‘Only in America’: Larry the Cable Guy visits ‘Tail of the Dragon’

Only in America starring Larry the Cable Guy filmed an episode that will be shown on August 7th 2013 on The History Channel with my friend Ron Johnson who runs tailofthedragon.com. Ron took Larry on the ride of his life in his Mustang down the Tail of the Dragon and back again in what will surely be a hilarious episode of that upcoming television show featuring unique places and people of America. The Tail of the Dragon, which is the featured location of my new novel of the same name, captures this same spirit only in a literary format that is part of a trend pointing Americans to their cherished landmarks in a rash of patriotism that has only recently been appreciated due to the threat of modern politics to eradicate it.

As Ron was telling about his weekend adventures with Larry the Cable Guy Justin Binik Thomas was reviewing my book version of Tail of the Dragon. Justin Binik Thomas readers here might remember I covered as a victim of the IRS because of his involvement in the Cincinnati Tea Party and the Cincinnati 9/12 project. Justin has attended some of the exclusive Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom meetings in the past and I saw him again at FreePac in Cincinnati where I was signing copies of my new book while also working the Atlas Shrugged Part II booth. I gave Justin a copy since the book had just come out, and I thought he’d enjoy it. He took a week to read it, and then sent me the following email with a blurb that he posted on Amazon.com.

Rich – Your book is exceptional. The race/chase scene had me on the edge of my seat. “Tail of the Dragon” is a dynamic action-packed thriller seamlessly integrating love for America, homage to our history, and true liberty. We ‘live’ it first hand through NASCAResque race through the hills of Tennessee and North Carolina – a trip that captures the hearts of the citizens and even the President of the United States

– Justin Binik-Thomas, Owner, Conservative Media Group

His comments meant a lot to me because like Larry the Cable Guy’s fascination with the Tail of the Dragon as an actual place on the Tennessee/North Carolina border, readers of my novel understand the intent of the story without any difficulty. I didn’t tell Justin much about the book, I simply handed it to him as a gift. Justin didn’t know what to think. He was essentially in the same situation as the average Amazon.com buyer knowing very little about the book or the plot line before reading it.

Needless to say every time a new reader expresses their enjoyment of Tail of the Dragon it gives me great delight, especially when they are coming to the material for the first time. The common reaction that many new readers have is they immediately detect the feeling of Americana that I intended to portray in the story without getting particularly political. The focus of the story is to celebrate what makes an American, not to appeal to any particular political class. Another recent review that showed up on the Amazon.com site in response to another previous comment captured this sentiment.

Lucy Louise says:

I recently read “The Tail of the Dragon” and found the book truly exciting. The author takes the reader on an exciting race for justice that really takes your breath away. I could not lay the book down. My pulse raced as I read to make sure that Rick Stevens completed the race. Normally, I am not a race car fan, but this book kept me right in the car. Mr. Hoffman’s writing skill created visual reality. I hope this book is made into a movie. The ending was perfect. We are looking for a real hero these days and Rick Stevens sure filled the bill. I am buying copies for gifts. Thank you, Mr. Hoffman, for hope. Hope for real patriots that believe our nation is worth saving.

Well Lucy Louise, you are very welcome. The best part of that comment is that the reviewer intends to pass out copies of Tail of the Dragon for presents which is the ultimate compliment. Christmas is coming up and it fulfills my deepest wishes to know that fans of the book think enough of it to give as a present to others. Because the message of Tail of the Dragon is clear, and is often only hinted at in television programs like Larry the Cable Guy’s Only in America. The essence of being an American is an elusive quality that has allowed the meaning to be hijacked by foreign philosophies and it has always been my hope that readers of Tail if the Dragon the novel would find themselves understanding better that rare quality which makes Americans—Americans. By the early comments I have great hope that this task has been executed fully. The story of Tail of the Dragon whether we’re talking about the real place that Larry the Cable Guy filmed his television show at or my fictional novel which explores the concept of freedom demanded by mankind derived uniquely through American philosophy is essentially about the celebration of Americana. The source of the material is the mythical place called Tail of the Dragon located deep in the mountain hills of the Great Smoky Mountains on the western frontier. It is there, where America is as alive as anywhere in the entire country and a place where freedom cries out loudest. The battle lines of politics are as articulate and well-defined there as anyplace on earth.

So thank you Justin and for everyone else who are leaving nice comments on the Tail of the Dragon’s new Amazon.com site. It is for the reasons revealed in those comments that I wrote the book with high hopes to capture an elusive truth known Only in America. So in January look for Larry the Cable Guy’s new TV show featuring the actual Tail of the Dragon from the seat of my friend’s Mustang. But until then and after then, the novel Tail of the Dragon will dig deeper than any cinematography can explore, into the roots of what makes such a place possible, into the heart of an American, and the blood called freedom that feeds them.

Rich Hoffman

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