop those progressives because the planet has become so small that there isn’t anywhere else to run. West Chester is the product of good people running away from parasites—people who insist they must live at the expense of someone else. And for those who don’t wish to get picked apart any longer by such people, they flee, just like WLW did from Mt. Adams to Kenwood, and almost every one of the 30,000 people who showed up in the cold to see Romney and friends speak on a breezy November evening.

For the first time in a number of years I am waking up in the morning after such a rally and I can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel. Under a Romney administration it won’t take much to work with Governor Kasich to get the oil fields in Ohio flowing again, and coal will become a major industry bringing great wealth to Ohio. And I know that technologies like thorium will get a serious look as a future alternative to the dirty fossil fuels. Education will be reformed, because it has to be. And it won’t be the methods of old, which Romney made very clear in his speech, but one that embraces competition between schools to raise the performance and lower their costs to the community, which is what I have personally been fighting to help usher in. Just two years ago School Choice was a dirty word, and teacher unions attacked anybody who criticized them. Now politicians like Romney can give a speech without even caring if it makes the unions angry, because they have been neutralized and seen for what they really are. Their masks have been ripped off, and they will have to adapt to a new way of thinking, and Ohio will play a central role in that change. The best way to avoid the extortions of the past, the strikes, the busing cuts, the sports fees is to give parents the power to pick their child up and move them to another school that isn’t playing that kind of game. I believe that within one year of a Romney/Ryan administration the economy will dramatically improve, because in their case all they have to do is turn on the facet, where Obama and his gangs of thugs have turned it off deliberately to induce wealth redistribution on a global scale.

Listening to George Lang on WLW, then seeing the Romney event for myself, I have the feeling that the angry contentions that I have been a part of for many years may finally be coming to an end. There will always be a need to be vigilant. Even Rob Portman voted for the NDAA Act which is a major concern for me, but like most things, good intentions that are actually quite bad are not so obvious to the people who are up close and personal with such issues. They are only obvious in the long view, which I have made something of a living framing for some of these same people for quite a long time now. But finally, there appears to be a day when we can wake up on the morning and not think about what a scum bag is in The White House, or what kind of looting governor is trying to steal money from the rich and give it to the poor just to get himself re-elected again, or that politicians like progressive trustees would embark on a well-planned smear campaign to lash out at Lang for going on WLW to speak his mind. The momentum is shifting—finally for the better and for the first time since the 1992 election when I sat on the steps of a plush Cincinnati hotel and watched with grimy anger a speech by Bill Clinton that was going to be in The White House, I have the kind of hope that I last felt in 1980 as a young 7th grade student at Lakota who had campaigned openly for Ronald Reagan in my class rooms, giving speeches on how the Soviet Union could be crushed with a military build-up and how Jimmy Carter had screwed up the magic of capitalism. Those same youthful eyes watched on that election in 1980 state by state a national election that was a landslide win for Reagan I have wished for a return to that kind of America—the kind of America that brought hope to the 80’s, made a lot of people rich, and crushed global communism. After watching Mitt Romney and the rest speaking in West Chester, I had the feeling that Mitt Romney was more qualified to go well beyond what Ronald Reagan accomplished and that the reverberations of those actions will propel America in a direction of goodness that hasn’t been seen or felt in well over 100 years.

With all that said, Kid Rock was the perfect musical artist to perform on the cusp of such a moment in a land created out of reaction to the imposing policies of progressives for an offensive that will soon flatten them with their stubborn refusal to see reason through the actions of American goodness that is about to turn from blue states to red states on a massive scale. I’m not saying that everything will be fixed on November 7th 2012 when Romney is the next president. But, it is a step in the right direction. The next steps that meander off into the darkness are ones that will require a whole new way of thinking, but that will come in time, and I’ll help usher it in. But to see where the country has a potential to go in a fight that we have all been involved in for over 20 years is wonderfully exciting, and the “Good O’ Boy’s never sounded so good.  This is not the Republican Party of the Lawrence Welk days.  These are the days of Clint Eastwood passing the torch onto Kid Rock, Mitt Romney and the rest of us who are sick and tired of progressives who want to ruin our lives by giving our freedoms away to the same idiots who cloaked Europe into 1000 years of darkness.  It will not be tolerated and will be met with peaceful elections, and if that doesn’t work, then something else.  Hopefully Romney will give us the former, so the latter won’t become needed.

In the games of politics however, I am happy to let George Lang take the high road path of Mitt Romney in the arena of elections. George is very good at it, and it has its place. I on the other hand will be in the dirt with Kid Rock where the blood is spilled because it takes both to win a movement, and is what conservatives have been missing for most of a century. But no longer, and it is good to see both elements finally present at the same conservative rally!

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Rich Hoffman


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