What Samuel L. Jackson Really Means: Go back to sleep, just like his ‘Star Wars’ character Mace Windu

I found it ironic to see that Samuel L. Jackson put his namesake on a Obama advertisement targeting the immature youth of America with subtle inclinations of socialism in a catchy, gutter-strewn, Wake the F**k Up video that is circulating around YouTube. I have sat in the outdoor restaurants of Brand Blvd in Hollywood and spoke with entertainment types about philosophy till the small hours of the morning on occasion and what they believe is essentially communism as it was passed down to them from mouth to mouth during the Cold War. To their credit, they believe they are doing the right thing for humanity in advocating “fairness” but in reality they are simply mouthpieces for communism. Jackson’s role in this Hollywood position of socialist propaganda is ironic because one of his best roles over a long career is that of the Jedi Master, Mace Windu from the Star Wars films, a role that he appears to be living out in the real life.

In Star Wars the Jedi Order which Jackson’s character was one of the elite caretakers of, allowed itself to be seduced by a Sith Lord hungry for power who simply wanted to dismantle the Republic in favor of a dictatorship. The Jedi for all their wonderful intuition, special powers, and discipline could not see it coming because as a group of social protectors, they had fallen into neglect due to their collectivism, which allowed a Sith Lord to become Emperor of the entire galaxy right under their noses.

It would appear that Jackson was the perfect man to play such a role in Star Wars. Mace Windu was an outwardly strong man, just like Samuel Jackson, but his philosophy was flawed because he failed to act correctly due to his philosophic position. Jackson, like most of the Hollywood political left have been “seduced” by communism called now by the name of “progressivism” and they have paved the way to dictatorship through their philosophic ignorance.

But looking deeper this new Obama advertisement cleverly produced with Hollywood production standards reflects just how deep and how desperate Obama supporters are. It also shows exactly why many who oppose Obama wish to take the nation back to a period of time before progressives destroyed the values that made America such a unique place, void of European collectivism and communist philosophy. The Obama socialists of today must target the young and immature young people in America in the same way the Vladimir Lenin used the strain of World War I to motivate the young people of Russia to form the Bolshevik faction of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party to overthrow the government and usher in world-wide communism.

Democrats and any member of any Labour Party in the entire world are advocating socialism as their political philosophy. France just recently openly elected a socialist president so finally after many years of hiding their belief in communism and the embarrassments of Russia and China, communists and socialists are dusting off the name from behind the masks they have been wearing like “Democrats,” “progressives,” “Labour Party,” and other soft names for hard-core collectivist philosophies. Hollywood during the McCarthy hearings were not a witch-hunt as card-carrying communists in The United States cried out as they used the First Amendment to hide their true intentions of destroying American capitalism from within so the spread of global communism could flourish as Lenin had advocated on behalf of writers such as Karl Marx, Bernard Shaw, and H.G.Wells. Hollywood was seduced by the “fairness” of Russian communism as Lenin advocated it. Because of the independence culture in America, there was a lot of resistance to such collectivism, so it arrived later and much more slowly through the youth culture communicated through labor unions and actors like Samuel Jackson.

Like the Jedi in Star Wars actors such as Jackson have failed to see the threat of communism as it bloomed right under their noses under a weak philosophy of collective fairness. To this very day on Brand Blvd, and bars all over Santa Monica, California it is socialism that the creative types in Hollywood are advocating, but because they have little personal knowledge of history, they do not know that the Democratic platform of Barack Obama is not open communism because the names have been changed and hidden by the Civil Rights activism of the candidate’s skin color, using race guilt to usher in Lenin’s communism through mindless actors who simply read scripts for a living.

In Star Wars the threat to society is the Sith Order. The Jedi failed during The Clone Wars because of their sensitive, collective policies of “fairness” and the Sith use this to their tactical advantage. Order is restored in Star Wars when strong individuals join the battle to restore freedom to the galaxy that has become embroiled through collectivism under a tyrannical empire. Darth Vader does not become evil because of his brash and reckless ways; it’s because of his commitment to sacrifice himself for the sake of his pregnant wife. The Sith Lord uses this to turn Darth Vader into service to the state which he controls. Star Wars is a work of philosophy, not simple science fiction.

The failures are in philosophy. The Democrats like Jackson and his fellow actors are wrong in their position, just like the Jedi were wrong in the Star Wars films failing to see the Sith Lord they were helping to maintain power. Obama is the anti-colonial Sith Lord of communist reality to the Samuel Jackson’s of the world. Young people are particularly infected such as the actress Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway because they are too immature to know better, and the tyrannical Obama regime understands this, and they exploit it with ads pandering to their rebellious zeal.

My son-in-law and I had a long talk the other day about politics and the role of philosophy in the day-to-day lives of all people. As I told him, people can have differing opinions and the spirit of debate is wonderful for getting to the heart of the matter, but there is only one right answer. People can argue and debate on how to get there, but there are not multiple correct answers to any given problem only different ways at arriving at the correct answer. History shows us that the communist were very wrong in their utopian beliefs and the world has suffered for it in dramatic ways for over 100 years. That philosophic path must be rejected completely and scrapped now. The path toward a fully functioning society that advances instead of declines is along the lines of the video below and that is the most up to date trend in politics.

Samuel Jackson and those like him are behind the times following a flawed philosophy that can only lead to a dictatorship of the proletariat. This doesn’t make them bad people, it just means that their philosophy which governs their lives is a foolish one, because it has been proven incorrect, and one that is crushing the world wherever it rules. America, because of its roots in capitalism has held communism off for a very long time as the only bastion of freedom for the human race in the entire world. If America falls to the political labour parties masking communism humanity will regress backward in precisely the same manner as shown in the great American novel Atlas Shrugged. The people who hate Ayn Rand and that great classic book feel the way they do for all the reasons that Samuel Jackson showed in his pandering video advocating Obama socialism for America. It’s not that they want America to Wake the F**K Up. They in reality wish them to Go Back to Sleep, and to not pay attention to the work of the Sith Lords who wish to overthrow our Republic with mechanisms the touchy, feely Hollywood actors fail to see. Jackson like his Star Wars character Mace Windu has been tricked into supporting a dictator hungry for power with intentions nobody but a Sith Lord could know behind the layers and layers of manipulation that is disguised beyond masks of philanthropy and good tidings.

Rich Hoffman

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